Person ballet pointe shoes for girls ladies with toe pads with toe pads and mesh bag

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  • synthetic sole
  • field kind: very robust wide field, quick/average vamp, appropriate for square ft, and outstanding for use with toe pads(the selection of maximum dancers).
  • vamp: more costly satin, with right luster, breathable and secure.
  • sole: the only with german thick paper, lovely curved and medium scirrhosity. Provide enough aid for novices and expert dancers.
  • the pointe shoes are designed for dancers who have sure necessities for high-quality, inclusive of 1 desktops khaki mesh bag and 2 exceptional silicone toe pads. The ribbons come sewn on out of the container and are very thick and now not liable to fraying. It has a period of 24 inches, that’s sufficient to apply.
  • length reference: talk over with the size chart photo for correct sizing. If your front foot is fats or wide or desires to wear it with toe pads, please pick a larger length.
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product description

from the ijonda:

craftsman spirit, persisting in studies and manufacture of dance footwear for twenty years.

continual efforts to offer dancers with better dancing shoes.

with satisfactory craftsmanship, that stimulated greatness in dance schools and expert dance academies.

product description:

ijonda is devoted to making high exceptional and financial dance shoes for women.

those are expert-level pointe shoes,appropriate for dancers of all tiers,that may be used for exercise and performance.

this kind of terrific ballet dance shoes is made of satin, appropriate luster, tender and at ease.

adjustable elastic band, accurate energy and tenacity, unfastened to alter.

fixed lace-up the drawstring is sewn up and it is clean to tie up, handy to apply.

first-rate workmanship makes use of a double needle twine, tightly and neatly, resistant and sturdy.


hire don now not overexerting, whilst you are bending the only, otherwise, the sole may destroy. Recommend to consulting a expert instructor.

do not wash the footwear in water, which reduces the existence of your shoes, you could use the chalk or eraser to wash them.

measuring toes long approach: stepping on the white paper and using a pen to factor the longest distance to the correct foot duration.

in case your left and right ft are exceptional in size, the larger statistics need to be triumphant.

size clarification:

1. Please pick out the scale in line with your foot period (heel to toe). Do not use the length of the insole as the premise of the foot duration!

2. The size you pick out whilst you region an order is us length or uk size(difficulty to actual u . S .), at the same time as the dimensions label of the actual shoes

can be displayed in ecu size.

3. Please take our length chart as a popular reference. Do not select without delay consistent with your habits.

four. In case you use a us or united kingdom length; on the same time, you don’t have the following elements five and 6,

normally choose the scale of your pointe footwear to be the identical size as your commuter shoes.

5. In case your toes are extensive or your insteps are excessive. Please pick out a bigger length.

6. Complimentary pair of silicone toe pads. If you need to put on it with toe pads, please select a bigger size.

7. If both conditions five. And six. Above exist, you need to comprehensively recall choosing a larger length.

eight. In case you are the usage of a eur size, please choose +2 length than your commuter footwear. For example, in case you put on a size 38 commuter shoe,

please select a size forty pointe shoe, in case you need to wear it with toe pads, please pick out length 41 or 42.

luxury items: a mesh bag and a couple toe pads

we have carefully designed a special mesh bag for ballet pointe footwear. This mesh bag size lets in dancing footwear to be located side through aspect within the bag without inserting one shoe into the opposite(it’s miles convenient to keep and has better air permeability). The mesh bag is made from great nylon material, that is put on-resistant and sturdy. Further, a couple of excessive-give up and secure toe pads are provided(which one is given is problem to the main photograph of the product). These toe pads product of high-cease substances are very long lasting, safe and odorless.

23 inch silk straps to soundly hold the shoes and do not worry about falling shoes while dancing.

super silk material ,viscose52percentcotton48% , 120d*21s, textured, not reasonably-priced.

the only has a positive curvature and flawlessly suits the foot.

resilient sole,not clean to interrupt, it is excellent to guide the dancers to rise up and dance.

via default, pointe footwear are given a couple of toe pads with the corresponding product proven on the primary photo. You can additionally buy it separately.

excessive-quit toe protector

fabricated from fantastic nylon and protection silicone, no abnormal smell, mild thickness, wear-resistant and sturdy, no need to apply talcum powder for renovation.

protection silicone toe protector

made of incredible and secure silicone, no peculiar scent, slight thickness, wear-resistant and sturdy, please use talcum powder for renovation whilst no longer in use.

elastic silicone toe protector

product of silica gel, gentle and elastic, with mild thickness. Please use talcum powder for protection when no longer in use.

made of silica gel, smooth and elastic, with mild thickness. Please use talcum powder for protection while now not in use.

manufactured from silica gel, soft and elastic, please use talcum powder for preservation whilst now not in use.

made of silica gel, tender and elastic, please use talcum powder for upkeep when no longer in use.


1.5, 2, 3, 4, 4.5, 5.5, 7, 8, 8.5, 9


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8 reviews for Person ballet pointe shoes for girls ladies with toe pads with toe pads and mesh bag

  1. Niiki Wray

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. My daughter absolutely loves these slippers. She said that they’re the most comfortable pair that she’s owned. The price isn’t bad at all and the quality is top notch! I will be purchasing from this company again and again. Read more

  2. Jennifer Kameny

    My daughter has been wanting ballet shoes – she hasn’t taken lessons ever but she loves to pretend she’s a ballerina and she loves the look of ballet shoes Read more

  3. Laura

    The product is very good. The quality is outstanding for its price. The fit is really good. Make sure you have good padding to not hurt your feet. The only bad quality is the ribbons are just a little short. But over all i really suggest purchasing this item. It is great it looks just like a Capezio. Read more

  4. Jocelyn

    Beautiful ballet shoes. Great quality! Great fit. A little big but what I expected basd on size. Can still be worn and tied tightly and be comfortable. Love the silicone insert. Great product! 100% satisfied. Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    Pretty much what I expected. Really liked the additional gel padding. The ties could be longer. Read more

  6. Samantha Lafoon

    My daughter wanted these to begin practicing with. She’s 10 years old and has thoroughly enjoyed them! The only thing she complained about was that they wouldn’t stay laced up her leg with movement but it hasn’t seemed to bother her! She is very happy with this purchase. She even used her birthday money for them. Read more

  7. Jeanette

    I got them for my granddaughter who wore them with her ballerina outfit for Halloween. She loved them and they looked great. Read more

  8. shaelarose

    Good fit, beautiful color, and true ballerina shoes! My daughter is almost ten and typically wears a size 4 in girls’ shoes. We ordered a 4 and they fit well, just a little large. But she still twirls and whirls in them. My only grievance is she doesn’t want to take them off LOL! Read more

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