Men’s 6-% toe seam consolation performance group socks

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  • seventy seven% cotton/ 20% polyester/ 2% spandex/ 1% other fibers
  • socks closure
  • machine wash
  • double dry era wicks moisture away from skin for cooler, drier comfort
  • cushioned foot bottom adds comfort in high effect areas
  • arch aid presents a cozy, solid in shape
  • soft cotton-rich knit with spandex for better in shape
  • knit-in emblem
  • 6-pair percent
  • suits shoe sizes 6-12
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be your very own champion with our cotton-wealthy group socks. These double dry overall performance socks are engineered with champion signature fine, healthy and generation to take you to complete new stage of consolation and performance. Now you could pass and sense as extraordinary as you appearance. Designed for the manner you stay.


Shoe Size: 6-12, 10, 10-13, 12-14, Shoe Size: 12-14


White, Black

8 reviews for Men’s 6-% toe seam consolation performance group socks

  1. Bloodhound

    Almost unbelievable. I’ve worn Champion socks (and nothing else) since 1993. I usually replace my socks once per year. Last year’s socks were still in OK condition, but I was really looking forward to the thickness and fluffiness of brand-new socks. I ordered 3 packs of 6, and put them straight into the washer when they arrived. After they came out of the dryer, I noticed that they were MUCH thinner than ever before. In fact, brand-new, they were already thinner than last year’s supply. I thought, well, the geniuses at Champion must have figured out how to make a thinner sock that is just as supportive and comfortable as the thicker ones. So I foolishly through away last year’s socks, and put the new ones in the drawer. I’ve been wearing them for two weeks. Sorry, but these socks SUCK. Way too thin. Uncomfortable. They feel sticky. Even if you haven’t been sweating, removing these socks at night is more like peeling them off your feet. These socks are a total disaster, and a betrayal of the noble Champion brand. I also recently replaced my Champion sweat pants; the new ones are just as thick, soft, and comfortable as the old ones ever were. So, what the hell has happened to the socks? Truly disgusting. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been buying this specific brand and style of socks every few months for over two years. The fit, quality and price have kept me coming back. I just bought another pack December 5th 2016 and they are noticeably different. They are considerably thinner than before. After the initial wash I already had a sock with a hole in it. The older quality made socks warranted either 4 maybe even 5 stars. These are junk look elsewhere for a quality sock. Read more

  3. Dale

    I have worn Champion socks for 30 years. These are a horrible example of what they have always produced. I have purchased them at the box clubs for many years, however my local club stopped selling Champion brand products. I chose this route, bad choice. They feel poorly made, quite thin. The worst aspect though is that they will not stay up on your calf. Brand new out of the package and I have to pull my socks up every hour. I am not sure if this is the only product Champion is now offering, but I would never buy these again. Read more

  4. Marc

    I bought 18 pair of these 3 years ago and they were the best socks I have ever owned. They are still as good as the day I bought them. I bought 6 more pair last week but they are not the same. The foot part seems to be similar, but the calf part is much cheaper. I would compare these socks to regular Hanes socks you buy at Walmart. I don’t understand why they had to ruin such a good thing. It is very disappointing. I took a photo comparing the inside of the older socks to the inside of the new ones. Read more

  5. Pastor LT

    For a product that is sized for a larger person, this one FAILS….the length was OK, and material thickness/weight was OK, but they were not large enough in circumference to be comfortable…too tight, even more so after washing. Who has long skinny feet that these would fit?? Read more

  6. V.

    This product used to have longer durability. Three socks have holes already. One sock generated a hole on the pinky toe, another underneath the outer outside edge and the third under the ball of the foot. I looked back and my last purchase of these was only two months ago and have thrown half of those out already because of holes. My previous generation of these socks lasted so long I didn’t even know where I had bought them so I had to buy some on-line because stores didn’t seem to carry these any longer. Read more

  7. Richard C Norton

    I had previously ordered some socks from Haynes I liked, but the manufacturer had changed the way they were made, and they were much thinner, so I returned those. I searched for a good thick sock and came upon these. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived, as they are nice a thick like the ones I had before. Not crazy thick like a hiking sock, but just a good amount of material for a daily wear sock. I haven’t had them long enough to comment on their durability, but the fit and feel and weight are all great. Read more

  8. Laura

    The socks fit just fine and I’ve seen reviews of how they wear easily. Mine have held up. The reason for the three stars is, even after several washes, the socks leave a solid layer of black fuzz on my feet when I take them off. I spend a good 10 minutes just wiping my feet off and then head straight to the shower because some fuzz just won’t let go! I really hate that. They are decent and worth the price, but be prepared for a fuzz storm every time you take them off. Read more

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