Men’s 656p cotton quarter athletic socks multipairs, white (6 pairs), shoe size: 12-16

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  • 81% cotton, 14% polyester, 4% nylon, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • gadget wash
  • combed cotton for breathable comfort
  • bolstered heel and toe
  • machine wash warm, tumble dry low

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product description

our more large men’s socks have an prolonged foot-mattress to fit huge & tall men, available in a diffusion of styles and colorings, goldtoe get dressed socks, casual socks and athletic socks are your cross-to socks for xl ft

8 reviews for Men’s 656p cotton quarter athletic socks multipairs, white (6 pairs), shoe size: 12-16

  1. Tosy

    I kind of wish I listened to more of the reviews, as these socks did not last as long as I hoped they would. They are very comfortable to wear, but they are VERY prone to holes. I purchased about 18 pairs of socks around March/April (8-9 months ago) and only have about 5-6 pairs remaining. These socks are very prone to holes around the ball of the foot and wear down very quickly. Overall, I’m very disappointed with these socks, considering their cost, as their lifespan has been worse than Hanes or Fruit of the Loom brands. It’s unfortunate because they are very comfortable, but I’ll be lucky to have any that last 1 year. Read more

  2. barry

    I wear a size 14 shoe and like to wear ankle socks whether exercising or just wearing sneakers about. My size has always been difficult to accommodate moreso due to quality. I have found big and tall socks that are supposed to fit but they always wear out right away in the heel and then in the toe till they are filled with holes. I have been using a name brand for a while where I had to carefully pull them on for they were so thin. When I got them to go on and not tear I thought I was content till I got these Gold Toe. Socks should be a simple product and these are. Most importantly they truly fit without having to stretch them to put them on. They are a really good thickness that provides comfort as well as sweat absorption. It honestly took a while to get used to the great quality here after being used to the thin ones. These fit the ankle exactly where they should as well as fitting over the heel without stretching at all. They don’t slide once on even when I do sweat and when washed they shrunk minimally. Highly recommend Gold Toe ankle socks for athletics or regular wear. Finally big and tall ankle socks that are not too tight or thin. Read more

  3. Xeon Negotiator

    I was disappointed that a set marked as Big and Tall still fit like the smaller normal size. I have size 14 feet, which is on the lower range of the sizing, but they still fit poorly. The manufacturing is poor as well. My old Gold Toe socks are very nice even in their age, but these messed up. The gold toe part is very narrow. Instead of covering all my toes, it only goes over three of them. They are just not good socks anymore. Read more

  4. Keith B.

    For the price I paid I expected a decent quality product. What I got is comparable to socks you can buy at the local flea market at $5 for a dozen pair. These ‘Big and Tall’ Quarter socks designed to fit people who wear shoes size 12-13 just fit my size 13 foot. Putting them on I can see then pulling thin at every seam already. At one point I could actually see my flesh between the threads at the toe seam and in the heel cup. I have little hope of these lasting very long but since I don’t often wear shoes/sneakers and socks I’m just going to keep them and switch to a different brand when these eventually apparently quite rapidly fall apart. {Update} Wore and washed these socks. 2nd time I went to wear a pair one of the socks completely fell apart at the ribbed shaft. I know I said I expected them to fall apart but I thought I’d get more than one use out of each sock. The only bright side is Amazon’s amazing customer service who have already issued a refund for the cost of the socks less than 12 hours after I contacted them. Avoid these socks. Read more

  5. ZotShop

    Having been a GoldToe sock guy for over 10 years, I can say that these socks are no longer made with the same amount of cotton, have less and inferior stitching, and plainly just don’t last as long. A few years ago GoldToe moved their manufacturing to Mexico and at that time the changes seemed to occur. The socks are thinner now, less cotton per sock. The stitching gives out easily. A pair of socks used to last a few years, but now I found holes in nearly all of the socks after 6 months. I HIGHLY recommend you find another brand that has not adopted cost cutting measures and abandoned their quality in the name of profit. RIP GoldToe. Read more

  6. Lisa J

    After a few washings these socks are worthless. Unless you only wear them for half hour at a time, the elastic area around the ankle is too tight. I am very thin with small ankles and these are still uncomfortable for wearing all day. I bought gold toe brand because of past experience but I would not recommend these to anyone. Read more

  7. DianeD

    I specifically ordered these Gold Toe socks to get a better quality, larger size sock. First of all the package had a place in it that had been torn open like the product had been tampered with. As you can see in the pictures, there were several different lengths of socks in the bag. Not sure how many my husband will be able to wear since he needs the extra length and width sock. Probably not feasible to return but definitely won’t buy again. Read more

  8. MauiDreaming

    With size 10.5 4E (wide) feet, regular quarter socks always fit well until the first wash when shrinkage would turn them into foot-strangling clumps of cotton. So I rolled the dice and purchased the extended size of the Gold Toe brand. So far, so good. They feel like they were made for my feet. Did not give 5 stars because the material is not as thick as the Gold Toe socks that I purchased in the past, but at least they are mostly cotton which is what I wanted. Read more

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