Mens athletic performance group socks for walking and training 6 percent

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  • ninety five% polyester, five% spandex
  • device wash
  • first-class men’s socks: fabricated from 95% polyester,five% spandex. Our guys’s group socks are sturdy, durable and breathable sufficient to maintain your pores and skin to keep you dry and comfort. Moisture delivery gadget wicks sweat away from the body.
  • size: one length suits most guys. Mens shoe length 6-12 (us)(sock length 10-thirteen).
  • system washable: gadget wash bloodless with like colorations. Handiest use non-chlorine bleach while wished. Tumble dry low. Do no longer iron. Do now not dry easy.
  • overall performance: deep heel pocket-engineered heel pocket to provide proper fit during put on. Arch guide-arch guide to improve foot arch fatigue and hold sock in area. Strengthened heel and toe-reinforcement in heel and toe provide sturdiness in high stress areas to dramatically in enhance product life.
  • % & fashion: all percent protected 6 pairs. The shade is conventional, subtle and smooth to coordinate. The coloration and comfort degree means they can be worn as men’s dress socks, informal socks, athletic socks.
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joynÉe men’s athletic overall performance cushion group socks for jogging and training 6 percent


Black(6 Pairs), Gray(6 Pairs), Grey 2(6 Pairs), White 1(6 Pairs)

8 reviews for Mens athletic performance group socks for walking and training 6 percent

  1. John J. Nunya

    I struggle to understand why anyone would have a single complaint regarding these amazing socks. I make very good money and will sometimes buy several brands to find which are the most comfortable to wear all day long. I work long days and have large size 12 plus to 13 feet and am extremely hard to fit. I buy shoes from Ortho Feet because of my feet being very wide and my instep being very high. Regular stuff doesn’t fit well or grips my feet and ankles too hard leaving indents. The inner woven fabric of most high-end (so-called) machine woven socks feels gritty to me after a 12 hour day. The inside of these socks are SOFT and the home woven feel nestles the bottom of my feet filling the gaps like I’m standing on a shag carpet. I will buy these endlessely. Read more

  2. Gregory L. Heuston

    I had high hopes for these socks. My mistake was not reading the most recent reviews. What is pictured and what you get are not quite the same. I expected thick cushioned athletic socks. What I received are very thin small sized socks that are about as thick as light dress socks. Because of the material used, you will also slide around in your shoes if you don’t tie those laces tight. I do not have big feet, i run between a 9 1/2 & 10, shoe size. Will either return or give to neighbor who has a 12 year old girl. These might fit her better. Read more

  3. rob

    these sox, as many reviewers have noted, are thin. initially they are also tight, make your toes sweat, your feet will be hot and cold. but after you wear them a few times, they loosen up (still a nice snug fit), and then they are really nice – cool when they should be, warm when they need to be. and after walking around the house in them for several months, i only recently had one snag that led to a small hole at the ankle. this is pretty amazing, since i live in an old loft with rough floors that take out the bottoms of much thicker sox on a regular basis. i originally bought the green ones, and after many months only that one small hole (and the sock itself is still solid, not falling apart. decided to buy some blue ones, which seem thinner, and one has a small hole (by the ankle again, not on the sole from wear). only had them a couple weeks so will see how they hold up. still they are some nice looking socks and feel really good. Read more

  4. Gonzalo Lara

    I purchased these socks based on a previous purchase in May 2020. Because I didn’t need them right away I kept them in my drawer awaiting the right time. I change my socks daily and well…. the second pair I wore had a hole in the ankle area after I took them off. This was a brand new pair and after only one wear they already had a hole. Four weeks later another pair also had a hole in the same area as the first pair after I wore them only a couple of times. Bottom line, don’t waste your time and money, look for something else. Read more

  5. Noel H.

    I wasn’t sure what I was getting when I ordered these, the price was great for a 6 pack. Wow, I love these socks, they’re thick, warm, and comfortable. I’ll definitely buy again. Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    I recently purchases BOMBA socks and I love those. I wanted a pair of performance socks outside of the norm nike because nike is overpriced with mediocre quality. I wore these and immediately fell in love. I was sweating like crazy during my workout and these did not get phased. They are extremely comfortable. I will be purchasing a lot more of these socks. SOCKS! Read more

  7. Manny

    These socks are not the usual comfortable cotton socks that last about 2 weeks before the elasticity wears out. They are very stretchy, highly elastic, and made from something else other than 100% cotton. They totally retain their elasticity, but this is achieved at the expense of slight loss of comfort. They are however, soft and comfy feeling, but my feet do sweat in them a little more, and are just slightly less comfortable than the 100% cotton socks. I bought a few pairs to try, and then reordered a bunch more, because I still feel they are the best I’ve owned Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    Great lightweight work socks. I wear leather boots at work year-round. These socks form fit to my feet and are cool for summer. Read more

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