Men’s virtual sports watch huge face water resistant wrist watches for guys with stopwatch alarm led again mild

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  • imported
  • virtual watch: stylish sporty dial design. Big dial and numbers with mild, display time clear within the dark. Use import el lamp, easy to look the time honestly within the light, smooth to study. Large than typical watch
  • guys’s watch: appeals to men, specifically to folks who like doing sports activities, surprise resistant, stopwatch,12/24h time mode, and led backlight features to make it best for all types of game and every day use.
  • sports watch: surprise resistant, ideal for each outdoor and indoor sports, consisting of jogging, mountaineering, fishing, etcshock resistant, best for both out of doors and indoor sports, consisting of going for walks, climbing, fishing, and so on
  • multifunction watch: car date, alarm, waterproof, led display, shock resistant, forestall watch, back mild
  • water-resistant: 164 toes / 50 m water withstand, please do not press any buttons underwater, and in case of adverse water resistant ring, please preserve it faraway from steam and hot water.
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product description

**please take off the safety film cowl on the watch face before use for better stories**



**observe**: please donot press any buttons underwater. Also keep away from the use in excessive warm or cold temperature. If mist or droplets observed inside watch surface, please contact producer right away for preservation to save you moisture corrosion of the inner components. An excessive amount of water contact will shorter watch life. Battery model: cr2025 150mah 3v

what‘s inside the package deal:

watch x 1

preparation guide x 1


Medium-48mm, Large-53mm


B-band-B-dial, Camouflage-Blue, Camouflage-Gray, Camouflage-Green

6 reviews for Men’s virtual sports watch huge face water resistant wrist watches for guys with stopwatch alarm led again mild

  1. Kelly

    The watch claims to be water-resistant. This is not true. I’ve had the watch for a week, and never gotten the watch wet. But, whenever I go outside in the cold, about 25 degrees, the watch fogs up on the INSIDE of the watch face. So much for the watch being resistant to water, since it can’t even resist cold condensation inside the face. There is no way I’m going near water with this watch. My recommendation: save your money, buy a different watch, and do NOT BUY THIS WATCH! Read more

  2. BenC

    I have had multiple people think this is a smart watch, i’m guessing because of the size. It’s definitely on the larger side (larger than what the pictures show). I needed a watch to do basic things, and have an alarm go off every hour. This has a timer setting that i just start and reset after the hour. pretty easy. When it’s time for bed, i don’t reset the timer, and then i easily start it in the morning. This also has a reminder function that you could set for a specific day each month. I’m not exactly sure how it works, because i haven’t used it yet. I couldn’t be happier with this watch. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Great watch, greater price. I’ve purchased a Suunto for about $300 just because I loved how it looked and I like this watch equally as much. Very lightweight and seems to be durable. Looks quality enough to wear with casual clothes and works perfectly for workouts. I’ll take away .1 of a star only because I used the backlight in the middle of the night and it blinded me it was so bright. Other than that, its an amazing watch! Read more

  4. Nathanael Pittman

    Update: Apr. 1st 2021 11 months of service. Still functioning well. Zero complaints. (It does seem to gain about 30 seconds a month.) Easily worth $16. I just ordered another one in black. Version: Camo / Green Purchase Date: Apr. 21st, 2020 Delv. Date: Apr. 29th, 2020 Initial Impressions: Large, easy to read display area. Camo is well executed and doesn’t look cheesy. Case feels fairly rugged and durable. Band is soft, pliable, and comfortable but doesn’t feel too flimsy. It was easy to set. I didn’t have to look at the instructions until I couldn’t figure out how to change it from 24 hour (military time) mode to AM/PM mode. I was looking for a way to change the mode while I was setting the time and date, but it turned out to be very simple. You hit the top right button to toggle between the two time display modes. That’s a pretty neat feature in my mind. In my profession I interact with people who use 24HR time, but most often its with people who use AM/PM time. It’s nice to be able to refer back and forth at the press of a button. I also couldn’t figure out how to set the weekday initially but once I entered the date and the correct year, it changes to the correct weekday automatically. I put it on and mowed the lawn. No issues. I left it on to take a shower, because I wanted to know it could handle at least that much moisture. If it turns out not to be submersible, at $15 I’ll forgive it. I have dive watches for that environment. No moisture got into the watch during my shower. Some may not know that you never want to press any of your buttons while a watch is submersed even if it’s waterproof. I don’t press buttons even if it’s just wet or I’m in a very high-humidity environment. That may have been an issue with negative reviews. I also see negative comments about the lens being easy to scratch. I have expensive watches that have scratched lenses now. If you slam a plastic lens into something, yes, it’s going to scratch. This lens is recessed, but barely, so either be mindful of swinging your arms around, or don’t, and take comfort in knowing you aren’t beating up an expensive watch. Update: May 5th, 2020 Again, I want to know what this watch will handle and preferably before I order an all black one. I took it camping Friday through Sunday. It got rained on. I got the Jeep bound up on a 7 inch diameter log and had to chop it out of my suspension and brake system with a hatchet. It took almost an hour. The watch held up to the shock/impact of that and banging it into the undercarriage a few times while trying to remove the log. I packed up camp in the rain and again had no issues with moisture getting into the case. So far I’m pretty impressed. Read more

  5. EdCaffreyMS

    A cheap, somewhat novelty watch, that does a decent job of keeping the correct time…..that is as long as you’re in dim or low light, and can see it! In outside/daylight, or a brightly lit room, it’s impossible to read. That means if you want to see it in those conditions, you must cup your off hand over the watch, and peek into the created shadow to see the time. I gave it 2 stars because it does keep the correct time, otherwise, if you want a digital type that you can see…… Read more

  6. Dario Calderon

    I highly recommend this watch it’s stylish yet tactical enough to wear in my job. My favorite part is the cool “nigh vision green” back light. Easy to put on, easy to take off. Read more

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