Mens three percent canoe liners

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  • fifty eight% cotton, 21% nylon, 19% polyester, 2% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • system wash
  • smooth toe seam for all day consolation.
  • wave sipping silicone non-slip heel to prevent slippage.
  • anti-microbial remedy for clean smelling feet.
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  • will those healthy me? I wear a guys’s length 9d.
  • question: will those fit me? I wear a guys’s length 9d. Solution: sure they need to suit. I put on an eight. Five. A bit big on me after i purchase them, however wash them and they healthy no problems. Of course they stretch too. By bryan fujimoto on can also 16, 2017 did not get solutions. See greater answers (three) disintegrate all answers

  • would this suit a size 14
  • question: would this suit a length 14 solution: i don’t understand maybe 8-12 simplest examine the outline of the item by rp on june 26, 2019 fall apart all solutions

  • do these socks. Have a little thickness. Do no longer like the extremely skinny. Tks
  • query: do those socks. Have a little thickness. Do no longer just like the extremely skinny. Tks solution: those socks function liners, are truly thin and are ideal for wearing with deck-type footwear. They do not have the cushiony experience of an athletic sock. The cotton fibers lead them to breathable and comfy. By dw on june 26, 2019 didn’t get answers. See greater solutions (3) fall apart all answers


    Shoe Size: 6-12


    Black, Bone, Navy/Charcoal Heather, White

    8 reviews for Mens three percent canoe liners

    1. Eduardo Pagani

      I’ve wasted my money in many other no-show socks. Sperry’s by far the best ones out there. These stay on your feet and they are not “eaten” by your shoe. Some other socks must be worn with perfectly fitting shoes, otherwise they will roll under if your shoes a a bit larger. These socks are truly no show. Note: THIS specific model of Sperry socks are great. I bought other version on their store which I’ve thrown away. Those barely cover the toes and heels and they escape as soon as you put them on. Why not 5 stars? 1. The price. They are very expensive. 2. Durability. They don’t last long at all. Read more

    2. Holtphens

      I’m giving four stars because it’s not fair to ding their rating because I took a chance. These will not work with ballet flats. They will show. I have 11.5 size women’s feet and I was hoping that these would work for me. They will not. Women’s size liner socks will not stay on my feet. These fit my feet wonderfully and if I wore one of the shoe types they list as being compatible, I would be fine. However These just won’t work for me. Read more


      The Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Solid Canoe 3 Pair Pack Liner Socks are a pair of three socks designed for Sperry shoes. The socks are 58% Cotton, 21% Nylon, 19% Polyester and 2% Spandex. These socks also are machine washable. In my experience these are the best no-show socks on the market. They have three rubber feeling grip on the back heel to keep them secure on your feet. Other socks on the market are either, too small and short, or they slip off your heel. The Sperry socks however, solve both of these problems and are very comfortable. Another great benefit of these socks are you cannot see them (or you can barely see them) when you are wearing Sperry shoes. I have been using these socks for a couple weeks and I absolute love them! I highly recommended them for anyone looking for a quality pair of no-show socks. Read more

    4. Abby Scanlon

      I’ve worn Sperrys for years, always barefoot, and never even considered a sock until recently. I had a new pair of Sperrys that weren’t wearing in as quick as usual and I kept getting blisters on my heel and/or by my little toe. Because Sperrys are such a unique cut my usual “low cut” socks showed too much and looked goofy when I wore them. I went looking on Amazon for Sperry-cut socks and originally saw these and figured they were an overpriced gimmick. They are not dear reader. They are, in fact, exactly what you need. The cut is perfect, there are tiny grip lines on the inside of the heel and the colors are perfect for blending in with skin tone or the color of the leather. Read more

    5. William C. Forrest

      These are really comfortable, and are fairly well-hidden when I wear my Sperry deck shoes; however, I’ve found that if I do a decent bit of walking, the socks pull off my heels and start balling up under my foot. This was my experience with each pair right out of the package. I’m hoping that washing/drying them may help tighten them up a bit! Update: washing them didn’t help. So, now they’re “house socks.” Read more

    6. Jane Jetson

      I was looking for an unobtrusive shoe liner for wearing with loafers in the summer. I wear a size 11 women–so I opted for a men’s size (which worked well). The liner is soft and seems to stay on my heels when in the shoe. Only disappointment is the unexpected Sperry logo on top of the foot. Granted, you won’t generally see it when worn. The photo in the listing shows a white sock on top (no logo)–with the only brand identification on the bottom of the sock. Read more

    7. Brownboy

      Been using them for a week or so while on vacation. They are a little snug (I wear size 10 mens shoes) but they don’t slip, even in the back of the heel. While I haven’t been using them long they have had rough use at the beach and are holding up well. These are faring better than the ones I bought earlier from Bombas, which developed a “run” in the material that later turned into a hole in the toe. You get three of the Sperry’s for the price of one set from Bombas. Read more

    8. Just an Amazon Customer

      Socks with Sperry Topsiders. Sending back is not worth the effort. Into the trash. Read more

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