Men’s x-temp consolation cool ankle 6-percent

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  • white: seventy one% cotton/25% polyester/2% herbal latex rubber/1% spandex/1% nylon; black: seventy two% cotton/24% polyester/2% herbal latex rubber/1% spandex/1% nylon
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  • white: seventy one% cotton/25% polyester/2% natural latex rubber/1% spandex/1% nylon; black: 72% cotton/24% polyester/2% natural latex rubber/1% spandex/1% nylon
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our consolation cool® ankle socks provide the first-rate in comfort and match. X-temp™ technology designed to adapt on your frame temperature and pastime for all day consolation. Top notch smooth breathable cotton for all day wear. Greater reinforced heel and toe. Open-sew knitting layout ventilates air to easily waft through material to maintain you dry and secure. Wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry. Consolation toe seam is our smoothest ever. Available in a handy 6-%.




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8 reviews for Men’s x-temp consolation cool ankle 6-percent

  1. GLShoulders2

    I absolutely love these socks! My only complaint is that I thought these were a double pack by mistake and paid approximately $25 for 6 pairs of socks, I was able to purchase 24 pairs directly from the manufacturer for right at $30…. #LessonLearned Read more

  2. Shayne Layman

    These socks are amazing and worth the buy. I have very sweaty feet and am on my feet all day so these socks help awesomely and on top of that they do keep me cool as the market. Highly recommend Read more

  3. Holly

    So these socks were good for 2 weeks I only wore them twice and washed them twice upon the third wear i noticed big holes in the socks already I dont even work I dont do much activity please be careful of these particular socls maybe it was just this pack but just letting know my experience very bumbed out Read more

  4. Wendy R.

    My husband loves these socks and always buys them. Unfortunately, this set came with one sock with a sizable hole in the toe. Since it was only one sock, I sewed it up instead of returning them all. They are thin enough to not make your feet sweat, but thick enough for comfort. They last a while (and we walk a lot every day). Read more

  5. W.H.P. III

    I did not wear the sox. They were too small. I had to return them and the process was VERY SIMPLE, thanks to Amazon’s liberal return policy. I am a dedicated customer to Amazon and have always been treated well. Read more

  6. Fred Da Banger

    Been wearing them for years. Work outside the golf course and the socks get plenty of wear. They’re comfortable breathable and durable Read more

  7. Bob N.

    As I recall, the product said was a 6-12 in size. Given I have a 9.5 shoe size, figured this would work well. They are very small. Do not fit well at all, quite disappointed as have had the Hanes Xtteam before and were great. These were way thinner, lighter and smaller. Will be giving these to my grandson’s, whose feet should grow into them so they can be used. Guess I need to pay attention to the size, but as I mentioned, this should have been ok. Read more

  8. MoonKin

    These are not the same x-temp socks that I have had already. These are looser and don’t have the x-temp label on the bottoms. These just say Hanes. Read more

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