Mens team t-shirts, multipack

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  • solids: a hundred% cotton; game grey: 90% cotton, 10% polyester
  • imported
  • device wash
  • moisture wicking maintains you cool and dry
  • taped neck and shoulders for sturdiness; tubular rib collar for higher stretch and restoration
  • feels smooth to touch; tag free; lays flat
  • five percent = s, m, xl; four percent = 2x (colorations can also vary)
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product description

gildan is one of the world’s largest vertically included manufacturers of garb and socks. Gildan uses cotton grown within the usa, which represents the first-class aggregate of first-class and price for gildan cotton and cotton mixed merchandise. Considering that 2009, gildan has proudly displayed the cotton united states mark, certified with the aid of cotton council worldwide, on client’s product packaging and shipping substances. Gildan environmental program accomplishes core goals: reduce our environmental effect and maintain the natural sources being utilized in our production procedure. At all operating stages, gildan is aware about the truth that we function as part of a extra unit: the surroundings wherein we live and paintings. Gildan은 세계에서 가장 큰 수직 통합 의류 및 양말 제조업체 중 하나입니다. Gildan은 gildan 면과 면 혼방 제품의 품질과 가치의 최상의 조합을 나타내는 미국에서 재배한 면을 사용합니다. 2009년부터 gildan은 소비자의 제품 포장 및 배송 재료에 면화 협의회 인터내셔널에서 라이센스를 받은 미국 면 마크를 자랑스럽게 전시했습니다. Gildan 환경 프로그램은 두 가지 핵심 목표를 달성합니다. 환경 영향을 줄이고 제조 공정에서 사용되는 천연 자원을 보존합니다. 모든 운영 수준에서 gildan은 우리가 더 큰 유닛의 일부로 운영한다는 사실을 알고 있습니다. 우리가 살고 일하는 환경입니다.


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


12, 5, 6, 10, 4


Assorted Black (5-pack), Navy/Charcoal/Red (5-pack), Black (6-pack), White (6-pack), White (12-pack), White (10-pack), Assorted Black/Grey (4-pack), White (5-pack)

8 reviews for Mens team t-shirts, multipack

  1. kardude

    bad! bad! bad! Very bad quality under-shirts with extremely thin material. All shirts came with defects and loose threads everywhere. Never again any product from Gildan! Read more

  2. Ray

    Few items to note here. First the cost of these shirts are super cheap so I expected them to not be the greatest quality or to last a super long time either. Figured I would buy these for an upcoming vacation and if they lasted after that, it would be a bonus. Two of the four shirts were not even stitched at the sleeve and one had some threads that if pulled would pull apart the collar stitches. There is a difference being of cheaper quality and not even assembling your product properly to sell. With only one good shirt in the bunch, the deal for 15.00 for four shirts really is 15 for one wearable shirt. Beware as you will get what you pay for here. Read more

  3. Sean

    This set of shirts was pretty affordable and had different colors, making it a must buy for me since I wanted to replace a good portion of my undershirts. Arrived today and I put one one. Fit nice, material was nice, but straight out of the package, one shirt has a very noticeable hole in the shoulder seam. Not entirely sure what happened but I hope the seller contacts me and resolves this. Read more

  4. Blind Faith 99

    So the price was right. Hard to complain when it’s $2 a shirt. As it turns out, that’s about what they’re worth. First thing I noticed was that they’re short and wide. They’re not tapered as suggested in the description and pictures. It’s a one-size-fits-all design. That can really be seen in the neck opening. For the Large size that I got, it’s a whopping 11.5 inches in diameter. That means for normal men, it will sit low, causing a lot of neck and back to be exposed, and also, the neckline will be really loose. For comparison, my Jockey t-shirts are 8.5 to 10 inches, and a couple that I got at Target (Merona) are 9 inches. To make matters worse, after one wash, the material along the neckline curled badly. An oversized neck opening with a curled rim is NOT a good look. The shirts are simply unwearable in public. So all 6 immediately go into the rag drawer and I’ll use them for painting or other messy jobs where it’s okay if the shirt gets ruined. No idea why these shirts are getting good reviews. Read more

  5. Jon Brooks

    I’m used to Hanes shirts, and these are very comparable in quality and fit. The large fits my 6’1″ frame correctly. My minor complaint is that the arm holes and girth around the belly is ever so slightly larger than the Hanes, which are also too large. My arms are not small, and there is so much material in the arms that they flare out and minimize the appearance of my physique. The length could be just a tad longer too (perhaps half an inch). I realize these are undershirts and wear them as such, but I would prefer that they were more form-fitting. I realize they are necessarily made larger to accommodate heavier guys (I’m 190lbs), but they just aren’t quite what I was hoping to get. For the price, these are a fantastic buy. Read more

  6. Brrrrrrad

    You are looking at these because you want some white t-shirts but want the cheapest set you can find. These shirts are “good enough” for an undershirtz provided that you don’t care if they shrink after one wash. If you just wear them under your work shirt and take them off when you get home, these are perfect. If you want to wear these as a shirt by itself, I’m not so sure this is the best option. Maybe I just shouldn’t have put this in the dryer but then again other shirts I’ve done this with haven’t shrunk so much. Read more

  7. Just another customer

    I bought these for my son because he likes to wear solid black t-shirts. He’s had Hanes and some of the other brands that are sold at local stores, but they would end up looking stretched out and ugly not long after buying them. I had purchased this same t-shirt in white for my dad and he loves them, so I decided to give them a shot for my son. He loves them! He says they are much more comfortable than the others he’s bought, but they hold up well in the wash. I believe Gildan t-shirts are fat superior to brands like Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who wears plain t-shirts, whether for outerwear or for under shirts. Great value and excellent quality! I hope you find my review helpful. If so, please click “helpful” so I can take a look and see where I can improve my reviews. I know as a buyer I depend on the reviews. Since I can’t touch the item, I have to count on those who can, and I hope to help you all with the details of this item from a first hand basis. Read more

  8. D.K

    Good price for a 6pack of undershirts. Im 6’3, on the lean side, with a basketball in front. A top notch high end Tshirt, I can get by with a true American large. I ordered an XL on these, expecting a good bit of shrink, like I do other bulk pack T’s. The XL fits me absolutely perfect out of pack. Not skin tight, but not a moo moo either. Length out of pack is to my fingertips, arms held down, like a good sport coat length. Hands up, length covers my belt buckle out of pack. Cheap XL = high end L. After one wash/dry, these drew up about 2 inches, shrank about 1/2-1″ over all girth. The fit actually got better, neck is great, but the length is kinda pushing it for moving around, and bending over etc. It will come un tucked under my work shirt. But so does every other cheap bulk pack non-tall shirt. I really probably should’ve went with a tall size, but these will do fine for an undershirt. Nice summer weight. Read more

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