Plated bronze diamond accent twisted hoop earrings

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  • elegant hoop jewelry proposing twisted design with diamond accent information in 14k rose gold over pleasant silver plated bronze
  • ideal earrings gift to amplify a woman’s fashion wardrobe with a traditional, undying fashion
  • diamond cut rhodium over bronze surrounding diamond accents gives the phantasm of a pave diamond putting; diamonds are i-j colour with i2-i3 readability; all of our diamond providers verify that they comply with the kimberley procedure to make sure that their diamonds are battle free
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  • home made in bronze; exceptional silver plating brought to increase durability; 14k rose gold and rhodium brought to beautify layout and look
  • imported
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  • has the truth those jewelry are “silver-toned” as opposed to silver upset everyone who has had them at the least 12 months?
  • has the truth those rings are “silver-toned” versus silver dissatisfied each person who has had them at least 365 days?

  • what is the size?
  • barely over 1 inch across and the width is barely over 1/8th of an inch. I used a covered fabric tape measure. They’re very pretty and not heavy, so they are cozy to put on all day. They may be large enough to be visible irrespective of hair duration, and may cross from the workplace proper into an night out. I have mainly white gold and/or sterling silver rings and wanted a few gold jewelry and for price they may be simply what i was wanting. See less

  • are they sterling silver, my sister can’t wear some other type of earrings they have to be sterling silver.
  • are they sterling silver, my sister can not wear some other form of earrings they have to be sterling silver.

  • hello, these are maximum beautiful earring, do good day turn??
  • good day, these are maximum lovely earring, do hi there flip??


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    8 reviews for Plated bronze diamond accent twisted hoop earrings

    1. Erika

      I absolutely love these hearings everyone has complimented me on them they are superb!Read more

    2. PCole

      Gorgeous and classy earrings. A tiny bit larger than a quarter with beautiful filigree detailing and silver pave’ metal. There is one diamond in each earring but you will miss it if you blink. A great staple.Update: I’ve had these earrings for 3 years now. I’ve have to purchase another set because I lost one. These earrings are just as bright as the day I received them. Never tarnished, broke, no chipping, nothing. They are my favorites, my go-to earrings!Read more

    3. Love/ Don Not LoveThis

      Impressive size, much larger than I thought they would be especially for the price. Unfortunately, I have sensitive skin, and I knew as soon as I put them on that they were not going to work out for me. My skin reacted immediately to the composition of the metal, and from that reaction, it was clear that the earrings were not in fact gold-plated. From previous experiences, I know that leaving these earrings on would cause my earlobes to become red, swollen, and possibly infected. I plan to gift them as returning them would be too much of a hassle. Bummer!Read more

    4. Lyrikal More

      I hesitated before ordering these earrings because I have sensitive skin and could only wear real gold, even silver sometimes (if I wear them for a long length of time) gives me a problem. However, I tried these and wore them for longer than 5 hours and they did not bother me. They are not as large as I would have liked (they are about 3/4 inch in diameter from inside to inside and an inch from outside to outside), but they are very lovely earrings. They are a nice weight, not very heavy like stainless steel. One day I forgot I had them on (that’s just how comfortable they are) and wore them walking. People noticed them right away (I imagine it is the “sparkle” and “shine”, however, they are not gaudy, but maybe it was because I was walking in such nice looking earrings). So you can dress up or down in them. I have only had them for a short time, but I am hoping that the beauty will last. Other people who reviewed them said that it would. If they had them in a 1.5 inch diameter I would buy them.Read more

    5. Karim Thomas

      Absolutely love these hoops. Bought them in silver and had to get them in gold. They are beautifully crafted and look alot more expensive than they are. I loved them soo much I got an extra pair in silver just in case I loose one.Read more

    6. JNune

      I absolutely LOVE these earrings!! Where have they been my whole life??!! LOL These earrings are super cute, but also super light weight. You honestly forget you’re wearing them! I’ve worn hoops my whole life, don’t go a day without them. I was a little worried these would be too small, and they are small (about the size of a quarter), but honestly I love them for everyday use! Buying a 2nd pair as a back up, because they are THAT great!! Get them!!Read more

    7. Rhonda

      Completely 10 stars, love the siver solid on one size, the other side is beautifully Intwined with the rose. The size that was recommended here is what I bought. Not heavy and very nice with my short hair. My husband main colors is for white gold, due to allergies, these are perfect and a big hit. I can wear these wirh jeans, or dresses up. The photo does not do them justice, the clasp easy to clip right in, easy to hear it does, I have lost one due to cheap clasp. There is nothing you can find negative about these beautiful earrings and a steal at this price!Read more

    8. Karen A

      The design or the earrings are very nice, but the post part that goes into the pierced hole are too short. It took me a half hour to put the earrings in and clipped and after wearing them for 4 hours my ear lobes were hurting because where the post clips in it was squeezing my ear lobes.The sad thing is I really liked the way the earrings looked.Read more

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