One hundred% america remodeled sneaker dance socks, clean flooring (four pair packs)

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  • 90% nylon, 10% spandex
  • pull on closure
  • 100% usa made. The authentic dance socks! Footwear grip flooring limiting movement causing injury to ankles and knees. Forestall sticking. Pivot freely.
  • correctly twist & turn in sneakers for dance on smooth floors. For men & ladies. One length suits all. Search our list here on amazon for our full foot dance socks for carpeted flooring.
  • dance socks are first rate for dance & health like line dance, salsa dance, ballroom dance, shuffle dance, dance preparation dvds, online dance instructions, aerobic dance lessons, zumba, beachbody, united states of america warmth, cize, just dance, dance crucial video video games, aerobic kickboxing and tai chi.
  • we deliver identical day! (fedex 2 day express to be had)
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8 reviews for One hundred% america remodeled sneaker dance socks, clean flooring (four pair packs)

  1. Barbara Stewart

    These are really great for casual ballroom dancing. You can really spin easily in them, and wearing them allows you to wear your sneakers to dance, which is a good option when you’re recovering from an injury or just want to be comfortable. My husband and I keep them in the car, so we can decide at the last minute to go somewhere to dance, or in case we forget our dancing shoes or don’t want to carry them for some reason! (The photo shows my husband and me dancing at Lincoln Center in NY wearing the dance socks.) Read more

  2. Stephen P. Kane

    Dance Socks are the best of the 3 types I tried. 1. “Dance Socks” worked best, were easy to slip on and off and were by far the best value. I got mine on Amazon because they ship fast (…/dp/B00FHB4LIE), but next time I’ll try the maker’s website ( directly. Note: u get TWO pair for $10, not one like the other brands. S&H was $3.99 flat rate and took 4 days to get here. I ordered 3 sets and S&H were still only $3.99 total. Why 3 sets? Because I’m a freak that looses stuff that is smaller than my house. 2. “Zumba Carpet Gliders” were the most expensive and were hard to get on and off. They cost $14.95 for 1 pair, plus $6.50 shipping and handling. It took 10 looooonnnggg days to arrive. The Zumba Carpet Gliders I tried worked pretty well on my big feet but are hard to get on and off. A classmate tried these and told me for her small feet that the “one size fits all” were too big and slipped off. 3. “Smoother Dancers” were the first type I tried. They cost $13.50 plus $3.32 S&H. They were cheaper than the Zumba version but more that twice the cost of Dance Socks. In my opinion, they are easier to get on than the Zumba product but don’t work as well Zumba. Dance Socks were easiest to get on and worked the best in my experience. Read more

  3. Kindle Customer

    I use the dance socks all the time for myself, and keep them handy for my students in my Zumba class. They are very effective for protecting the knees and hips from injury due to floors that don’t allow for pivoting and sliding or shoes that are not made for dancing. Read more

  4. Vickie R

    I was “forced” to dance in a hip hop performance with my daughters group and struggled with turns and spins (for more reasons than my lack of coordination and age)! The next day I saw the ad for these socks and two days later they were here! Absolutely amazing! No more sticking, no more stress on knees.We were able to complete turns and spins. I feel bad that my daughter has been struggling in dance and I never knew! Read more

  5. slb

    This product is GREAT! You can literally dance in whatever sneakers you want to and never buy dance shoes again. I particularly like having just the toe covered, so you can continue using your heel as a brake. For years, I’ve had Hush Puppy walking shoes (flat soles (no waffles or uneven tread)) transformed into dance shoes by having a shoe cobbler put suede on the sole of the toe. This is a very expensive proposition (even more expensive if you do the whole shoe) and could be avoided completely with the use of this product. I know a male dancer who puts a black dress sock over the top of his shoe, using the same methodology. But, I think ladies need a bit more control coming out of spins to have the entire sole that slick. Neat product though. I first saw it in a Zumba class where I applauded the lady for doing something that will keep her knees healthy. Doing Zumba in athletic shoes is just asking for an early knee replacement or ACL issue. One gal thought the dancesock was a bit too slick for her, but that might have been a user issue. I would absolutely use this product for Zumba. Read more

  6. PRB

    When I first got these, I found them almost too slippery on the wooden floors at my line dance class. Dangerous, almost. So I kept one of the 3 pair and gave 2 pairs away to 2 different people. I noticed both of them used them weekly so they must not have thought they were too slippery. Now that my Jazzercise classes are held on Zoom due to Covid-19 sheltering at home, I have been trying to dance on carpet. These have really helped out! I have to remember to take them off after the class and not walk through my hardwood floor rooms with them on, because, for me, they are still too slippery for smooth floors. Read more

  7. Greekgirl

    I was skeptical about ordering these dance socks as I was concerned about sliding around the dance floor in them; however, they provide the exact amount of control and flow needed for all of the contemporary an old fashion dances that I am learning. So thankful I ordered two pairs! Read more

  8. Ms.Dee

    I use this for everything now. I use it for Zumba, for the social dance floor, I want to use it everywhere. It’s helping my knees a lot but it’s also making my dancing better because my turns are amazing. I will literally just go up to someone and tell them to spin and spin me and we can do it! I could cover my entire time or just he ball of my foot if I want more traction. This may be better than my older dance shoes. Plus, I have four and can wash them, and keep them in my purse! I was hesitant to get these but nope, they’re 100% worth it. Read more

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