Mens max cushion ankle socks 6-p. C.

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  • 47% polyester, forty three% cotton, eight% rayon, 1% nylon, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • device wash
  • most cushioning around the foot (complete foot cushion)
  • double hard sturdiness
  • freshiq advanced odor technology facilitates fight stinky toes
  • wicking cool comfort fabric allows wick moisture and preserve ft dry
  • consolation toe seam
  • fits guys’s shoe sizes 6-12
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hanes max cushion 6-% ankle socks p. C. A effective punch with double difficult durability and maximum cushioning across the foot for optimum consolation. Wicking cool comfort® fabric will help keep your feet cool and dry. Our freshiq® advanced odor safety will assist combat those smelly feet! Spandex and luxury toe seam will offer comfort and a higher in shape.


Shoe Size: 6-12


Black, White

8 reviews for Mens max cushion ankle socks 6-p. C.

  1. B. Clark

    My old Hanes ankle socks were starting to show their age, so it was time for some replacement socks. The pros: + Free Amazon shipping. + Pretty good customer reviews. + Advertised – machine Wash. + Advertised – fresh iq advanced odor protection technology attacks odor-causing bacteria to help you feel fresh all day. + Advertised – maximum cushioned foot bottom for ultimate comfort. + Advertised – keep feet dry with wicking yarns. The cons: – On the expensive side for 6 pairs of “mini” socks! – Advertised – 45% Polyester, 43% Cotton, 8% Rayon, 2% Rubber, 1% Spandex, 1% Nylon ◄ Needs more cotton! – Advertised – imported ◄ For those that prefer to buy products made in the USA. – I wear a size 10 shoes. I can get these on my feet, but they feel tight, too tight & they leave an indent on my ankle where the elastic band was sitting! Closing remarks: ▪ Take a look at the attached picture, which compares old socks (top) & the new socks (bottom) & you can see what I mean by “too small”! ▪ These have been washed, so I can’t return them. ▪ Looks like these will go into the next “Give Back Box” I ship out! Update – June 22, 2019 ▪ I took a chance & ordered these Hanes Men’s Freshiq Ankle Socks, 12-pack They are still sized correctly! ▪ It does appear that the cotton content has been reduced, so we’ll have to see how well these wear… Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    These socks fit way too tightly and feel like they are cutting off my circulation. I have a small size 8 foot and this shouldn’t be happening. I have noticed all of Hanes socks are being made much smaller and with synthetic materials unlike in the past. My feet go numb from lack of blood flow after 10 minutes of wearing these. Would return if I hadn’t opened and wshed to wear and try them out. Will donate to get rid of. DO NOT BUY unless you like TIGHT socks. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I preach the gospel of full sock drawer replacement, for standardization and folding efficiency. First, I narrowed in on the style. Black ankle socks are exactly the right medium to meet all functions. One day I found the perfect ones from Target and did a full replacement. It was a wonderful few years. But they wore out and when I went to get more, there were no longer on the shelves. After that I went through several duds. Many might superficially look like the ideal platonic black ankle socks, but they couldn’t walk the walk. They’d be a little too low, there wouldn’t be enough material on the bottom. Something about the material wouldn’t quite be right. But not these. These hit the mark exactly. Read more

  4. Mike Y

    I was looking for a Hanes sock that it turns out they discontinued. I stumble on to this sock, the reviews were good So I decided to give them a try. I originally bought a dozen pair. I love them. Now keep in mind my shoe size is an 8 1/2. The fit me perfectly. They are comfy, and I decided that Hanes could get hid of this style too, so I ordered 18 more for a total of 30 pair. Now I should have a few year supply. If you have a large foot, im not sure that these are for you. Read more

  5. Ducati821

    These socks are my husbands new favorite, and he is extra picky about his socks (and everything else!! Lol). He says they ‘are how ALL socks should be’. The material isn’t thin or skimpy like mostly every other sock out there. I hope they never stop making this kind, like they did with his last favorite socks, the Hanes ‘DRY’ socks. Read more

  6. William T. Simpson

    I have smaller than average feet for a guy and these socks are still pretty tight. Hopefully they will relax a little after a few washes. I didn’t like the fact that the packaging has two of those plastic staple things running through every sock. The grey seems darker than the online images, but that doesn’t really matter to me. If they relax a little I will consider buying more. Read more

  7. BJ1517

    These socks have been a pleasure to use and I will definitely be buying them again. I needed socks that weren’t too low, to the point of sliding down when walking but long enough to wear with low top shoes; These Hanes do it for both. The material is predominantly polyester, which is best at not fading when washed, and keeps feet cool when hot. The feel is very nice against the skin, with no irritation and the fit is as expected. For reference, I wear a 11M in shoes. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase. Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    These are advertised to fit sizes 6-12. In reality, they are too small if you wear men’s 9 or 10 shoes; the sizes my husband and sons wear. They technically stretch to go over the heel but it is pretty tight. To give you an idea of how tight, I wear a size 5 in women’s shoes and the width is surprisingly comfortable for me; and I don’t have wide feet. I would keep them for myself but they are a bit long. I bought these in both black and white. The white ones look great. The black ones looked and felt like they would be great quality but they started to pill after the first wash. After the 3rd wash, they look worse than socks I bought 3 years ago. I gave this 3 (instead of 2) stars because though they look lower quality, they actually feel pretty soft and comfortable. Read more

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