Men’s easy reader leather-based strap 38mm watch

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  • adjustable brown 20 millimeter genuine leather strap suits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • cream smooth-to-examine dial with date window at three o’clock; full arabic numerals
  • gold-tone 38 millimeter brass case with mineral glass crystal
  • indiglo mild-up watch dial
  • water resistant to 30 meters (a hundred feet): in widespread, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming or bathing
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from the manufacturer

timeless design

for forty years and counting, the timex clean reader has been a fan favored. The enduring simplicity of the gathering is precisely what an eye fixed need to be: a properly-crafted and sensible timepiece.

timex easy reader

true to its name, clean-to-read numbers are balanced with the smooth dial design.

on the subject of a nicely-made watch, each element matters. The all-steel case and mineral glass lens provide strength and sturdiness.

our progressive indiglo back-light technology changed how the world informed time in the darkish.

strap options

our watch straps, bands and bracelets are designed for ease of use, easy adjustability and total consolation. With our speedy wrap and short-launch options, you get device-free interchangeability and a incredible fit on any wrist.

product description

the direct descendant of our 1960s televised torture test survivors, brand new smooth reader is as durable as it’s miles classically cool.


40th Anniversary Black, Black/Goldtone, Black/Silver-Tone, Black/Silver-Tone/White, Blush/Orange, Brown Croco/Silver/Blue, Brown/Black/Red, Brown/Blue, Brown/Gold-Tone/Cream, Brown/Silver-Tone/Blue, Dark Brown/Rose Gold-Tone, Gray/Blue, Tan/White

6 reviews for Men’s easy reader leather-based strap 38mm watch

  1. B_Wub

    It’s loud. This is an amazing sub $40 watch. It looks great and so far seems to be accurate enough it’s only been a week but it’s still dead nuts on time to the second. The crystal will scratch I bumped up against a concrete wall while working and left some scratches in the bezel and the crystal. But I bought it to be a work watch to get scratched and beat up. I’m a bartender in a college town so this watch will get abused with bumps, triple sink chemical dunks, and lord knows what else. I’ll keep this updated but I expected to pick up some more scratches on the way. Not sure if the leather band will hold up better or worse than a nylon one. But it is loud. Sitting at a quiet desk I can hear the watch ticking every second away from 10 feet away and I do not have the best hearing. This watch needs to be on the other side of my room under some clothes every night or it drives me insane laying in bed trying to sleep. I’m new to watches but both of my seiko’s and my cheap $10 Casio are silent in comparison. At work it’s great- it gets drowned out by everything else around it. But I would hate to be wearing it during an exam. Read more

  2. Robert Boeri

    Although this is a great looking watch at a very good price, I have had two of them fail me. The most recent purchase I had for about a month when the calendar stopped advancing. I’m sending it back to TIMEX for repair, but it doesn’t seem right to me that I should have to enclose a check for $7 for “postage and handling…” when the product was defective so quickly. I’ll see if the returned and repaired watch lasts. If not, you can be sure I’ll post another review. Read more

  3. R. M. Barge

    I have now had this watch over 2 years. I have replaced the battery and the strap, which cost me more than the watch. I love the watch – for the price, it is a triumph! It is unobtrusive-looking and although casual, blends okay with a suit. It just keeps on ticking! The Indiglo has worked flawlessly for me. You can read it in bed at night and the indiglo is strong enough to serve as a dim flashlight in a dark room. You have to change the “day of the month” by hand if the last month was 28 or 30 days — it just rolls over after 31. But changing it is easy. I see some people have had problems and I don’t doubt it, considering the price tag. But mine has worked great. Oh, it has started losing a minute or so a month, since the first year, so I have to check it every few months, as I like the time to the minute. But I’m willing to put up with that for the peace of mind, as I have destroyed several more expensive watches. If this one stops or gets damaged, I can just throw it away without a second thought. Read more

  4. W.B.

    General Forward About My Timex Opinions: Let me begin by saying that I’m somewhat infatuated with Timex, yet a realist that’s hopefully not biased. I scolded Timex, through their customer service, for not putting out products with better quality control, as read in various Amazon reviews, and falling behind in their reputation as a well built watch as I remember from my early childhood; I’m now 51 years old. As for my experience, though, I’ve had GREAT luck with the current Timex watches in my collection. I give 2 thumbs up to their current design team. Specific Product Review: I’m somewhat driven to collect each and every watch in their Weekender 40mm, Weekender Chrono, and Fairfield lines. I admire the retro, minimalist flair that Timex has been pushing. It’s a great watch for the price, too. The Timex Indiglo is fantastic, especially with the “40” shadow to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this watch style. As for the ticking sound… I love it!!! It tells me that it’s a watch. It’s louder than my other Weekenders, like the Fairfield. The 38mm face speaks class, simple and elegant. However, the 38mm is too small and looks too feminine on me. I changed the stock anniversary band immediately to see if a NATO would expand it’s size a bit on my wrist… notice photos. As to accuracy, this Timex seems to be (+/- ) 1-2 seconds off per week. I like quartz movements for their accuracy. I only ask for Timex to bring back an American made watch that’s constructed to be passed down to my children; I’ll gladly pay extra for Timex to get back up to Seiko or Citizen reputation. I’d love to see all stainless steel and Sapphire Crystal glass. I think Timex has a great watch for the price. I’m behind these watches 100%. Go Timex!!!!! Read more

  5. D. L.

    I have this watch for half a year. I bought it because I wanted something simple, pretty and not too expensive. It does all what it has to do: shows the time, very precisely. The backlit is amazing, you can find out the time of the day in pitch black. I have three observations: 1. The leather band wears out a little bit in six months but it is easy and cheap to replace (if you want to, I kept the original) 2. The ticking is a little loud, I have to keep out of the bedroom 3. I wish it would show the dates. Again, these are just very little things that I wanted to share with you, other than that for this money this is an amazing watch Read more

  6. Artem

    I’ve got to say, I love the look, price point, choices of styles, Indiglo feature, and size of these Easy Readers. It’s pretty much a perfect everyday budget watch if you like this casual type look. But I had to return mine because the ticking was noticeable enough to be annoying. You won’t hear it if the T.V.’s on, someones talking, you’re outside, etc. But when you’re reading a book, or rest your chin on your hand, or lay down in bed in your dead quiet room…”tick..tick..tick..tick..tick..”. What was annoying wasn’t so much how loud it was, it’s not too loud, but just that I’m constantly reminded/am thinking about the ticking throughout the day. I gave it 4 stars because otherwise I think it really is a perfect budget watch for this style, just not for me due to the ticking. I’m sure for some people this wouldn’t be an issue, but from reading other reviews I’m not the only owner who has thought the ticking was annoying. Shame. If Timex can do something, or there was a way to fix the loudness, I’d buy one again in a heartbeat. Read more

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