No nonsense ladies’s tender & breathable cushioned mini team socks

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  • 74% cotton, 23% nylon, 2% spandex, 1% polyester
  • made in us
  • no closure closure
  • machine wash
  • cushioned
  • mini team length
  • three pair p. C.
  • weave type: knit
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from the producer

no nonsense has first-rate legging options to make you look and sense your first-rate!

there is nothing like a notable pair of tights to make your outfit shine!

with a diffusion of styles from casual socks to recreation socks, ankle socks besides socks, and a ramification of colors, there is truly a favourite within the blend!

first-rate + innovative design means you’ve got reliable hosiery with made in the america credibility.




Black, Black – 9 Pair Pack, White, White – 9 Pair Pack

8 reviews for No nonsense ladies’s tender & breathable cushioned mini team socks

  1. Smile Saurus

    After years of buying Hanes brand socks, I finally had to stop. Hanes socks used to be cushy and have normal-fitting ankles – not anymore, though. Now, Hanes socks are thin & flimsy with too-tight elastic around the ankles. I am petite and do *not* have ‘cankles’ or even thick ankles, and the new Hanes socks cut off circulation to my feet and left deep red marks on my ankles. I decided to try these No Nonsense socks and I’m so glad that I did! They’re soft, just cushy enough without being thick and the elastic fits my ankles perfectly. There is no tightness, yet they’re just tight enough to stay up. 100% would purchase again. Read more

  2. Lisa

    As name says….No nonsense socks…. comfortable, non slippery, thick and comfortable elastic… such low price… so affordable…best socks ever had… got three pairs in a pack… totally worth it Read more

  3. Nancy Frycklund Chan

    I am so happy to have found these socks available through Amazon! I used to be able to buy them at our local Wal-Mart, but for some reason they stopped carrying them. These are the only socks my older daughter will wear ever since she had battled a recurrent fungal infection a few years ago on one of her toes that even after many treatments with prescription meds would keep coming back. One day we saw these socks while out shopping & the word “breathable” caught my attention…I figured maybe that may help with her toe being able to heal….and that is exactly what happened! First off, she loved how comfortable they felt on her feet….and her feet didn’t get all sweaty like they did in other socks, they are very well made & durable….and the best part was that her infection cleared right up (we hadn’t changed anything else so we know it was the socks that made all the difference!) and she has never had another infection ever since! These socks are the only kind she will wear now (and her sister also loves wearing them too) so we are super-happy with these socks & we are so grateful that Amazon carries them because we will keep on buying them…the price is great & these socks are so well worth it….very highly recommend!!! Read more

  4. kytten

    I used to love these socks. I’ve bought them for years and years. My last 2 orders, however, I’ve noticed a distinct change in quality. They’re still soft, supportive and fit fine. But, the socks fall apart really fast. The fluffy cushion on the inside comes apart and winds up between my toes or in some other uncomfortable place making the socks difficult to wear when walking or exercising. Once the cushioning comes off, the socks wear through pretty quickly and develop holes. I think my last 6 pairs have lasted maybe 3 months before holes in the toes made me have to throw them away. This makes me sad since these have been the only socks I’d wear forever. Now I’m having to look around and find a new brand. Read more

  5. Jacqueline

    I simply adore these socks. Material is thick enough to keep me warm but not let me sweat. It looks great when I wear pants that stop at the ankles because it hides that patch of skin from showing. Very attractive when I wear dark shoes and pants because I don’t have skin peeking through so it elongates my lower silhouette. I have repurchased multiple times, no defects or anything, and have replaced all socks with this barring over the knee socks (which I use infrequently), athletic socks if I need extra ventilation (these have great ventilation anyway), and no show socks for flats or certain types of sneakers Read more

  6. NMB

    Great, breathable socks! I have overly sweaty feet, due to hyperhidrosis, and struggle with socks allowing my feet to breathe while being cooped up in close-toed shoes all day long for work. So many other brands deem “athletic” socks and swear to wick moisture, never seem to actually come through, but these socks have a high cotton content and allowed my feet to breathe. No Nonsense is the truth! Read more

  7. Mrs. MEB

    * Updated review* These are listed one-size on ad but are size 4-10 on actual sock packaging. I wear a 9 and can BARELY get them on. I used to buy these at Walmart and cannot find in stores anymore. No Nonsense used to offer a 9-11 size range that fit perfectly. I waited several weeks of washing and wearing these repeatedly to see if they loosened up but they did not. They are so tight it started causing ingrown toenails and every night I had indents around calf where top of sock elastic had dug into my skin. I got rid of them all yesterday and got some Hanes that look and fit like No Nonsense used to fit. Read more

  8. Delainey Macphearson

    I love these socks. They cling to my feet great and aren’t loose at all. I wear a smaller than average womens sock and I love that these fit so well, no floppy toes. They are comfortable and soft, no ridges or toe bumps. Read more

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