Men’s all reason cushion group socks (6/12 packs)

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  • seventy nine% cotton, 19% polyester, 1% nylon, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • pull-on closure
  • device wash
  • tender and breathable cotton
  • comfy full cushion foot
  • long lasting, bolstered heel and toe
  • no-slip stay up pinnacle
  • reciprocated heel and toe for superior fit. Content might also range by way of colour
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product description

dickies cushion group soft cotton and complete cushion footbed provide rugged durability and luxury in this all-reason work sock. Dickies supplies the right work socks for each employee at each task. Designed for feet that require comfort, durability, and high-quality always. We assemble socks that provide functions which can be reason-constructed. Dickies supplies the maximum whole paintings sock solution – protecting greater customer wishes with extra products, in greater categories than any other work line. Dickies 쿠션 크루 부드러운 면과 풀 쿠션 풋 베드는 이 다목적 작업 양말에 견고한 내구성과 편안함을 제공합니다. 디키즈는 모든 직업의 모든 작업자에게 적합한 작업용 양말을 제공합니다. 항상 편안함, 내구성 및 품질이 필요한 발을 위해 설계되었습니다. 저희는 목적에 맞는 기능을 제공하는 양말을 제작합니다. 디키즈는 가장 완벽한 작업 양말 솔루션을 제공합니다. 다른 작업 라인보다 더 많은 카테고리에서 더 많은 소비자의 요구를 충족시킵니다.


Shoe Size: 5-9, Shoe Size: 6-12, Shoe Size: 12-15


Black (12 Pairs), Black (6 Pairs), Grey (12 Pairs), Grey (6 Pairs), White (12 Pairs), White (6 Pairs), Grey/Black (6 Pairs)

8 reviews for Men’s all reason cushion group socks (6/12 packs)

  1. RSNYC

    Terrible quality! Socks fit fine but in less than 6 weeks of not even wearing them regularly the heel part of the sock has torn! I know these socks aren’t expensive but maybe I should stick to the typical Fruit of Loom/Hanes crew socks that I have been buying for years. Update: In less than 3 months, 5 out of 6 individual socks are completely ripped at the heel. Avoid these poor quality socks. Read more

  2. Tim in Pennsylvania

    My expectations were certainly not met with these socks. There is no additional cushioning material that I can see. After one shift at work one sock already had a hole in it. This was the first time I had work these socks. (I trim my toenails often so I know that’s not the issue). I’m frustrated after one use I already have to start throwing these socks away due to holes in the toes. They do fit well and as expected but certainly less cushioning than advertised. Read more

  3. Jduran

    These are listed as a 6-12….should have known that range was too wide. I’m a 9 and they are enormous, my brother is an 11.5 and they are big on him as well. 18 inches in length?!? Seriously?!? You better be at least a size 13 if you want these to fit. I don’t even want to return, because i don’t want someone else to be burdened by these. I’d rather people read the review and see the pic before committing to buying these. Read more

  4. m—z

    The only padding, is in the product description. These socks have no “Full Cushion Foot” as stated in the ad. They do not have any cushioning at all. They look like the photo. Look closely, there is one thickness on the top of the sock and the same thickness on the bottom. There is no padding. Nada, zip, zilch, zero “Provides extra padding throughout footbed for all day comfort” is a false claim, written on the package. When I put my hand in the sock and hold it to the window… I see my hand. That is what you get. If you want cushioned socks, do not buy these. These are basic crew socks without any cushioning. Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    Just what I was looking for. No branding, no gold or gray toes or heals, just a high quality plain white sock. Some pilling but otherwise great sock. Perfect to wear with slides. Read more

  6. Niles508

    These socks are 79% cotton, 19% polyester, 1% nylon, 1% spandex!!! The Amazon description (in more than one place) shows a completely different material make-up ( says 57% polyester, 37% cotton, 5% nylon, 1% spandex). I specifically ordered these because I wanted mostly polyester material. I find that cotton socks tend to get expanded out of shape easily, become loose due to loss of shape, and lose softness. The polyester material does much better, stays soft, does not lose shape. I requested to return these socks, but Amazon said to keep them and gave a refund. So, I am pleased with Amazon. But, I did try wearing the socks. And, as expected with high cotton content, these socks have gotten stretched out and appear almost like tube socks after washing. This is exactly why I don’t like socks with a high cotton content. They simply are not a comfortable, stretchy sock. Read more

  7. Ryan Healey

    Call me crazy, I am one of those people who believes men’s WHITE crew socks are supposed to be ALL WHITE. They shouldn’t have grey bottoms, or grey toes or gold toes or logos stamped on them. It has gotten harder and harder to find good quality men’s white crew socks that are 100% solid white…. something that used to be the standard. I have found some online but they turned out to be very thin or too small. These are PERFECT. Good quality, good price, sizing is good and they are actually solid white as shown. Just ordered another package now that I know these are the real deal. Read more

  8. Connie P

    My son usually wears Gold Toe quarter crew socks, but recently purchased some work boots and wanted some longer socks to cover the length of his boots. I found these reasonably priced Dickies crew socks on Amazon and thought we’d give them a try. My son said they fit well, stayed up, and were comfortable. They are 79% cotton/18% polyester/2% nylon/1% spandex. Although Dickies is an American company, these socks are made in Pakistan. Decent socks for the price; would recommend. Read more

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