Mens light consolation compression over-the-calf socks

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  • 86% polyester, thirteen% nylon, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • device wash
  • graduated eight-15 mmhg compression for the duration of leg improves movement to lessen leg fatigue
  • moisture manage fibers maintains feet dry. Content material may also vary by colour
  • light weight cushioned leg and complete cushioned foot bed
  • extended re-enforcement through toe cap affords metal toe sturdiness and safety
  • comfortable over-the-calf duration to enhance movement through the calf fighting fatigue
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dickies mens mild consolation compression over the calf socks

  • shoe size: 5-nine
  • shoe length: 6-12
  • shoe size: 12-15
  • over the calf top
  • 8-15 mmhg compression
  • graduated compression improves circulation
  • improves movement through the calf fighting fatigue
  • arch ribbing for assist and balance
  • metallic toe durability and safety
  • complete cushioned foot mattress
  • perfect for lengthy flight journey, long hour shifts, instructors, scientific experts and seniors.

    dickies boot socks

    over the calf compression socks constructed with moisture manipulate fibers, compression sock assist enhance overall performance, speedy restoration, growth blood movement and reduce fatigue. Perfect for long flight journey, critical people, long hour shifts, instructors, medical experts and seniors.

    product description

    dickies mild weight consolation compression socks for guys flow is engineered with gentle moderate compression for the duration of the leg to enhance movement and combat leg fatigue. Compression socks are not too tight or difficult to get it on and healthy well, these socks are slight compression grade among 8~15mmhg.

    over the calf compression socks constructed with moisture manipulate fibers, compression sock help improve overall performance, speedy healing, increase blood move and decrease fatigue. Perfect for long flight tour, lengthy hour shifts, teachers, and seniors.

    for over 95 years dickies has been making difficult-duty work merchandise constructed to rise up to anything life throws at you. Dickies work socks are built with motive to deliver advanced consolation and performance on and off the activity.

    dickies 남성용 경량 컴포트 압축 양말은 다리 전체에 부드러운 압축으로 설계되어 혈액 순환을 개선하고 다리의 피로를 방지합니다. 압박 양말은 몸에 잘 맞기에 너무 타이트하거나 단단하지 않습니다. 이 양말은 eight~15mmhg 사이의 가벼운 압축 등급입니다.

    수분 조절 섬유로 제작된 종아리 압박 양말은 운동 능력 향상, 빠른 회복, 혈액 순환을 증가시키고 피로를 줄여줍니다. 장거리 비행 여행, 장시간 교대, 교사 및 노인들에게 적합합니다.

    95년 이상 디키즈는 어떤 삶에도 견딜 수 있도록 제작된 튼튼한 작업용 제품을 생산해왔습니다. Dickies 작업 양말은 작업 안팎에서 탁월한 편안함과 성능을 제공하도록 제작되었습니다.


    Shoe Size: 5-9, Shoe Size: 6-12, Shoe Size: 12-15


    Black (2 Pairs), Essential Worker Brown (2 Pairs), Uniform Khaki (2 Pairs), Uniform Navy (2 Pairs), White (2 Pairs)

    8 reviews for Mens light consolation compression over-the-calf socks

    1. J. Volker

      I added to my collection of men’s compression socks the other day with this purchase. I think I might now be able to toss the rest of my collection away! While the overall feel is of being slightly large in the foot itself, the way they hold above my calf, the gentle gauge of compression they offer, the cushioning of the thickness in the footbed area, all are very welcome attributes of this sock. I am a large man, well…no, face it, I’m fat. My legs have a hard time with swelling at the end of a work day, nearly every other compression sock I have tried is WAY too tight, causing me massive discomfort across the top of my instep and the ankle. These work. They work without being TOO tight. If they hold up in the heel (where I have trouble with my socks) they will be fantastic! Read more

    2. G. Clough

      I took a chance and bought a pack of the black Men’s Light Comfort Compression Over-The-Calf Socks. I have to say, I’m glad I did. Do to vascular issues, I sometimes wear compression socks but most are too tight and hard as hell to get on. These Dickies aren’t too tight or too loose. They’re actually a very comfortable, over the calf sock. They are thicker than regular compression socks but not so thick that they take up space in my shoes whether it’s my work shoes or my Tennis/Basketball shoes. I actually bought them to be a work sock, since Dickies are known for their work clothing. Due to the quality & comfort, I wear them as my everyday socks. As for the price, they’re worth it considering the quality compared to other over the calf socks. I ended up buying 3 packs of black at $14.00 per pack and 3 packs white, at $12.75 a pack for a total of 12 pair and worth the price; in my opinion. I also have to say that it’s a nice looking sock as well. If you’re looking for a comfortable, over the calf sock for work or everyday wear, I recommend these Dickies. On a side note, being an autoworker who works in a factory floor and am on my feet for anywhere between 8 to 10 hours a day, I really recommend these socks due to the light compression that helps with the fatigue factor your legs and feet have to go through. The light compression makes a big difference. Read more

    3. M. C. Austin

      I bought these socks years ago and loved them! Of course, since I loved them, I could no longer find them! I’m very happy to find them again here on Amazon! These socks have just the right amount of compression, come all the way to the knee (I’m 6’0″ and wear a size 11 American), they have just the right amount of cusioning in the foot, and are just all around comfortable! To me, they are the perfect sock. Now that I’ve found them again, I’ve ordered enough to last a good long while and thrown out every other sock in the drawer. These are now the only socks I own, happily! Read more

    4. N. Hyland

      These run very big in size. Only big 12 or 12.5 size should get them. Borderline 11.5-12 won’t work. Since they are larger, the compression is on the low end of the scale for this 5 ft 10 in guy’s average male legs. If you have big legs, they are probably good for you. Otherwise, they are fine. Easy to get on and off. Read more

    5. MrNiceGuy

      These are exactly what I was looking for. They are nice and long with elastic that keeps them in place. The soles are cushioned so when I have to spend hours standing they provide much needed relief. The only thing I can possibly complain about is that when wearing dress shoes the white cushioning thread sticks out from the top of the shoe BUT I don’t let that keep me from wearing them. I’m going to buy more soon. Read more

    6. Domino

      I loved these socks the moment I put them on, they are very comfortable and fit well to my feet, the tube of the sock lying just at the bottom of my knee and I don’t have any problems with the sock slipping or rolling down, the reinforced toe and heel work reasonably well, though I would say the only fault would be that said toe and heel could use a little more padding perhaps. All in all, a great sock for the price asked. Read more

    7. Beenthere

      We are using these socks in preference to the flimsy leg circulation socks sold at pharmacies. Dickies have Excellent quality and can be hand washed twice rinsed and air dried and are good as new. Medical socks are one use only. And more expensive. Dickies gives great value and performance. These are good looking and cool. They retain their stretch wash after wash. however they have been out of stock. Amazon is trying to snooker me into buying another brand by messaging me the other options. Just was noticed that these were back in stock. But site still shows Dickies is out of stock. Amazon is wasting my time sending me around their site. By misleading me and I mean scamming lying and intentionally misrepresenting the truth they want to suck the dollars out of my pocket to their benefit and my detriment. If they cannot be trusted to deal in good faith over a pair of socks what frauds and scams are attached to items of greater value. Amazon Has too much power and not enough oversight. Read more

    8. Christy L Johnson

      These socks are amazing in that they are very thick and soft. I’ve had a hard time finding socks like these and they are over-the-calf length, which is getting impossible to find. Very good buy for the price. Read more

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