Men’s faxon low sneaker

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  • 96% canvas/4% polyurethane
  • artificial sole
  • lace-up sneaker with steel eyelets offering stripe at midsole and embroidered logo at quarterpanel
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product description

a heavy toe and heel bumper distinguish this logoed providing from polo ralph lauren.

polo ralph lauren places its different stamp on a minimalist sneaker with the faxon. The smooth canvas top follows a traditional unfashionable shape, however the addition of rawhide laces and an embroidered emblem detail lend sparkling updates.

classic and proper, polo is the muse of the world of ralph lauren menswear, combining the time-venerated aesthetic of east coast ivy league informal style with right english refinement. Often imitated however never matched, polo is a true image of the preppy way of life. The long-lasting polo player logo is recognized international as a image of historical past and authenticity.


7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13, 14, 15


Black/Black, Black/Black/Black, Black/Rl2000 Red Pp, Grey Canvas, Newport Navy/Rl2000 Red Pp, Rl2000 Red/Newport Navy Pp, Tan, White Canvas, White/Newport Navy Pp, Black/Grey, Deep Grey/Polo Black, Khaki Canvas, Navy, Polo Black Cream Canvas, Grey/Grey, Newport Navy/Ultra Lime, Soft Grey/Newport Navy Recycled Canvas, Black/Polo Black Camo, Red, Grey/Orange/Navy, Grey

8 reviews for Men’s faxon low sneaker

  1. Brian B.

    Over the course of 3 months, I wore these on average twice a week. They are very delicate. At the end of the 2nd month the rubber started to separate from the sole. Now, the back of the shoe talks, and the rubber is completely peeling away from the black sole. I would not recommend these shoes. I am a software engineer, and I walk maybe 1/2 mile a day with my dog. I guess my lifestyle was too rugged for these shoes. Read more

  2. Jon

    Older pair bought a year and a half ago and put through quite the use. They both fit a little larger than all my other shoes by about half a size. They’re comfortable but definitely need some breaking in and are not comfortable enough for walking long distances even when broken in as with most flat shoes like these. They’re alright for skateboarding though and they look all around great! Also I bought: Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Vaughn Saddle Fashion Sneaker, Newport Navy, 11.5 D US thinking it was the same, it’s not! Vaughn saddle fashion sneaker and Faxon Low sneakers are different! I prefer Faxon Low sneakers. LACES I’m now a fan of the leather laces that come with these shoes. Actually bought a second pair of leather laces too for cheap right on Amazon. I will say however that the laces feel like you can’t be as rough on them as you can be with other laces. You can tighten them as you see fit but not like regular laces. I pull one side while holding the shoe down while I get the other end to lock it all in place. Only like this will I get the tight fit I like. Also when new, the laces come all bundled up and they took some time to become untangled. None of that is bad though. I still really love the laces. Very satisfied with my purchase and the price. Read more

  3. Nathan

    I wasn’t sure whether to get a 10.5 or 11 for these shoes. I went with 11 because they were cheaper by a lot for some reason. I got them and tried them on and was almost immediately concerned with how loose they were. It just felt like there was too much room in the heels and toe. I got ready to return them, but I decided that I would try them out for a day before making any decisions. Once I tightened the shoes enough they were okay. It took a little while getting use to the feel of them, but I wasn’t tripping over my feet nor were they sore. The soles of the shoes don’t really have any kind of traction on them so walking over smooth surfaces feels kind of weird and slippery. But that’s really my only complaint. I’ve had the shoes for close to a week now and I’m liking them a lot. They match well with most outfits, casual or business casual. Read more

  4. David Alan

    Wore this shoe for less than 15 seconds, literally…not an exaggeration. Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to wear a pair of shoes that are some how made out of paper grocery bags, wood, and rocks? Then this shoe is for you. Do you want stupid laces that literally won’t tie, because some genius decided using a leather strip as a lace was “innovative”? Then this shoe is for you. I wear expensive dress shoes that hurt, constantly. I wear boots that weigh a ton, and never seem to fit exact constantly…yet, I never complain about shoes. I walked 10 miles in sandals…yet I wouldn’t wear this shoe. Read more

  5. Chris

    I’m not a “shoe head” but I have feet. To be fair, this is not the most comfortable shoe to walk a lot in. There is almost no grip on the bottom, so if you’re walking on a smooth surface and there’s a drop of water, you’re going to be sliding. The shoelaces were extremely long so I had to trim them, not a big deal. They’re alright while sitting at desk most of my day, but if I planned on walking a lot, I’d chose different shoes. They’re pretty flat on the inside so if you have any arch in your foot, it’ll take some painful wearing in. They look pretty good and work for what I use them for. Probably wouldn’t buy another pair though Read more

  6. Will

    I expected a much better product from this company but the shoes are a disappointment. After wearing them 10 times the stitching on the inside has split and the sole I’d starting to separate from the sides. They look really good but are horribly uncomfortable, and seem to be held together entirely with glue. Read more

  7. John OCD1.1

    Perfect fit. Good quality. Comfortable. What more could you ask for? This pair replaced a pair of the same type but of a different color that I wore hard for years. Update: This pair did not last as long as the first pair I purchased. Insoles and soles wore through in relatively short order after having been worn and used normally in an urban environment. I have NOT been impressed with the durability of this pair of shoes or the value for the price paid but I do recognize they are marketed as “boat shoes” and suspect they would have lasted longer if they had not been worn on the concrete and asphalt surfaces of an urban environment. I’m not sure if I will be willing to spend that much again for another pair as they did not last long before wearing out and falling apart. I would have been more impressed if the soles were more durable or thicker, if the inner material was more durable so it would not wear through in short order, and if the surrounds had adhered to the upper material better, as they seperated. Soles appear relatively thin and wear through when worn on concrete or asphalt. I do like that the soles appear to be natural latex rubber. First impression was very good but after two pairs my conclusion is that these are not sufficiently durable for my usage. Poor value for price paid. Required constant maintenance. Read more

  8. Robin

    Incredibly comfortable shoes that don’t pinch or constrict my boyfriend’s feet. He really enjoys wearing these shoes. The leather laces were a bit long but that’s GREAT because you can customize the lace length to your preference. It doesn’t retain any sweat in the soles so no stinky shoes! It goes well with so many of his outfits and matches all washes of his jeans from light to super dark. It goes well with shorts too. No complaints about this shoe and when they eventually wear out, we will get another pair! Fit was true to size, soles were nicely thick and supportive, and the canvas material is nice with a nice look and feel to it. Definitely would recommend this shoe as it is versatile, comfortable, and a great price on Amazon! Read more

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