Men’s comfortblend max cushion crew socks 6-percent

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  • cloth content: 39% cotton/46% polyester/eight% rayon/five% herbal latex rubber/1% nylon/1% spandex.
  • imported
  • machine wash
  • maximum cushioning across the foot (complete foot cushion)
  • double hard sturdiness
  • wicking cool comfort cloth allows wick moisture and hold feet dry
  • freshiq advanced odor generation helps fight smelly ft
  • spandex for higher match
  • suits guys’s shoe sizes 6-12
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from the manufacturer

hanes men’s freshiq comfortblend max cushion team socks -6-p. C.

  • freshiq superior scent protection era attacks the odor-inflicting bacteria for your garb that causes your undies and socks to smell — so now you may feel sparkling all day.
  • comfortblend material is tender, smooth and sturdy.
  • team length socks live up and hits at mid-calf.
  • most cushioning around the foot for added comfort.
  • double tough durability for hardworking toes.
  • to be had in a convenient 6-percent.
  • product description

    hanes max cushion 6-percent group socks % a powerful punch with double hard sturdiness and most cushioning across the foot for optimum consolation. Wicking cool consolation® cloth will help preserve your toes cool and dry. Our freshiq® advanced odor protection will assist fight the ones pungent feet! Spandex and comfort toe seam will provide consolation and a better fit.


    Shoe Size: 6-12, 10-13, Sock Size: 10-13 / Shoe: 6-12


    Black, White, Charcoal/Heather Grey/Black

    8 reviews for Men’s comfortblend max cushion crew socks 6-percent

    1. Colin B

      The quality of these socks are great, if only they knew what a shoe size of meant. Had to return these twice. I discovered that those marked “Imported” are way too small. I ordered from another manufacturer also on Amazon that were made in the US. Boy! What a difference. I attached a photo showing both socks from the different manufacturers / suppliers with the sizes (Labels) next to each. You can clearly see the difference between the sizes / cuts. Don’t but these unless you’re looking for “boys” socks or if you happen to be a dwarf. Read more

    2. rambelmont

      I like the bottom half (foot area). But the calf is WAY too TIGHT! I read reviews before I bought these, and the overall rating. But I must have missed the other reviewers (22) who mentioned that the calf was too tight for them — or else thought that tightness would not bother me. I am not overweight and I do not have real muscular calves. I have normal sized ankles and lower calves and I have never come across crew socks this tight. I considered keeping them and pushing down the tops to my ankles – or stretching them over a piece of wood to loosen them. But I don’t like the first and I am not sure the second would work even the nature of the yarn. Sorry, Hanes, but I am returning these — and I will read the reviews more carefully on the next ones I buy. Read more

    3. Christopher

      I have been wearing this particular line of sock for quite some time now (purchased through various outlets) and the overall quality of this latest pack is notably lower than what I’m accustom to. In particular, the thickness/padding is that of a budget sock and clearly not at the same level as those I’ve purchased in the past. Additionally, the sizing is significantly tighter; not horribly so, but to a degree that disappoints. Being that the pricing was comparable to what I’ve spent in the past (i.e. no big savings), I can’t say there was any upside in this purchase. Either Hane’s has started cutting corners on this line or this pack wasn’t what it appeared to be. Read more

    4. Long Leg Bama Woman

      About these for my 12 year old son. He is 5 9 and wears a man’s 11 shoe. The sock fit great was comfortable on the foot but the crew part on the leg cut his circulation off and he’s thin. Plus they were almost to his knee. Way too long. Me his mom I am 6-1 and I have a very long legs and I put them on myself and they were tight around the calf and yes they were soft on the bottom but they came 4 in from my knee. Those are knee highs they’re not socks. They’re being returned. I’ve already put in my information and they will be going to the UPS store tomorrow. Unless you’ve got The legs of a 6-foot giant they’re like knee highs. Read more

    5. The Wiz

      I have bought Hanes men’s white crew socks my whole life in stores and online. I take a size 10 shoe and these socks seem like they are made for children this is the third time I’ve bought socks online I don’t understand why they are sooo small even if you dry them on a low there are already an inch and a half less wide than my regular Hanes socks doesn’t make any sense. They cut your circulation off and I don’t want to return them because it will cost more than the item. Don’t buy them unless you are a child it’s ridiculous in a ripoff very disappointed. Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      As another reviewer said, if you are looking for the thicker, more work-like socks you may have already worn, these are NOT those. They are thinner and closer to dress socks than work socks. If that’s what you are looking for, they are fine. I’m just disappointed because I was trying to restock and resock my thicker work socks that look identical until up close. Read more

    7. BrianHelp

      Says size 12, I have purchased this type before and this new sock is horrible. They are very narrow and do NOT fit a size 12 foot. The length is good, but the width is a joke. don’t buy this product if you have a big foot, or find a larger size. Price was good, but product sucks, and no matter if the price is good, these do not fit me so they are going into the donation bag. Or maybe I might be able to return them. Read more

    8. bilgeez

      These are thick, warm (because they are mostly polyester), high tops, almost over the calf. Good reinforcement on toes and heels. Good cold weather socks when something heavier will be too much. Because they are mostly synthetic (only 37% cotton) blend, I’m not crazy how they feel and they really pucker up when you wash them, so unless you iron them, they will look pretty pathetic, but they stretch back out well. I hope they hold up better than the last batch of socks I got, they didn’t last 7 months! Tossed all 6 pairs out cuz the heels were all blown out, I mean bad, they weren’t worth trying to mend! They weren’t Hanes, BTW, they were some Chinese brand. I hope these name-brand socks hold up for at least a year, then I will feel I got my money’s worth out of them. Read more

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