Mens eight p. C. Low cut socks

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  • ninety eight% polyester, 2% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • gadget wash
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from the producer

overall performance on all ranges: that is puma.

recreation is our world. This makes us obsessed on designing, developing, selling and advertising footwear, apparel and accessories.

for all time quicker is more than being short. It’s far our mantra. It is 70 years of rapid products for fast athletes. We intention excessive, and whilst we rating our dreams, we aim even better.




Black, White/Grey

8 reviews for Mens eight p. C. Low cut socks

  1. chandan s.

    The description says that the pack is 8. It’s eight socks not 8 pairs. In the answer section the seller did mention they only see the 8 pair. I only received 8 socks equalling 4 pairs Read more

  2. Traci Janik

    I buy these same Puma socks wether from Costco or Amazon and every time they are a little bit different which makes finding matches during laundry a chore. Why not make one simple sock forever? Why add one row of ribbed lines one year only to “update” them the next. Simply put, there should be one Puma sock design to rule them all. And for better or worse, at least you know what you are getting. Because frankly I don’t give 2 flying funchess about socks. All I care about is making laundry easier. Read more

  3. Jake

    I love socks, and have hundreds of them, there i even have new socks that are years old that i havent wore yet, or have wore once and I’m saving. Over the years i’ve learned a few things about socks and let me tell you these socks are amazing. they are soft, fit well and cushiony. they look good on your feet and don’t ball up in the wash!! (which i hate). I’ve ordered and reordered these socks because i like them so much!! I think i have every color they make!! You’ll like these socks i promise Read more

  4. John Turner

    These fit great. I wear a size 13 so being able to buy XL ankle socks that actually fit as they are supposed to is awesome. They arrived quickly and there were no visible flaws. The top is more of an elastic cotton which allows them to glide on yet still maintain the correct shape wash after wash. I was not compensated in any way for this honest and unbiased review. Read more

  5. mni

    Ordered these based on the picture, because I D previously had the puma socks pictured and they lasted a long time! These feel of good quality and I’d expect them to last too, however one has a hole right out of the bag :/ Read more

  6. B Decent

    I judge a sock by the thickness as well as the inside toe seam and the thickness in relation to comfort/material. It’s not too thick or thin meaning it’s a nice depth and the inside seam seems minimal. It doesn’t slide down without cutting off circulation so is elasticized well. So, if that doesn’t sound like I’m a happy camper then I ain’t worth a flip at words. Read more

  7. Zak Light

    These Puma socks are like a razor blade in a candy bar. They look nice, feel soft, but are ultimately malicious. Tight: I wear 10 and a half and these are meant to fit 10 to 13? If I was size 13 I’d burst out of these. Lower than normal cut. It feels vaguely uncomfortable when I wear my high tops. And, almost as if by magic, slippery. It makes no sense. But it’s like wearing these socks is a magical debuff to my friction. They slip and squeak when I step in my shoes, somehow less grippy than if I was wearing nothing, and certainly worse than my normal socks. If you have someone you hate, then I guess these would be perfect. They look great, but are horrible. Read more

  8. Ryan Emerson

    After the 2nd wash I noticed all my socks had frayed strings everywhere. See the picture so I’d say 2-3 more washes I wont have any move socks. What a joke! Terrible product. Read more

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