Men’s athletic cushioned team socks (6-pair)

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  • ninety seven% polyester, three% spandex
  • imported
  • system wash in bloodless with like colours. Non-chlorine bleach. Tumble dry low
  • cushioned inside the foot for consolation and sturdiness.
  • moisture-wicking yarns preserve toes dry from sweat.
  • arch compression for a at ease match.
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great, consolation, and durability is what you’re looking for in your everyday sock and the adidas 6-percent can provide on all of your needs. Now, with the addition of arch compression, this sock provides a secure fit and offers you the pleasant sock to handle your day to day.


Large, X-Large


Black/ Aluminum 2, Heather Grey/ Black, White/ Black, Black – Onix Marl/ Black/ Onix, Legend Ink Blue/Tech Ink Gray Marl, White/Alumina Beige/Carbon Grey

8 reviews for Men’s athletic cushioned team socks (6-pair)

  1. BunnyOfAwesomeness

    These Adidas white socks have given me more happiness in my life than any other thing in this world could. They have comfortably fit onto my skinny, brown feet for a few weeks now, and I can guarantee you that my feet have never felt more secure and relaxed while serving McChickens to my lovely customers. 10/10 recommend these puppies for all people of all shapes and sizes. Read more

  2. Green

    I wear a 13 wide shoe, and normally have to buy the longer version of socks or else they are too short and tight. It’s been tough to find quality athletic or heavy duty socks in long length. I had been happy with gold toe white socks, and a few months ago I purchased black gold too in extended length. Gold Toe Men’s Cotton Crew 656s – but they wore out, and got holes in the heel area after just a few months of use. So, I though I would order these Adidas as they come in extended length and had good reviews. I have only worn them for a few weeks, but they are not very “athletic” and they are not very “cushioned”. They are more like a normal “dress socks” – I can see my skin showing thru them, and they don’t have any additional cushioning in heel or toe. I purchased extended size and the length is good, but they are very tight… I have to do a little work to get them to pull up over toes, and they feel tight around my ankles and lower calves. Also, the small plastic tabs that hold the pairs together are a pain to cut without nicking the cloth material. I am still looking for good heavy duty cushioned socks in extended length size that fit well too and last for more than a few months. Read more

  3. ayreshead

    I bought these socks for my son because of the low price and because he wears holes in socks like crazy. That was nearly a year ago, and he just now wore out one pair of the six-pack. I am so impressed that these socks have lasted this long! My son is an active senior in high school, wearing these socks to football practice and games, wrestling practice/tournaments, and now rugby. Not to mention landscaping (summer job last year), skate boarding, basketball with friends, bicycling, and triathlon training. I don’t usually take the time to write reviews, but these socks kick a**!! Read more

  4. Doctor H

    The socks are comfortable enough. But they are very poor quality. When I took them off after wearing them for 1 day, I was shocked to see that they had already pilled on the bottom and threads were coming loose. I was just walking around the mall in my running shoes — nothing very demanding. I also found that that fit quite large. It is too bad that I did not try them out before the Amazon return deadline. I assumed they were up to Adidas quality standards and did not open the package. I don’t know if these are fakes or if Adidas quality has slipped that much. I have other socks I have worn for years. Read more

  5. martinJ

    These socks looked good in the photo but they are pure trash. The foot section is way too long and the leg portion is way too tight. The material is super thin as well. Perhaps, if you have a very long foot, (size 12 maybe), and a very skinny calf, plus you like an extremely thin fabricl, these socks would be perfect for you! I’ve had Adidas socks before and never had a problem. How they came up with such a long foot section and such a skinny leg section is beyond me. Do yourself a favor and avoid these socks at all costs. Good luck! Read more

  6. Poor old dad

    I bought these socks, because the description was identical, as was the material composition, to Adidas socks bought in a local sporting goods store. These socks are significantly thinner. Next time, I will purchase at a local store to make sure the material is the same comfortable thickness as my original package. Read more

  7. Keithian

    I’m surprised that these socks are rated so high. Considering that they are listed as an athletic sock, out of any athletic sock I’ve ever owned, they lasted the shortest amount of time….by far. They are very comfortable, they have a stretchy feel to them, but they rip SO EASILY. Comfortable yes, for athletics….unless you don’t mind replacing them very often…absolutely not. Read more

  8. Dino Duss

    Update: After wearing them for awhile I noticed that they’re all slightly different in length. It’s weird. No sock matches another in length….it’s annoying some are shorter some are longer. They were all supposed to be one length…. Original review : These socks are great, I would like them to be a little tighter on the calf, as they tend to slid down throughout the day. I recommend these socks! Read more

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