Men’s strolling shoes gym lightweight casual sports activities footwear breathable athletic tennis workout jogging sneakers

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  • walking shoes guys
  • walking footwear for men
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures approximately ankle from arch
  • secure walking footwear for guys, lightweight desigh gym shoes for men black and white sneakers exercise footwear strolling sneaker
  • strolling athletic shoe, which might be ideal for work, weekend or exercise.
  • relaxed on foot: ultra-mild design inspired with the aid of athletic runners, anti-slip md outsole for cushioning and lengthy-lasting comfort.
  • light-weight tennis shoes casual strolling workout footwear, the higher is built with durable a mesh fabric for breathability and versatility.
  • event:style sports shoes terrific for indoor, outdoor, domestic, workout classes, excursion, birthday celebration, enjoyment, casual, golfing, day by day walking , purchasing, jogging, tourism, camping, horse using, riding, journey, gym, joggers, and and so on.
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7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12, 13


Black White, Charcoal Gray, All Black, All White

8 reviews for Men’s strolling shoes gym lightweight casual sports activities footwear breathable athletic tennis workout jogging sneakers

  1. Carlos Bojorquez

    The shoes are perfect for walking and they come on so fast. They’re slip-ons but have the look of laced shoes. Using the laces, you can tighten the shoes if you have slim feet. I have wide feet but they didn’t feel tight at all. Overall, these are perfect for everyday use or for exercise. Read more

  2. Spike

    Yugumak Men’s Walking Shoes are very lightweight & breathable, but have ZERO TRACTION & GRIP. As you can see from my pic of the shoes’ soles, the soles are smooth w/small shallow slits that run parallel along the length of the sole. After receiving the shoes, I took them down to my gym & put them on. I wear size 9.5 Vans, size 10 Chucks. The size 9.5 fit well & felt comfortable after synching & tying. Once I started to walk, I felt the shoes slip & not grip the foam rubber gym flooring. I cautiously stepped onto the treadmill & turned it on to a slow walk (20 min mile). Immediately the shoes slipped & would not grip the treadmill mat at all. It felt like walking on ice. Unless your treadmill mat is made of grip tape, I would not recommend ordering these for treadmill workouts. It took me less than 2 mins of wearing these shoes to realize they are of no use to me & am returning them to Amazon. If you need a lightweight, breathable & comfortable pair of shoes to walk on a track that is built w/extra grip & drainage (school/college track), these might work for you. Other than that, I do not know what else these would be good for. I hope you found my review helpful. Read more

  3. john carter

    This walking shoes are Junk..Lets start with the VERY shallow treads that run from Heel to Toe..If you step on a wet Slippery surface your feet want to come out from under you,ie,Shallow tread and the wrong scallops direction for traction..Call them Dangerous for those Not Sure of Foot.In addition I ordered an 8.5(been my size for 50 years) But these seem to come in an 8.25..toes are cramped..Not to worried about that since the ball of my foot has worn that area smooth after two weeks of wear…DO NOT PURCHASE THESE…Bought a better pair from Wal-Mart that last a month for 17 buck… Read more

  4. Jesse

    I did understand that these shoes would not compare to other brands given the price. As the phrase goes, you get what you pay for. That is exactly the case with these shoes, yet at the same time, I still did not get what I paid for. I’ve had the shoes for 3 days and the loops for the shoe laces; two of them have ripped. The sole is also separating from the rest of the shoe for my left foot. Very disappointing and would not recommend. Read more

  5. dnpii

    I tried them on and they fit nice. However, the smell of the chemical composition of the shoe is overwhelming. Everyone in the house noticed the smell when I opened the bag, so I put them outside. I threw them in my car in the morning, and when I went out at lunch time the entire inside of the car stank of the poison from these shoes. Currently, they are back outside, on the back porch. If the smell doesn’t go away, I will bring them to “hazardous waste day” in my town later this month. I feel bad for all the children in the Chinese factory who are going to die an early death from the chemicals used to make this shoe. Hey, did I say they fit really nice? Read more

  6. That90sDude

    Let’s be honest. None of us are looking at shoes in this price range and expecting Nike-level quality. That said, these shoes are fine for what they are. Lightweight and relatively comfortable, they make a decent indoor activity shoe. They run slightly smaller than expected, so definitely order a half-size up from your usual. The soles aren’t standard sneaker material, so they’re very slick on a variety of surfaces. I wouldn’t recommend them for outdoor use, but if you’ve got to, just be careful. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    The sole is of a kind of hard synthetic “rubber” (not anything like rubber). It is smooth, lacking traction, it has little skid resistance, and prone to slipping if on a tile floor for example. Should there be a wet spot in a supermarket you will be more than likely to take a fall and possibly be injured. Whereas a shoe with traction and high skid resistance will likely prevent a fall. The construction appears cheap and perhaps unlikely to last too long. But you get what you pay for. On the positive side the shoe “breathes” well so good for hot climates. It is lightweight. I would never buy this shoe again. Read more

  8. H.H. Eccluus

    I ordered a men’s size 12. There was no way I could wear them. My toes were totally crunched. Since they were so reasonably priced I gave them to a friend who is a 10.5 and they fit him well. I wouldn’t have ordered a size 13 based on the 12s because they obviously run really small. My buddy was quite happy tho’ to get a free pair of shoes. Read more

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