Men’s overall performance moisture wicking cotton cushion group socks work boot out of doors sports activities athletic on foot hiking socks

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  • eighty% combed cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% spandex
  • imported
  • secure support – yuedge trekking socks have quite easy toe area. Y-kind ribbed arch with reinforced cushion in heel&toe can provide high-quality foot consolation in the course of trekking, strolling or any other out of doors pastime.
  • long lasting – the lengthened double-ribbed cuff and elastic bands make the socks at ease, and thickened terry material complements sturdiness in excessive-put on areas.
  • breathable – breathable and speedy drying, preserving your feet cool and dry.
  • comfortable – of excessive-density texture with perfect elasticity, our socks can well ease effect and friction.
  • multifunction – made from cloth of excessive excellent, helps to forestall stinky feet. Ideal for outside sports activities, tenting, hiking, mountain climbing, hiking, running, on foot, and so on.
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yuedge guys’s performance padded moisture wicking cotton cushion team socks sports activities outside athletic trekking socks


l (men shoe 6-9 us size)

xl (guys shoe 9-12 us size)

much as your shoes, socks wearing all through trekking trails also can have a tremendous impact for your consolation.

yuedge padded hiking socks with precise design can correctly ease foot fatigue.

heat recommendations

to keep away from shrinking or losing softness and elasticity, please follow the showering instructions:

wash interior out with similar colorings at a water temperature of now not above 30°c or 86°f.

machine washer-friendly. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry with high temperature.

comfy becoming

elastic rubber bands are used within the welt and foot arch to ensure the socks hold up in shape and match snugly, quite simply attached on your toes with none experience of bindage.

yuedge professional outdoor socks

best for out of doors sports – trekking, walking, strolling, camping, mountaineering, hiking, skiing, skiing, backpacking, traveling, numerous athletic pastimes or day by day put on

yuedge’s function!

terry of excessive-density texture with outstanding elasticity properly eases the impact and friction

cool in summer time, warm in wintry weather, our hiking socks truely might not can help you down.

exceptional cloth with superior weaving technology continues your toes cool and dry all day

y-heel sewing, complete wrapping, relaxed to wear.


6-9, 9-12, 11-13


Dark Grey(1807 Model), 1*(dark Blue/Dark Gray/Light Gray/Gray/Olive Green), Dark Blue(1807 Model), Grey(1807 Model), Light Grey(1807 Model), Olive Green(1807 Model), White/Khaki/Blue/Olive Green/Black, Olive Green/Black/Dark Blue/White/Grey

8 reviews for Men’s overall performance moisture wicking cotton cushion group socks work boot out of doors sports activities athletic on foot hiking socks

  1. Customer

    Great socks, but they come out of China. If that isn’t long enough, once they get to the US, USPS makes the delivery. No problem if you have a couple of months to kill waiting for your socks. Had I have known how long it was going to take, I would have gotten Balega’s.😒 Read more


    Never thought i would be writing a sock review. I destroy boots and socks at work. They feel amazing. Took off my boots after water got in my boots. Went and took off my boots after work. Socks where wet on the out side but my feet were still dry. wow. They are this good at moisture wicking unbelievable. No bunching. No seem line. No rubbing. Only bought five pair. Buying 25 more. Ya there that good. Hands down. Read more

  3. Sco-Pi

    I wear steel toe work boots for work and am on my feet constantly. I also happen to be a diabetic and these socks dont cut off circulation, there actually is almost no tightness at all at the opening of the sock. They do not move down on the ankle, they stay put, they are super comfortable especially in my 8″ boots. Read more

  4. C. Grice

    Personally, after ordering so many and wearing them, I have an opinion that Yuedge makes some of the best socks out there! Wow. Seriously comfortable, they don’t bind, there’s plenty of room in the toes, they’re made to fit well and last a long time. They are at the same time nice, soft, and comfortable. I’ve bought many different variations of these socks, and all of them, whether for men or women, have been fantastic. These socks do NOT disappoint! Perfect for anyone who takes foot care seriously! Read more

  5. pardenk

    Bought a 5-pack 5 months ago. Socks are wearing pretty good. The first hole showed up where the grey meets the color around the ankle. Not the normal toe blowout. And I’ve been wearing a pair of these almost daily since I got them. Great pandemic WFH socks. They are not Thorlos, but you are getting five pairs for less than the price of one pair of Thorlos. Light-mid weight socks. When it’s cold, I definitely need to double-sock it. I recommend these for the price. Size 12 Men’s shoe, X-Large socks are perfect. Read more

  6. Inten

    I know these are just socks, but let’s face it, socks are pretty important sometimes. I was skeptical about these socks, mainly because the color seemed a little off, the styling seemed a little off, and a brand name is right across the toe, but they turned out to be pretty excellent socks. Soft and lightly padded on the bottom, well constructed, very little discernible seam on the inside. It feels weird giving a pair of socks five stars, you know, because they’re just socks, but I’m comfortable giving these five stars nonetheless. Read more

  7. Jef Fowler

    These socks are quite good, improving after a wash or two. Although they seem quite tight, even after washing, they fit really well and are comfortable when worn inside of a shoe or boot for 8 hours or so. I had expected them to dry faster but even when other laundry is dry from the dryer they tend to hold moisture. I prefer not to cook clothes in the dryer so others may not find this an issue. Quality is good although the inside seems to be a bit untidy with a few loose threads coming out in the wash if turned inside out. More of an issue after the initial wash. I would buy again. Read more

  8. Just Some Guy

    Its hard not to like this companies socks. The more you abuse them the better they feel. I prefer the wool version but these are my go to for cardio sessions. They are a narrow/tight fit at first and the padding isn’t all that special. After a couple washes these socks break in real nice. They adjust to form your exact foot size after you get a couple sessions in and the stiff cotton softens up. Wash em inside out and use some quality detergent and softner. You can’t go wrong here. Read more

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