Men’s three p. C. Cushioned overall performance hiker socks (low/quarter/group socks)

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  • 60% acrylic, 25% wool, thirteen% nylon, 2% lycra spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • machine wash
  • cushioned sole – merrell compression and trekking crew socks are cushioned to offer your toes greater consolation so you experience like you’re on foot at the clouds no matter how difficult the terrain is
  • arch aid – zoned arch assist facilitates save you fatigue in your toes to assist preserve you going for the longest of hikes
  • reinforced heel and toe – merrell and trekking socks for guys have strengthened heel and toe which guarantees higher and longer sturdiness of the sock, so they’ll last and serve for you yr after yr
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cushioned and ribbing via leg half of cushion and arch guide compression through foot augment regular path adventure acolchado y nervado a través de la pierna medio cojín y arco apoyo compresión a través del aumento de pies aventura de sendero diaria gepolstert und gerippt durch bein-halbkissen und fußgewölbeunterstützung, kompression durch fußverstärkung, alltagsabenteuer. מרופד וצלעות דרך חצי כרית הרגל ותמיכה בקשת כף הרגל דחיסה דרך הרחבת הרגל להרפתקת שבילים יומיומית مبطن ومضلع من خلال نصف وسادة الساق ودعم قوس القدم من خلال زيادة القدم مغامرة المسار اليومية acolchoado e canelado através da meia almofada da perna e suporte do arco de compressão através do aumento do pé para aventuras diárias 腿部缓震和罗纹,半缓冲和足弓支撑,通过脚部增加日常越野冒险提供压缩 緩衝並通過腿部半緩衝和足弓支撐,通過足部強化日常越野冒險來壓縮。 다리 하프 쿠션과 아치 지지 압박을 통해 쿠션 및 골이 있어 발을 강화하는 일상적인 트레일 모험을 제공합니다


Shoe Size: 9-12, Shoe Size: 12-15


Crew, Quarter


Olive (Crew), Charcoal Black (Quarter), Charcol Black (Crew), Charcoal Black (Crew)

8 reviews for Men’s three p. C. Cushioned overall performance hiker socks (low/quarter/group socks)

  1. S B

    It’s really difficult to find brown toned low cut socks. I gambled on these even though the smallest size available was the M/L which is supposed to fit a US Men’s 9.5-12.0. I typically wear a 8.5-9.0 size shoe but these socks fit fine. I liked these more than the handful of other options out there because they have 25-32% wool (with the remainder consisting of acrylic, nylon, and Lycra) whereas the others I found didn’t have any. I prefer wool as it is a moisture-wicking natural fabric. They are a light hiking cushioned weight so if you’re looking for really thin casual socks, these aren’t the socks you’re looking for; move along. There’s just enough cushion on the bottom of the socks to add some comfort without making them too hot. The tops of the socks are thinner. The toe and heel are reinforced to last longer and there is some elastic banding around the mid-foot and ankle for support and comfort. The three pairs of socks range from taupe to a light and medium brown. There may be a slight greenish tint to one or two of them; it’s difficult for me to tell. One of the pairs has dark and medium green stripes across it but you will not see any of the stripes with shoes on. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase! Read more

  2. Executive Search

    These socks, like some other wool sock brands, require going up a size. That means those of us size 10 and above need to buy an XL instead of an L. With Merrell, it indicates this for size 12+. I am a 12.5. These socks are too loose. They are also not that warm, or thick. However, they solve and resolve the centuries-old double-sock question. They are that perfect second layer. I bought another set because they work great for a winter sock solution wherein you wear a full sock over a short sock in the winter. That “slipper” solution for those of us who like freer feet — and hate slippers! — is well met here. This sock, being a bit loose and not-too-warm, works as a great second layer over a “short sock.” Bonus–it’s not a high cut sock. This is a great early Spring or mid-Fall sock on its own for sure, but the XL is best suited for men’s 13.5 to 15 shoes. It’s not warm enough outside alone in a boot. I tried. Chilly! Inside alone? Still chilly. I didn’t risk the large because I’ve learned a garment reality that almost holds true always–the maker who makes a really big XL makes a really small L. For me, these are pajama socks. I love them for that! It’s one of those things I wish someone intended to make, and they would be just like these–thin, wool, loose, and ankle cut. Just enough to go over any old standard short cut or ankle-high gym sock. Voila! Le slipper time! Merrell is a great company, and I love their products. Two stars for Merrell this time. Five stars for the best pajama sock ever, and I believe that other guys reading this will buy for the very same reason I bought twice. So don’t hate me for the two stars. They are given in light of this being a wool hiker. It is not. It is too loose, and too thin–at least for that purpose. I’ll be chillin’ in my house all winter with these socks–over a short-cut gym sock–when it’s slipper time! Thanks for the great chance to leave a long, but honest and hopefully helpful review. Read more

  3. Steven B

    The older style with artificial fibers hold up a lot better than these. I rotate through my socks fairly regularly and while the three older ones that are no longer sold are still going strong, these wear out much faster. It’s a bit disappointing. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I bought multiple pairs of these socks and they all developed holes in the heel by their third use. They all ended up in the trash. Complete waste of money. Read more

  5. RK-AZ

    Love these socks. I received three pair for Christmas (grey tones) and love the fit and comfort of these socks. Great cool weather socks for casual use. So, I ordered three more pair in tan/brown tones. These are my new favorite winter socks for daily wear. October 2020 Update: This fall when the weather started cooling off I started wearing my favorite wool socks again only to find that holes are starting to appear after washing. These are holes rather than thin wear spots. So, their durability is an issue. Read more

  6. Yodobo

    These socks are phenomenal. I’ve worn wool socks for decades for backpacking and hiking. Now with cold wet weather upon us, I picked up these lower cut socks along with another cheaper brand for my morning walks. The cheaper socks keep rolling off the backs of my feet after just 2 hours. Whereas these Merrell Wool Socks have been on my feet nonstop for over 48 hours and 6 miles of walking and are still holding snug. I DON’T WANT TO TAKE THEM OFF!!!! 🙂 Read more

  7. Albert A.

    I purchased these socks about 6 weeks ago & wore a pair for the first time today. I went to watch a friend’s daughter play in a 5th grade basketball game. I had these socks on in a pair of Lucchese boots for about 2 hrs & when I removed my boots there were two 1/4″ holes on the top of my left ankle. I can’t say for sure they weren’t there when I put my boots on but regardless these socks either came already damaged or they lasted less than 2hrs. Either way I won’t be buying any more Merrell brand clothing again. Read more

  8. Tom

    I just went on a 4day backpacking trip during the first days of the COVID-19 quarantine. To say the least my feet were the least of my worries on the trip! By far some of the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn!! They keep your feet cool when it warm and warm when it’s a little cooler! Also do a decent job of wicking and drying once they do get wet. It rained two out of the four nights and basically the whole second day. Had all three pairs and let me tell you my feet were dry and comfortable the entire trip!! And as any hiker/backpacker knows good quality socks are worth their weight in gold when out in the back country!! Side note I wear a side 13 shoe and they still weren’t tight!if you wear a 9-11 you could def get the smaller ones I would think. Read more

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