Men’s cushioned control 6-percent ankle socks

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  • a hundred% cotton
  • socks closure
  • cotton/polyester/herbal latex rubber/other fibers
  • more-thick cushion shields your foot from effect
  • comfy stay-up pinnacle
  • strengthened gray heel and toe
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product description

hanes 6-p. C. Team socks % a effective punch with double hard durability and maximum cushioning


One Size, 6-12, Shoe Size: 6-12, 10-13, Shoe Size: 12-14


White, Black

8 reviews for Men’s cushioned control 6-percent ankle socks

  1. Billy Dickbags

    If you were lucky enough to buy these socks in the past (couple years ago or so), these are now completely different. Way less cotton, way more poly, super thin, and not reinforced on the bottom. If you love sweaty feet and thin cheap-a$$ socks then these are fine. Hanes, please don’t change your products. My socks inventory has been corrupted. Amazon, buddy, you gotta do better, man. Lately I’ve had so many bad experiences. I used to like you. I used to trust you. Now chinese garbage is all over your website. Choose your suppliers more carefully. Dammit. Read more

  2. Longing on the Lake

    I just bought these in January, and I ordered them because they were “supposedly” the same ones that I had ordered two years prior, as I used the “Buy it Again” button. The ones that I bought in 2013 were GREAT, the bottoms where reinforced, and the socks ran larger than normal. I am a size 10.5 and 2013 socks fit great with room for flexure. I wore the 2013 socks for nearly two years, almost primarily, and they just now have starting to wear through, not bad for two years full time use. So I am very disappointed with the new 2015 Hanes Men’s 6 Pack Ankle Sock. Hanes or their re-seller has done a bait and switch, so buyer beware. These new 2015 socks are much thinner, do not have a reinforced bottom, and run very small comparatively (see picture). I would say they would be a good fit for a size 8 mens shoe, but they are tight on me. I can also guarantee that the 2015 sock will not last anywhere as long. I am disappointed with the socks that I was expecting to be the same. Read more

  3. Miguel Hastingo

    Order these because the website stated they were “81% cotton, 17% Polyester, 2% other fiber;” nevertheless, the package states the opposite: 49% poly and 48% cotton. Amazon was kind enough to refund my money and I will donate these to a charity since they will cook my feets. Read more

  4. Kelcie W.

    These were USED socks!!!! They first came in a plain plastic bag with no label, which I thought was odd but was open minded. I opened the socks and they had a bunch of little linen balls like you get from wearing the socks or washing the socks too much. In other words they were worn in, NOT new. After pulling them all out, you can physically see that they have been worn! Just look at my photos. Then I smell them and they had a strong smoke smell that they appeared to try to poorly covered with some sort of fragrance smell! These are NOT new socks. And I’m not one to leave a bad review, I love Amazon, I use it often but receiving USED socks, that’s jut nasty y’all! Come on! It actually pisses me off to be honest! GTFO of here with this garbage! Read more

  5. Will

    I ordered these because they were 74% cotton per the description. The product that arrived was 41% cotton, 57% Polyester, 1% latex rubber Amazon is starting to bother me. Accurate product description is essential if they plan on taking on my clothing purchases. So far 0 for 2. Read more

  6. rigo

    I bought these pairs 3 times, all the same. they were thick on the bottom, an extra layer on the bottom. now I wanted another pair and now i’m getting sent a completly different set of socks. they are no longer thick on the bottom but all around just thin. used to be great, now not so much. the original ones look like the picture, these are all black and thin. I ordered a replacement thinking it was a mistake, but they sent the same exact pair, I’m going to be returning both, what a shame. on the left are the original, right the new ones. Read more

  7. B. Li

    It says “Extra durable in the heel and toe”, but the socks have nowhere like that. The bottom near heel was worn out after one month, leaving big holes there. Even the bottom part is in a different color, looks like re-enforced, but it actually has no different in material, just as thin as any other parts of the sock, and much thinner than most of others I have used before. Read more

  8. grasshopper

    These are thinner than others I have bought in the past. Hanes, get a clue and quit trying to cut prices by cutting quality. I would rather pay more for socks that are actually thick and comfortable. You don’t have to make everything “Walmart grade” just to keep prices low. I will not be ordering these again. Read more

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