Mens guys’s 3 percent group socks

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  • 50% acrylic, 19% polyester, 16% wool, thirteen% cotton, 2% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • machine wash
  • arch help
  • live up cuff
  • full terry – tc combo
  • unique size type: preferred
  • weave type: knit
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  • are these socks waterproof ?
  • query: are those socks water resistant ? Answer: based on my experience, i’d say they are water-resistant via lacinda campbell on december 28, 2020 did not get solutions. See more solutions (1) crumble all answers

  • wherein are they made ?
  • question: in which are they made ? Answer: made in china with the aid of lacinda campbell on december 6, 2020 disintegrate all solutions

  • how many pairs on this percent?
  • query: what number of pairs on this percent? Answer: there have been 3 (3) pairs of socks within the p. C. I purchased. Through nathan r cruz on july 20, 2019 didn’t get solutions. See greater answers (3) collapse all solutions




    Black, Charcoal, Dark Blue, Dark Brown

    8 reviews for Mens guys’s 3 percent group socks

    1. Nathan R Cruz

      Great looking socks with tons of versatility. In the past several years, I’ve moved away from the traditional “dress” sock at work because they just don’t provide the support and cushion that I need. I have found myself finding excuses to wear my hiking socks, even though they didn’t quite complete the “look” in a professional environment. Last year I received a three pack of the ankle height weather proof, and they became one of my go-to trail running socks. When they finally wore out, after hard use, I needed to replace them. When I saw these longer ones, I rubbed my hands together in glee. Now I can wear them to the office, not look like a black sheep, and hit the trails after work. They are the perfect thickness to wear with dress shoes, and still provide comfort, support and cushion. I’ll absolutely buy another set as some of my other socks wear out. Read more

    2. S. Sadler

      These crew socks have great cushion. They are soft and comfortable to wear. The material isn’t too scratchy and the seams are well made but not bulky. The socks run true to size as well. This is my teen son’s favorite brand of socks and he is super picky about what goes on his feet. Read more

    3. G. Russell

      Bought these socks for myself and found that they started disappearing from my closet. Two Boys. They too love these socks and so I started buying them for my boys too. I’ve not bought so many that I can’t count. Sturdy, and they wear really well. They shrink a bit but not a crazy amount. Colorfast. Praise for the sock aside, these are available cheaper at Costco on-season. I only buy them off-season here on Amazon. Read more

    4. G. Russell

      Love these socks… While I usually buy them at Costco for much less than they cost on Amazon, they are seasonal at Costco. When I need to buy them outside of October through January, I come to Amazon. The socks are sturdy and don’t pill for at least a year. While I initially bought them for warmth, they don’t really keep your feet that much warmer. BUT… they are super comfortable and the colors are right for the shoes/clothes I wear. My college-aged sons also wear them and ask me to get them “those sicks they like.” Winners all the way around in my household. Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      I buy these for my husband when he needs more socks. He’s been wearing this brand for about 6 years now. We usually get them at Costco (when they have them). I can’t attest to their comfort or anything but he’s still wearing this brand. He works in them (construction) and skis in them on the weekends. He seems happy with them. Read more

    6. Michael S Brady

      Every 6 months or so, I buy a 4 pack of these socks, usually at Costco, but lately at amazon. I like the heft, the warmth, but mostly the consistency of construction. I have become an old man with these socks, no longer open to the new, happy with what I’ve found, no longer looking for something better. Read more

    7. BLSeattle

      Originally bought these from Costco and loved them. Lasted quite a long time. Re-ordered from Amazon and have been really disappointed in the quality. Haven’t lasted nearly as long. Most developed holes within a few months. Not sure if they’ve changed their materials or manufacturing process, but they’ve gone downhill. Read more

    8. Els Wells

      This three pack of socks is actually three colors, not just dark brown. There’s also olive and dark grey. My husband had wanted just dark brown, but thought the other colors were fine, so he kept them. He likes the Weatherproof socks more than any other. Read more

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