Pashmina headband & fine tender comfortable cashmere scarf, top rate large headband women scarves, wraps womans heat, seventy five. 6 x24 in,green

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  • 1. Comfy and warm: female’s cashmere scarf, very cozy tender headband, skin warm, provide you with lasting warmth and satisfied appropriate temper. Provide you with the maximum pleasant shopping experience.
  • 2. Huge range of uses: it’s far an ideal wrap for events, journey and weddings, and can also be used as a heat headscarf in cold months. Perfect for chilly evenings or air-conditioned places (church, workplace, theater, airplane, eating place, grocery store and cruise tour) whilst you want a bit more warm temperature.
  • three. Ideal present: the headband is a extremely good gift for moms, girlfriends, fanatics, sisters or daughters on mother’s day, christmas, birthdays, valentine’s day, anniversaries, new 12 months’s and other holidays.
  • 4. Asy to carry: the headscarf is about 75. 6 inches lengthy and 24 inches wide. The fabric is relaxed and tender, smooth to roll up and positioned into the bag.
  • 5. Washing approach: wash lightly with your arms in cold water, do not bleach, wash on my own, squeeze lightly, and do not twist.

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8 reviews for Pashmina headband & fine tender comfortable cashmere scarf, top rate large headband women scarves, wraps womans heat, seventy five. 6 x24 in,green

  1. angelmom1

    Supposed to be a very large blanket shawl but it is the same size as the scarf I ordered before , same pattern and color,too. I’m very disappointed in Amazon, if I had wanted 2 scarves I would have ordered it the first time. Buyer beware China and it’s bait and switch has infiltrated Amazon.Read more

  2. Mommy of three Loves tea

    Just received in the mailOk so it arrived in a flat envelope in a clear bag we’re all the air has been sucked out. I cut open with scissors, Pleasantly surprised!! It’s just like the picture it’s large and soft and cozy and I love it so glad I took a chance with this vendor I’m ordering another for my best friend Thank you!!Read more

  3. Victoria

    Very thin, not very soft material, reminiscent of an airplane blanket. Not as large as I was expecting either, though I guess you get what you pay for. Will work fine as a fashion scarf and has nice colors, but not exactly the winter accessory I was hoping for.Read more

  4. CF

    I was dying to get this scarf, if for no other reason than having realized just how many conflicting reviews there are as to its size! Some people have described a very small scarf while others, as represented in the description. I almost got fooled when I first opened it from its vacuum sealed packaging. It IS full size, as described, but it APPEARS to be half that size because its first factory fold was made in half, lengthwise, and it’s sort of stuck together from being pressed in its unusual airtight vacuum packaging (like it was done in a Foodsaver). It peels apart to reveal its full size but given how thin it is, I can readily see how that might not be obvious. It is an extremely thin fabric in fact. I personally consider that an advantage because it’s wide enough to be double or triple-folded (or be bunched) as you wish without bulk. If not bunched up or folded over for more thiickness, but worn as a single layer stole, I only picture that being feasible on a spring day or summer evening with just a teense of chill in the air. It is thin enough so if I gather up its whole width into my hand and give it a half twist, I’m looking at about an inch and a half diameter. It is buttery soft; no itchiness to it at all. For those few who say it was scratchy, there may be some other lot that was manufactured that is, but what I was sent 11/20/20 is most definitely soft. As for quality issues, there are some. Mine has a few odd zigzaggy-ish threads that runs from a side edge finishing treatment outward into the body of the scarf at one end, visible on one side only. Some of the finishing along the side edging is also a little wonky and in one place quite a bit wonky, so I personally wouldn’t consider the one I received giftable, but it won’t stop me from enjoying the adjustable thickness, and consequent adjustable warmth of it for trips into town.If you got one like that and you have a sewing machine, you could just cut off an edge and him the two long size right, and probably only lose an inch, if that, from it’s width. It’s colors are pretty much exactly as shown at least on the one I bought that’s called “Dark Green Color.” The part of the pattern that looks yellow in the photo of that one is actually a light green. As for washing, there was no tag. Therefore I would treat it as I would a delicate wool and hand wash it without much rubbing, and arrange it loosely against the walls of my washer and use spin cycle only, which gently wrings out excess water from a delicate fabric and then I would hang it to dry. I don’t see this fabric being happy with any kind of rough treatment. Prices can change but if after reading this review you are okay with the sound of it, and it’s priced at a pretty modest range in your opinion given that, you probably will be satisfied with it. I am.Read more

  5. Letty

    Material Too cheapRead more

  6. Lash

    Cheap, cheap quality. Not even worth the low price. The main pic that makes it look like a cozy wrap….not accurate! Also, the fabric is scratchy. Not soft.The shipping was prompt….but just a waste of money. Colors are as pictured….pretty. But disappointed an not worth a trek to the post office to return during a global pandemic! One to cut up as scrap cloth for a craft project.Read more

  7. Bradley B.

    I always read reviews endlessly trying to find quality products (cause so many products are misleading) and I don’t understand why this scarf/blankets received any bad reviews about the quality. It’s a quality fabric, sewn well, it’s not thin or cheap feeling whatsoever which was unexpected and even had remorse at first cause I found all . I’m very satisfied with the scarf. I bought it for an old lady that is always cold to throw over her shoulders. 1 layer of fabric is thick enough to block out the chill from the air moving around a room and will hold heat in to keep her warm. I’m glad I went with this brand!Read more

  8. Margaret Owens

    This shawl/blanket is a wonderful addition to my Operation Christmas child boxes. It is thin enough to fit, without taking up too much room yet appears to be warm . The colors are pretty. At this price will probably buy more for giftsRead more

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