Moisture control team sock 4 percent, multipack

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  • 71% polyester, 17% cotton, four% olefin, 4% rubber, three% rayon, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • system wash
  • smooth cotton combo arch support mesh ventilation
  • half of cushion moisture wicking
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product description

this incredible columbia sock could be very tender with a cotton blend and moisture wicking fibers, it helps preserve toes dry and comfortable


Large, 6 -12, 6-12, 10-13, 13-15


Black Brown Assorted, Brown/Khaki Marl, Black, Black/Brown/Blue/Khaki, Beige, Brown/Khaki/Gray/Black, Khaki/Brown, Multi

8 reviews for Moisture control team sock 4 percent, multipack

  1. Scott In Milwaukee

    These socks looked nice, fit well, but started to fall apart after one wear and wash; and when I mean; a cold-water no-bleach wash. On the second wear they already developed holes (as seen in the photo attached). I wouldn’t waste the money on these if I were you. Read more

  2. DannyBoy

    I’ll keep this short: Don’t buy these. They are cheap and don’t hold up. After one wash and two wears, one pair has developed a hole in the upper portion of the sock (see photo). Another pair has some pulls in the “arch support” that won’t hold up to repeated wear. These are just cheap socks that aren’t worth the fabric they are composed of. Read more

  3. Paul Buckley

    Very poor quality stitching at calf level. Shocked at how poor the quality is: looks like the manufacturer completely forgot to stitch some of the socks at calf level. Do Not Buy. Read more

  4. J. Lucas

    They’re comfortable but not at all durable. I’ve thrown one pair away after they came apart. The pictured sock is from a second pair that have failed in the exact same way. I will not buy these again due to very poor quality. UPDATE: As of 2021, they’re all gone because they all failed in the same place. Read more

  5. Jill gruen

    These are not durable socks. Every one of them developed penny sized holes where the tag was – even though the tag was carefully cut and removed (not ripped through). They did not hold up in the wash and are too tight for a size 10 foot. Very disappointed and not able to contact the seller for a refund/exchange. Read more

  6. BonnieC

    I purchased these socks for my husband who has a size 14 foot and these were made for larger feet – size 13-15. He did not open them right away because we had ordered socks from a couple different name brands for him to try. He opened these socks last week to wear the first pair. He said they fit his foot great and are comfortable and wore them once and washed them once. He put them on today and they already have a hole in them. I had high hopes that Columbia would have made a quality product, and I personally have owned their women’s socks with no issue. But I would think twice before purchasing these particular socks. I am very disappointed. Read more

  7. Rick

    Wicks sweat and moisture as advertised. Very high quality. I bought sets of four for Christmas for my best friend and sons because I like the product so much. The test is when you take off your boots and walk around in just your socks and they dry off and your feet are comfortable—unlike cotton socks. Real person here. Buy with confidence. Read more

  8. R. Lay

    I’ve seen several reviews regarding durability. I’ve had six pairs since Christmas and wear them most every day. They’ve been washed almost weekly and I’ve seen no issues from washing or wearing. They are very comfy! Read more

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