Mens twin defense tube socks 12 pair

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  • ninety eight% polyester, 2% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • device wash
  • dual protection moisture wicking and scent protection
  • reinforced toe for sturdiness
  • absolutely cushioned for comfort
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product description

our men’s tube socks in a 12-pair value % function twin protection technology’s long lasting moisture wicking and odor safety. Cushioned for comfort, these socks for men actually have a strengthened toe for durability. 12쌍 밸류 팩의 남성용 튜브 양말은 이중 방어 기술의 오래 지속되는 수분 흡수 및 악취 방지 기능을 특징으로 합니다. 편안함을 위해 쿠션 처리된 이 남성용 양말은 내구성을 위해 발가락을 강화했습니다.


Shoe Size: 6-12


Black, White

8 reviews for Mens twin defense tube socks 12 pair

  1. GuinnessFan

    UPDATE: Okay, maybe it was not the socks after all. Lost a bunch of weight. Now they are just fine. These socks are a little on the tight side… except at the very top where they are INSANELY tight. I have pretty normal legs for a man, but the tops of these things are really uncomfortably tight in the upper calf. They are only wearable if I fold them down far enough that the tops are below my calf. If you have VERY small calves but still like fairly high socks, then these might be fine. Otherwise, there are better options. Yomandamor and Extra Wide Sock Company both make socks that, while considerably more expensive, are much more comfortable tube socks. Read more

  2. Jennifer Neri

    I bought these for my 14 yr old son. He has ADHD & sensory issues & he compulsively picks at his legs causing sores. We figured out if he wears long socks he picks at them & not his legs. But he was picking holes in the socks pretty quickly. I decided to try these & what a blessing! He’s been wearing, & picking at, them for over a month & not one hole yet! Love them so much I bought another pack of 12 pairs for when he does. The price is great for a great product. Read more

  3. jimeil e mcalister

    This product is definitely old school!!! I grew up with Fruit of the Looms for a very long time,ever since i was 5 years old and I’ve never gotten sick of it since!!! The Fruit of the Looms clothing line product’s is by far one of the greatest clothing lines of all time and will remain so until the end of time!!! I highly recommend this product for both young and old!!! Trust me when i say,you will not be disappointed!!! On tha real!!! Read more

  4. ashley

    Update. These socks are horrible! I have always bought over the calf tube socks from fruit of the loom to wear with my boots so thesocks stay up. These socks are thin, elastic is terrible and won’t stay up and the all aren’t even the same length. One sock will go up to the knee and the other barely over the calf. Not consistent and not comfortable to have to keep pulling them up. Read more

  5. Kindle Customer

    These socks are way too thin. They are extremely tight around the calf. Leaved marks in my calves for hours after I take them off. Will go back to using PUMA brand socks from COSTCO. Read more

  6. RLM

    These fall down. We’ve had this exact brand of sock before with no problem. We’re hoping it’s just a bad batch. He’s still wearing them. We didn’t return them. So they obviously aren’t awful, just not as good as usual. Read more

  7. FMG

    These socks are poorly made and constructed. The elasticity is frail and they nap up rather quickly. Can’t believe these are fruit of the loom. Read more

  8. chikai

    They’re not too heavy Compared to a lot of work boots that are still to.But don’t Really like it too much is too thin on the soul when you’re working in I’m pushing on a shovel Read more

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