Men’s cotton casual shorts three/4 jogger capri pants breathable under knee quick pants with three pockets

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  • fabric:cotton & polyester & spandex
  • drawstring closure
  • hints – if you decide upon unfastened match,please order one length up,thank you.
  • design – there are three wallet. Zipper wallet on both facet can garage your cell smartphone from falling out even as exercising and one back pocket can carry your cash and keys. Capri-period pant capabilities ribbed cuffs.
  • excessive exceptional – this cotton casual shorts may be very cool,and fashionable in fashion. Excessive great fabric make sure long lasting flexibility even sufferd heavy use. This informal summer time shorts with easy surface can defend your skin from the sun’s rays dangerous.
  • comfortable – made with the aid of snug material for health club exercise. Easy cloth secure sufficient to place all day long,make sure you’ve got a very good carrying experience. Elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring suit your liking.
  • features – 3 pcokets/zipper wallet/cotton/windproof/elastic waistband/external drawstring/at ease/capri period/elastic ankle cuffs/wicking moisture/excessive excellent.
  • ideal for – fitness center,strolling,exercise,training,bodybuilding,taking walks,fitness,strolling,hiking,vacation,outdoor,indoor and informal wear.
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product description

external lengthy drawstring for adjustable.

high-quality zipper wallet on both facet.

near bottom with elastic cuffs.

patchwork mesh material layout.

breathable mesh panel maintain cool and dry.

lengthy zipper wallet save you your cellphone from falling out while workout.


30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40


Navy(mesh), Navy, Gray, Black, Army Green, Army Green(mesh), Black(mesh), Gray(mesh), Gray02, Light Gray(mesh), Wine Red, Wine Red(mesh), White

8 reviews for Men’s cotton casual shorts three/4 jogger capri pants breathable under knee quick pants with three pockets

  1. C.

    If you’re worried about the fit at the waist, don’t be, the waist is very true to size. I wear a 36 in most brand jeans, shorts, slacks, etc and this fit perfectly. However, if you have large thighs and rear end, the fit will be VERY form fitting. There was no slack or give at all as pictured. These fit perfect at the waist but was very form fitting everywhere else on me which gave me the look of yoga pants. However, the pants were not uncomfortable at all they still stretch and move with me and would be great for the gym or running but I couldn’t wear them out casually or running errands because of the yoga pants look they gave me (yoga pants are not everyday clothes people, accept it). I just ordered another pair a size up to give me the loose fit at the butt and thighs as pictured. This product still gets a perfect score for me as it is true to size and the tightness in the lower body is a “me” problem and not the fault of the product. *the quality is AMAZING.Read more

  2. Brandt Spivey

    They fit fine. However, I wish I would have seen somewhere that you can’t spin wash them or tumble dry. They recommend hand wash/ dry clean. Then lay flat to dry. These are for the gym, not a dress sweater. I was quite surprised by this.==Revised review. After the company saw my initial low rating they were very helpful and are issuing a full refund even though I had worn and washed pants. They didn’t have to do that and I didn’t ask to, they requested it. So based on service after the sale I will gladly up my rating to four stars.Read more

  3. Fred

    They feel loose and comfortable, like a summer/workout pair of joggers, but a bit lighter. They don’t look 100% like workout pants so they can almost pass as regular wear. I’m not a fan of the two waist tightening strings with a bit of white plastic on them which makes them stand out, I’d rather they’d been all black so they wouldn’t be so noticable. I love the zipper pockets which allow me to bike without worrying about stuff falling off my pockets.Read more

  4. EGR

    I ordered & received a pair, tried them on & immediately requested a return, (had to pay return shipping) as suggested I ordered a size up for a loose fit (which failed miserably) seemingly the sizing advise/suggestion needs to be revisited, they were too tight out of the packaging, likely even worse after washing? far better to simply return & not purchase again…Read more

  5. Xing.S

    I am 5’7″ , 165 pounds and usually wear jeans of 30/31 waist size. I ordered these capri pants in navy/mesh at size 30. They fit me just right. The fabric is stretchy and soft to the touch. The length of the pants reach just below the knees. All in all great quality.PS. I previously ordered a pair of size 34. They were way too big for me. The returning process was extremely easy, and refund came very fast.Read more

  6. Kat/Seb

    I had to return them.The design is nice, but I wore these shorts for about a week and they just started falling apart. The stitching was so cheap and so bad that the shorts were torn within days. I didn’t even work out in them. I just wore them for a few days and that’s all it took.Do yourself a favor: do NOT buy these shorts. It doesn’t matter if you think they look nice (which they do) if they’re going to be useless in mere days.Read more

  7. Kevin Corso

    I’m writing a review so my fellow thicc boys know that it’s not gonna be a loose fit like in the pictures. I ordered a size up after seeing the suggestion in another comment and would DEFINITELY recommend doing so for most people, maybe two sizes depending on how thicc you are. I went with one size up and it’s a little form-fitting, but not weirdly so, so I’m cool with it. Just not loose like in the picture.They are also super comfortable and the mesh trim looks really cool. The elastic around the leg is snug without being too snug, which is nice. They also have adequate length drawstrings (not every pair of shorts I’ve gotten lately does–looking at you Nike 😂) and feel like they’re made out of a decently strong material without compromising softness. If you like the look, I definitely recommend getting them, just make sure you order a little bigger.EDIT/UPDATE: I purchased an additional, non-mesh pair and the tight fit is much better on those, so I’d definitely recommend not getting the ones with mesh-trim, despite how cool they might look lol. I’ll def be buying a couple more pairs of the solid color ones for their comfort, fit, and utility.Read more

  8. Jinzos Remedy

    This short fits well and will enhance your bottom part of your body well if you have the right build. I will not, however wear this in public because it has some cheap/flea market branding on it. It has a small tag on the back pocket that says “sport” and then the zippers has some corny “fashion” text on them. I feel lame wearing them with these generic text. I might black out the words-I don’t know, just to wear them in public. In the gym, I really don’t care though.Read more

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