Mens cotton brief team athletic socks, 6 pairs

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  • 80% cotton, eleven% polyester, eight% nylon, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • device wash
  • aquafx moisture manage continues feet cool, dry and secure
  • smooth consolation toe seam
  • cushioned foot
  • reinforced toe
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product description

for more than eighty years the gold toe brand has overjoyed men with the aid of presenting extraordinary fashion, consolation and sturdiness. We knit every pair to bear the check of time. Gold toe. Comfort that lasts. Gold toe 브랜드는 80년 이상 탁월한 스타일, 편안함 및 내구성을 제공하여 남성을 기쁘게 해왔습니다. 우리는 시간의 시험을 견딜 수 있도록 모든 쌍을 뜨개질합니다. 골드 토. 오래 지속되는 편안함.


Shoe Size: 6-12


Black, White, White/Grey Heather

7 reviews for Mens cotton brief team athletic socks, 6 pairs

  1. tre

    I have worn the Short Crew Goldtoe socks for at least 25 years since I was a kid and my mom would buy them at Marshall Field’s. I have always loved these socks. They used to be made in the USA up until shortly after the year 2000, I think around 2004 they switched to Mexico and the quality dropped, but they were still good socks and I kept buying them (I honestly don’t care where they are made, but it sucks when the quality drops when they move production to another country…why can’t the quality stay the same??). Now, fast forward to today, I ordered these socks and they are NOTHING like the Short Crew I have been wearing for over 25 years. These new ones are LONG, like regular crew, only slightly shorter than regular crew, and they are TIGHT, hurt my feet so bad, and they are now made in Honduras (again, I have nothing against where they are made, but it sucks to see that the quality dropped so horribly when production was moved from Mexico to Honduras currently). I rarely post reviews on anything, but when a product I have loved so much has gone to heck, it saddens me and now I must find another brand, which has been difficult because most socks made today are low quality and tight, and come in only ankle length, or long crew right below knee (which is stupid). Like I said, I have worn Goldtoe Short Crew for over 25 years religiously, and I ain’t exaggerating how bad these are. Attached are photos of my previous pair of Goldtoe Short Crew on the LEFT (made in Mexico for past 15 years) and these new versions made in Honduras on the RIGHT. You see how much narrower and longer these new ones are, making them painful and NOT short crew as advertised. I doubt anyone at Goldtoe cares, I doubt anyone there has worked the 25 years that I have worn these socks, so I know what I am talking about, and normally I wouldn’t care and would just take my business elsewhere, but everyone has experienced this before, when a product they love and use all the time gets discontinued or drastically changed and you’re like “what the heck? why can’t these companies just leave it alone and keep it the way it has been, there was nothing wrong with it” Read more

  2. The Dog Father

    As a Marine of over 30 years, and a fitness trainer, quality, comfort, and durability is paramount. I would spend more money for these, if they were the way Gold Toe socks used to be. These socks are over priced for the quality they offer now. The fit is tight just below the calf, and lacks the the stretch, even with the blend of materials. These Gold Toe socks are just a tad better than what you would get from a big box store or dollar store. I won’t ever buy these again. If you want QUALITY socks and one that lasts, fits, stays up, and doesn’t dry out, get Thorlos. Yeah, they are about 15.00 a pair, but they are without a doubt the very best. I thought I was buying the old style of Gold Toe socks, which used to be very similar to Thorlos. Read more

  3. Mark Mueller

    I’ve been searching for replacement socks for the ole’ fashioned Hanes crews that used to be a higher quality and Hanes has changed the quality. I tried these Gold Toe, and, when brand new, they fit a little tight (more than I’d like) but not horrible. After one wash, they shrink enough to be way too tight. I wear a 10.5 shoe, so I’m not pushing the 6-12 range. Maybe I need the larger size, but it was not an option on the size chart when I ordered, so I thought I’d order the size that should be for me. They are comfortable otherwise, but I’d suggest you order a size larger than you think you need. Read more

  4. Anonymous

    Legit. Significant amount of soft padding. My favorite socks. Con: The title says these are “short” crew socks, but I wouldn’t qualify 6.5″ as short. u Read more

  5. philo_vance

    I like to walk 2 to 3 miles every day depending on weather and mood. For shoes, I usually buy Brooks Addiction Walkers, which are terrific but expensive, but the last time I needed shoes I cheaped out and bought some Rockports for half the price. Big mistake. The Rockports felt like they had NO padding at all under the forefoot–like I was barefoot! To try to salvage a bad situation, I bought these Gold Toe Cushioned socks. They helped, but I failed to realize just how much until I wore some other non-padded crew socks. I thought the shoes were getting better because they were “breaking in.” But, in fact, it was the Gold Toe socks’ padding that was providing the relief. With the other socks, the Rockports were as horrible as when they were new. I’ve laundered the socks (Machine wash warm, tumble dry medium) 3 or 4 times. There has been no damage or shrinkage. On me, they come up to mid-calf exactly as depicted in the product photo. I take a size 11 shoe and the 6-12.5 size fits fine. They remain relatively cool and comfortable even on hot days. Read more

  6. Tim

    These are my favorite socks of all time, and I was so sad to see they were unavailable for a while, but now thrilled they are back! I bought these in 2018, and again in 2020. The batch from 2020 is just now starting to develop little holes in them, just in time for my new batch to take over for another 2 years. I know there are plenty of socks out there that have better durability, but in my experience, those socks are usually more expensive for just one single pair! With this one you get a whole bag of socks! Speaking of durability, I am also a very active person that works on my feet all day long, and I do all my physical activities, like tennis, basketball, and tag with the kids… all in these socks. I expect there to be holes developing after all that. My favorite part about these socks is the length though. As you can see in the pictures, these are “short” crew socks, and I have never seen a sock with this height before. I generally find normal crew socks to be too tall for my style, and the next standard size shorter is always too short for me. These Gold Toe “short” crews are exactly what I am looking for! Read more

  7. space kaiser

    These aren’t cheap socks at around $5 / pair, but they are long lasting, durable, comfortable and the right sock if quarter/ankle socks are too short and full/calf socks are too long. Looks fine with shorts and plenty of coverage with pants / cold weather. Read more

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