P. C. Of five, the elixir ice cool headscarf neck wrap headscarf bandana cooling scarf

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  • crystal polymer cooling era: the beads will absorb the water and make bigger. Headband could be icy cool after the beads are full of water
  • first-rate smooth to use: simply soak in bloodless water for 3 minutes until crystals fully absorb the water
  • gently remove excess water then tie round your neck, wrist, or head
  • colorfast, non-toxic, environmentally pleasant cotton
  • size: 35″ inches long by 2″ inces extensive, % of 5 headscarf (black, blue, red, green, orange)
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Color A: Black, Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Color B: Camo, Green, Red, Blue, Orange

8 reviews for P. C. Of five, the elixir ice cool headscarf neck wrap headscarf bandana cooling scarf

  1. Margaret A. Youngblood

    The material was cheap and had almost zero filling. I have had these before and they plump-up in ice water and have many absorbent beads and you stay cool for a long time. When I opened this product, it was cheap material, but nice and long. I thought “wonderful, I can keep the cooling around my neck, tie it in front and have a slightly cute scarf. Literally, there were only 2 cooling crystals per inch of this scarf.. I shook it while dry and noticed the entire cooling scarf had one inch of “stuffing beads” that would be in a quality product You might as well wet a rag and put it around your neck, same results as this product.. Horrible, never again. I gave a couple to my older neighbor when he does yardwork, I am going to have to apologize for giving him something so horrid. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT…I am mad!Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    At first glance I felt these cooling bandana’s were really cheaply made and didn’t have enough filling in them to expand much but boy was I wrong! After soaking the filling fully filled the area in the scarf. Another feature I ended up liking very much is there is a horizontal sewn seam running through the middle which made this version lay on my neck much better than the older completely round cooling bandana’. Super super good deal!Read more

  3. Brenda B

    This Neck Wrap is nothing more than a wet bandana strip. The beads are about an inch long (not even in the center of the wrap). I followed the instructions exactly. It does absolutely nothing! Save your money and put a wet rag in the freezer. $18.00 totally wasted.Read more

  4. Mark Fowler

    Great product to be honest, the reason i gave a 2 was because 3 of the 5 scarf’s burst when they were hydrated showering my daughter with what looked like Jelly Orbes. Not happy with the quality of stitching. Wont purchase again. Now i know what they are made of – I will make my own….Read more

  5. Anthony S

    These were awesome to have on my trip through the desert. Sure I looked like a fool with a puffy gel filled headband wrapped on my forehead. But guess what? They helped keep me cool. The longer you soak them, the more the gel beads expand. So just pay attention to how long they’re soaking. They get VERY full as the beads expand, and get a slightly more rigid.Read more

  6. n8vspud

    Not impressed. They worked the first time we used them. Didn’t oversoak them, did what we wanted. Let them dry out and put them back in the water to use again and two of them have “exploded”. Big mess in sink. Missed return date by four days.. oh well.Read more

  7. go vegan

    I’ve had these years ago, and they had so many beads inside and they enlarged so much that they finally burst. These have hardly any beads inside and don’t even fill the area when soaked in water. Not very effective in this very hot summer.Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    Purchases for friend of mine who doesn’t do so well in the Heat and from the sounds of it she actually was able to get some relief with these scarvesRead more

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