Men’s extremely tec performance over-the-calf athletic socks, three pairs

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  • eighty two% cotton, 14% nylon, three% polyester, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • device wash
  • made with, soft, comfy combed cotton and decron hydrotec fibers for moisture control, retaining your ft cool, dry and comfortable
  • consolation cushion foot bottom
  • strengthened toe
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cutting-edge styling and exquisite excellent unite inside the g series, a new generation of the goldtoe logo. Designed for discerning men who care about how they get dressed, this collection features comfort toe seams, strengthened feet and the relied on craftsmanship of the goldtoe brand.


One Size, Shoe Size: 6-12, Shoe Size: 12-16


White, Black, Grey Heather

5 reviews for Men’s extremely tec performance over-the-calf athletic socks, three pairs

  1. tony

    I purchased 15 pairs of these socks in June of 2016. I work in the oil fields and wear steel toe boots 12 hours a day. I am 6 foot 3 and weigh 320 lb and I can wear through a package of regular cheap socks in about 3 weeks then they go in the trash. these socks are the most comfortable socks you will ever try to wear inside your work boots and although they will start to get a little thin after about a year it is really unusual to have a toe or a heel come apart. I tried the smaller size but found the heel ended up under my foot the larger size fits me better in my size 13 H boot. Even after 2 years of heavy use the elastic still stays up above my calf. As far as my feet being comfortable is concerned money is no object and after 2 years of use it’s time to retire them all and Order 15 more pairs, I will continue to buy these socks for the rest of my life. Read more

  2. some1else

    Edited JAN 2021: It pains me to write this, but I am dropping my rating by 2 stars. I bought an order of 3 pair in OCT 2019, then bought 2 more packages (6 pair) in SEP 2020. With the first order, I wore those socks almost exclusively throughout the year. They – stay – up!! There wasn’t the SLIGHTEST hint of these socks ever wanting to slide down. I like that! I placed the new order because I was starting to wear holes in the heels of the first socks. Believe me, I got my money’s worth out of them. But I have opened 1 package of the recent order and have holes appearing in the heels of these socks already. It has only been 4 1/2 months since I ordered, then they sat for a couple weeks after getting them, so maybe 3 to 3 1/2 months of use. I haven’t had heels wear through this fast since the last tube socks I bought back in the 90’s. ….But they don’t slip down! 😉 Original review: As mentioned in another review, I just purchased these Gold Toe socks as well as some Wrangler socks. I have been using Wilson over-the-calf sports socks for some years, but their elastic gets to feeling a bit tight at times on these old legs. Fortunately, for the purpose of review and comparison, I was able to put all three socks up side to side. In the attached photo, I have one sock of each brand, brand new out of the package and never worn. I measured from bottom-center of heel to top of hem: Wilson – 15.25″ Wrangler – 14.0″ Gold Toe – 17.25″ The Gold Toe socks actually go up higher than the bend of my knees. Wow! Then I measured from bottom-center of heel to tip of toe: Wilson – 9.25″ Wrangler – 7.0″ Gold Toe – 9.0″ The Wrangler socks appear to be made so that they stretch as you stick your foot in, and therefore are supposed to keep a tight fit on the toes. As for elastic, nothing beats the Wilson socks. It’s almost like they are glued to my skin. Very tight, very long-wearing, and able to withstand the best athletes and workers. The Gold Toe socks have fairly good elastic in the uppers, not to mention reaching clear to my knees. I don’t see them falling down any time soon. Unfortunately, the Gold Toe socks were easily the thinnest of the three. If I had to describe my impressions, I’d have to word it like this: These Gold Toe socks are almost like thinner versions of the Wilson socks. They feel similar, but thinner, and I believe this fabric will wear well. I’m a long-time Wranglers fan but those socks disappointed me. They do not go above the calf, and the fabric feels considerably softer, though no thicker than the Wilson. However, this review is for Gold Toe, so let me say that I believe these will make very good Summer socks. They should stay up no matter what, and the fit is good and comfortable. Elastic leaves a few impressions on my leg at the end of the day but, as mentioned, nothing compared to the Wilson socks. I give these Gold Toe Ultra Tec over-the-calf socks a 4-star rating. Read more

  3. V. Richie

    I bought these several times over the years and loved them. I buy about 12 pairs and toss them every year for new ones. This batch, however, is my last of this brand. This year, they were about 1/2 as thick and soft as they used to be and they are wearing thin very quickly… even though they were already quite thin when they were new. The elastic is still really good, but that’s where it ends. Too bad… this was an awesome product before something changed. So much that even though I was wearing them out, I didn’t use the “lifetime replacement” warranty. I wanted to buy more and support a company making such a good product. Sadly, i’ll have to go on the hunt for a different brand now as these are really no better now than what I can get at walmart Read more

  4. H Hamilton

    Only socks I’ve bought my husband, who wears boots daily, for about 10 years now. We even tried a few other brand name socks sold in western wear that cost twice as much and were trash in less than a year. Gold toe can’t be beat!! They stay in place, don’t slip down and last for years! He has 12 pair in daily rotation and we replace them about every 3+ years with heavy wear. The quality of new socks has never declined, which is not the case for most apparel over the last decade. It’s hard to find well made apparel items without spending a fortune anymore. Read more

  5. MdniteEagl

    If you remember the NBA of the 80s, players wore long socks up to their knees. These are them! I have long legs for my height (4 inch longer inseam than my dad, who is only 1 inch shorter than me), and I wear an 11 or 11 1/2 shoe. So most over-the-calf socks for me were mid-calf, and the elastic wouldn’t do the job for very long as the calf muscle moved through the day. These socks reach to the bottom of the knee and STAY THERE all day. I can do an 8+ hour work day, then a 5-mile walk for my exercise, and the socks will be in exactly the same spot as when I put them on in the morning. They’re “medium” as far as thickness and well-cushioned in the foot, so they’re comfortable to wear. The knit is also warm enough to work as a winter sock without the help of a second sock over them unless it’s well below 0°F. I also appreciate they don’t lose their shape or strength with washing, and even handle a chlorine bleaching, although the care instructions don’t recommend it… accidentally washed them with some items that caused them to turn a faint blue from dye, but a later separate washing with some good old Clorox added had them bright white again. So yeah, they make me look like Michael Cooper of the Lakers in his early years, but it’s the type of sock I’ve been unable to find for a long time. I’ve already made one repeat buy, so they’re now the only long socks I own. They meet every part of their description, and are exceptionally good at it. If you’re long of leg and/or large of feet, and want a true over-the-calf sock, don’t look anywhere else! Read more

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