No show socks mens 7 pair cotton skinny non slip low cut men invisible sock 6-8/9/11/12-14

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  • eighty five% cotton, 12% polyester, 3% spandex
  • mens no show socks:(7 pairs), length(6-eight).
  • reinforcement of the toe: because of the tremendously excessive stress received with the aid of the toe, it is hard for a layer of cloth to face up to excessive-electricity friction.
  • breathable: the front mesh can efficaciously control the odor and hold the feet refreshed all day lengthy!
  • non-slip, no longer falling:three non-slip silicones will be firmly connected to the heel to prevent slipping. If it slips, we will update it without cost or a complete refund!
  • after-sale warranty: wander’s customer service will constantly be there, irrespective of what hassle you’ve got, you can usually contact me!
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product description

no show socks

fear now not about everybody seeing your socks when you put on loafers, sneakers, or some other footwear. You may say goodbye to this worrying trouble from now on. Sporting our close to invisible socks, you’ll really revel in the feeling of informal stealth with consolation.

maintain nicely ventilated

mesh ventilation creation creates most airflow to preserve your feet cool and dry in any strolling conditions.

high pleasant lengthy-staple cotton

the lengthy-staple cotton material has the traits of long fiber, speedy warmth, warm temperature and awesome consolation.

fantastic cotton provides higher consolation for socks, and makes use of 2 hundred-pin high knitting era to make the product softer and extra healthy!

the non-slip silicone will connect for your heel and could not slip even below gravity!

cotton fiber has tremendous-elasticity and can be stretched freely, so that the socks match flawlessly at the feet, not tight, and could no longer loosen!

when you wear boat footwear, informal footwear, lace-up shoes, sneakers, oxford footwear… You could display your ankles with out demanding approximately the socks!


Shoe Size: 6-8, Shoe Size: 9-11, Shoe Size: 12-14


0-7black, 4black+3gray, 4black+3white, 7 Dark Grey, 7grey, 7white, Add Cushion(black*7), Add Cushion(grey*7)

8 reviews for No show socks mens 7 pair cotton skinny non slip low cut men invisible sock 6-8/9/11/12-14

  1. Andrew Florist

    As a consumer, I am definitely impressed with this purchase. Not only was the shipping amazingly fast, but the price was on point! These socks at first glance and slip-on were such a comfortable snug fit hugging my feet appropriately. The no show cut from this brand is perfect and does not slip when wearing. I have already tried it on with three other different shoes to test them throughout the day and definitely all positive feedback. I will definitely make a future purchase or actually, l buy in bulk soon. Highly recommended! Especially since summer is around the corner. I hope this word/review helped! I look forward to my next purchase! (I posted a picture of the socks slipped on at 2 different angles to see what it looks like when worn on.) Read more

  2. E. Miller

    After three years of seeing my husband wear low cut crew/ankle socks with his summer slip-ons and boat shoes, I had had enough with this uber-dorky look, and wasn’t willing to suffer through another summer with this particular eyesore. (Seriously, what’s next? Socks with sandals? Yikes – no. Just no.) In truth, the rest of his clothing is completely non-nerdy (yes, he does do his own clothes shopping), and I understand his desire to avoid “yachting” socks (going sockless). But ankle socks with topsiders? Super dork-a-licious. I have worn similar no-show socks with my shoes for years, so I’m actually a bit embarrassed that I didn’t consider looking for a men’s version sooner. Be that as it may, however, I ordered these recently (along with similar ones from another brand), and gave them to my husband to try. Despite some initial trepidation, he tried them, and has been wearing them with his summer shoes ever since. So far, they’ve washed well and they’re comfortable – he’s had no complaints about them slipping off his heels or shrinking in the laundry. And I’m absolutely thrilled that he’s no longer sporting the ankle sock & boat shoes look! Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Like the socks, what I was expecting however one of the WHITE socks had a hole on the inside foot area. little disappointed. UPDATE 7/31/18- Well I have to admit I was very pleasantly surprised that the vendor reached out to ME immediately upon mentioning the hole in one of the socks in my review. They honestly wanted to make me happy and offered a refund or to have a new set of socks sent. Since I do really like the socks I opted for a new set to be shipped. Got it within days. This is a seller who will stand behind their product. Very pleased. Read more

  4. VCobb

    I ordered a set of 7, size 6-9 and they were decent, so I ordered another set and got some giant “one size fits all” socks in what looks like weird clear space age carbonite. I thought it was a mistake so I returned and ordered again, same thing. I very purposely ordered size 6-9 and the 2nd and 3rd batches were humongous. It’s getting to the point where I can’t order clothes from Amazon anymore because there’s some many random little sellers peddling inconsistent crap like this. Read more

  5. cheap thrills

    This 7-pair pack of shoes is an absolute steal for the price. The product was nicely packaged and delivered on time. I received the items as described and there was no issue with the color (The black did not end up being grey). The material is comfortable while the design is sophisticated. The seams are stitched well and offer both protection and support. Most importantly, they are completely invisible, even when I wear them with my work shoes and loafers. Though the description says for men, I think its lovely fit for my feet (7 U.S) I would definitely buy this product again! Read more

  6. Iris

    Women’s invisible peds are supposed to fit shoe sizes 4-10.. huh ? If you are a woman and have a shoe size > 8.5, I suggest getting the men’s version. Remember when we always used to wear hosiery for work and other formal occasions ? Hollywood stopped doing that. ( However, please be warned if you wish to marry into any European Royalty, hold onto your hosiery, or else. Exile for you. You will be sent where the dreaded mamba snakes live in SE Asia. ) These peds are really much more sanitary than bare feet in shoes. I recently had to get some glass out of my foot. I took my shoe off, and a nurse said that there seemed to be some sand in them. Doc comes in and says not to worry, just some sand. Sand ? I have not been to the beach. Then I realized that it was from my pouring clean kitty litter into pan and it flew into my shoes, too. All in a day’s work. Buy these, and you should be happy. And go rescue two cats. You need them, you know. Read more

  7. CathyR.S

    2 our of the seven had holes before I put them on. Read more

  8. Kris K.

    – These are exactly as described, a nice open-weave cotton knit with some stretch fiber to keep them from getting loose and floppy. There’s just enough texture to make a pleasant layer between my foot and my insoles (I put cushioning insoles into everything, even slippers). – The reason I gave 4 stars rather than 5 is that the elastic at the opening is a little too short, so it’s a bit tight and pulls the socks upwards, making them “partial show” rather than completely “no-show”. It also gets a little tight-feeling after a while. It might loosen up over time and/or with washing, though, so if it does, I’ll update. – So far, though, other than the elastic, I like these a lot. Read more

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