Men’s day trip acadia complete length watch

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  • adjustable black & brown 20 millimeter proper leather and material strap suits up to eight-inch wrist circumference
  • black dial with full arabic numerals; date window at 3 o’clock; 24-hour navy time
  • durable black 40 millimeter resin case with acrylic crystal
  • indiglo light-up watch dial; luminous arms
  • water proof against 50 meter (165 feet): in fashionable, suitable for quick durations of leisure swimming, but now not diving or snorkeling
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  • does it have a night time glow function ?
  • question: does it have a night glow characteristic ? Solution: sure, this watch functions indiglo night-light, activated through urgent the crown. By timex manufacturer on april 20, 2017 failed to get solutions. See more answers (1) crumble all solutions

  • is it a clasp or velco strap?
  • query: is it a clasp or velco strap? Answer: canvas strap with clasp. One remark — it has a loud tick! With the aid of oldcheeseinvt on september 9, 2016 failed to get answers. See greater solutions (5) fall apart all solutions

  • how do you set the date? I’ve ordered 2 of these and can’t get the date to rotate at all.
  • ah the mysterious time set. Pull the stem out to the second to closing forestall. But, it may not do you a lot excellent till you discern out what the numbers represent. I tried to set the “date” for the 15th (today) but the range 15 would not seem. And i have turned that suppose to and fro. I have clearly no idea why timex even blanketed the feature. See much less

  • is the face on the brown/green/natural model acrylic or mineral? The outline on the top of the web page differs from the product specifications underneath
  • question: is the face at the brown/inexperienced/natural model acrylic or mineral? The outline at the pinnacle of the web page differs from the product specs below solution: hi there, this watch’s crystal is acrylic. Thank you in your query. By timex customer service manufacturer on november 25, 2016 crumble all solutions


    Black, Green, Black/Brown/Blue, Black/Brown/Dark Green, Black/Brown/White, Black/Green Fast Wrap, Camper Black, Green/Brown/White

    5 reviews for Men’s day trip acadia complete length watch

    1. Mack S. Hall

      As a US Army helicopter instructor pilot, I need a good watch for a low price that I don’t have to worry about getting rained on, beat up, scratched, knocked around, dropped and surviving the heat and the cold. It needs to give me military time with an easy to see sweep second hand. It needs to look military with a flat black case and an olive drab face. It needs to provide me with an easy to see date and the ability to easily stop and restart the time so I can synchronize my time with the mission. It needs to have a comfortable flat black nylon velcro closing band so that it will come away in an emergency but stay firmly fastened on the outside of my flame resistant flight gloves in a 100 knot wind when the doors of my helicopter are removed. It needs to have a guard to protect the crown from snagging on my flight equipment. Sure, I could buy a $300 dollar watch that could do all of that, or, I could buy this watch. Thanks Timex. Read more

    2. UnseenWorld

      I just got it and the five stars are an initial impression. I bought a NATO strap at the same time because they will keep your watch from flying off and breaking should just one of the spring bars break, but the strap, honestly, looked so good that I was tempted to keep it on the watch. My first watch was a Seiko 5 (SNK 805) which set me back nearly $60, but requires a winding machine to keep it wound up when I’m not wearing it, and since I’ve gone on a little watch-buying binge every subsequent watch has been a quartz watch so I don’t have to buy another winding machine. If you’re looking for a watch along the lines of a Seiko SNK805. In other words, if you’re looking for a good field watch but would rather spend $25 than $60, this is just the watch for you. While the Seiko will not just tell you the date but the day of the week while this watch just tells the date, there is a negative difference, I suppose. Still, I always know what day of the week it is. One cool feature of most (all?) Timex watches is the Indiglo face which glows in the dark when you press the crown (winder). This is accomplished not with a backlight, but with a chemical coating on the face which glows when excited electrically. Not only does it help keep the cost of the watch down, but it actually works better than the glow in the dark numbers and hands used by most lf the competition. If I have more to say later on, I’ll be back, but right now I’m quite happy with the purchase. Read more

    3. Joe W

      TL;DR First watch was defective and continued to fail over the first few months. Replacement watch (which wasn’t free) failed as soon as I took it out of the package. Waiting to hear back from Timex but I’m hesitant to trust this model/brand. === 12/2017 I purchased this watch in Feb of 2017. When it arrived it fit my expectations as far as appearances go. I immediately noticed some issues: 1) The metal buckle tongue (the part that goes through the holes in the strap to hold it on your wrist) had a sharp edge and constantly got caught on clothing. I’ve had it snag several shirts and I considered sanding/polishing it to remove the burr however I was concerned it would ruin the finish. After it ruined one of my shirts I regretted not doing that. Clearly this isn’t something that should have to be done to a new watch. 2) The day of the month dial broke a few weeks after I received the watch. After having the watch about a month the day of the month got stuck between 19 and 20. Nothing I did could get it to move either way. 3) After a few months of using the watch it started losing time. I occasionally noticed it was behind by minutes or hours. I’d correct the time and started to wonder if it was a bad battery but then it’d work for weeks on end without issue (and the backlight worked fine). 4) Second hand broke a short time later and it no longer kept time at all. Again I considered it might be the battery however the backlight worked fine and the watch was still really new so I didn’t think that was the likely issue. I contacted Timex support and explained the issues. I believed my watch was still under warranty (as it was about 9 moths old). Their support told me (via email) that I could send the watch in to be looked at. EVEN IF IT WAS covered by the warranty I’d have to pay $8 for handling to replace it. I sent it in. A few weeks later I received a package in the mail with a note saying my watch could not be repaired and they had given me a new one. It included an invoice for $8. Clearly I don’t like the idea of having to pay $8 when it was a defective watch. However before I even thought about that I noticed that the new replacement watch was ALSO DEFECTIVE. The backlight doesn’t work at all and the second hand gets stuck often/constantly. I’ve emailed their support back telling them I’m not paying the $8 and hope they make this right however after spending the time back and forth with them (time is money), mailing replacements, etc. the cost of this watch is only growing far beyond what is reasonable. === 7/2018 after several unanswered emails I’ve given up on trying to get an answer from Timex support about the defective replacement. I opened up the watch and checked the battery and it was flat dead (0v). I ordered replacement batteries (again at my cost) and after installing it the watch did move again however the Indiglo feature was no longer working. I no longer trust the watch to keep accurate time nor Timex’s support so I’m just going to toss it and move to a better brand. Speaking of which I ordered a Smith and Wesson watch which looks smilies and has worked great with no issues so far. I’ve also found the glass of the Smith and Wesson to be far more scratch resistant than the Timex. The Smith and Wesson wasn’t that much more than the trash from Timex. Read more

    4. aging luddite

      I bought this model watch many years ago and it finally died (dead battery plus shredded band). I tried ordering a couple of other Timex models from Amazon that I thought looked a bit more handsome but realized I needed to get this exact watch. I now realize that my two main requirements are the ability to read the time correctly in varying conditions and weight. The other watches I tried probably were more handsome (but not much) but they were either much harder to read or quite a bit heavier. I would have given it 5 stars except for the length of the band. I am confident that I have a medium or average size wrist, but I need to use the next to the smallest hole for it to fit. That leaves much too much band sticking out past the clasp. The design of the band makes it very hard to shorten in a non-ugly fashion. It would be wonderful if Timex offered two different sized bands. Read more

    5. Stu

      Not a bad utility watch. It’s all plastic so I doubt it’s going to last very long, but I won’t care if it breaks! Read more

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