Men’s 6-% freshiq x-temp consolation cool ankle socks

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  • white: seventy one% cotton/25% polyester/2% natural latex rubber/1% spandex/1% nylon black: 72% cotton/24% polyester/2% herbal latex rubber/1% spandex/1% nylon
  • outstanding smooth breathable cotton for all day put on.
  • greater reinforced heel and toe.
  • open-sew knitting layout ventilates air to without difficulty waft through cloth to hold you dry and relaxed.
  • wicks away moisture to maintain you cool and dry.
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product description

hanes consolation cool ventilated 6-% no display socks will maintain you cool and relaxed with maximum cushioning across the foot and breathable mesh panels. Wicking cool consolation fabric will help keep your toes cool and dry. These socks aren’t best at ease, they’re long lasting with bolstered heel and toe. Our freshiq advanced smell protection will assist fight those pungent toes! Spandex and comfort toe seam will provide comfort and a higher match. Fits guys’s shoe sizes 6-12. Hanes 컴포트 쿨 통기성 6팩 노쇼 양말은 발 주위의 쿠션과 통기성 메시 패널로 시원하고 편안하게 유지합니다. 시원하고 편안한 원단이 발을 시원하고 건조하게 유지해 줍니다. 이 양말은 편안할 뿐만 아니라 뒤꿈치와 발가락을 강화하여 내구성이 뛰어납니다. Freshiq 고급 악취 방지 기능은 악취가 나는 발과 싸우는 데 도움이 됩니다. 스판덱스와 컴포트 발가락 솔기는 편안함과 더 나은 착용감을 제공합니다. 남성용 신발 사이즈 255-280mm (us 6-12)에 맞습니다.


One Size, 6-12


White, Black, White/Grey

8 reviews for Men’s 6-% freshiq x-temp consolation cool ankle socks

  1. JB Robinson

    I ordered this exact same item in the summer and loved it so much I wanted more. This appears to be a cheap knockoff – even the logos are not in the right place and look much sketchier. The material is not the same and doesn’t look anything like quality from Hanes Brand. This suggests it’s probably a knock off or a really bad change in offering. Just find one from a different providing supplier. The Hanes Brand quality is thick and a good material from my previous experience. The photo on the left is the junk they sent and the photo on the right is the quality one with the logo in the center and you can even see the difference in the material. Read more

  2. Aroe

    The socks we received look nothing like the picture. The socks we received were much thinner. Given that I’d looked for cushioned socks, specifically, due to the amount of walking we would be doing while on vacation, this didn’t make me too happy. So, while they weren’t what we thought we were buying, they’re perfectly fine socks. Read more

  3. Rob Craig

    This is a review of 10-13/Shoe Size:6-12 (Pack of 6). These are great socks, and unless you’re at the upper end of the size spectrum with wide feet (like me – size 12 wide), I think you’ll be pleased. They are very comfortable and I wish they were just a little bigger. I find that after wearing them all day my toes feel too constricted. But that stretch fabric on top and the padded heels are really very nice from the moment you put them on. After writing this review I’m going to search the web for a larger size (Amazon doesn’t seem to carry one). Read more

  4. Joe

    These Hanes X-Temp Comfort Cool Ankle socks, black in size 6-12, fits my size 11 feet perfectly. The socks have a nice stretchiness to them and then material is comfortable to wear. I think they help keep my feet cooler. The pack comes in two bunches and each bunch has the socks secured to each other in two places with that thin plastic thing inserted through them. There’s a little trick to get those plastic things to release the bunch and not have to damage any socks. If you look at both sides of the plastic thing, you can see one end is bigger and more tab like. Use your thumb and forefinger of one hand to hold the tab stationary, and with your other hand, spin the bunch of socks around in circles. Within moments the plastic thing comes apart releasing the bunch. Do the same to the second fastened part of the bunch. Read more

  5. HonestAbe

    Fits my size 10.5 4E extra wide feet perfectly! They are quite soft and comfy. I can’t speak to long-term durability yet, but they appear to be very well made and look like they’ll last. The bottoms aren’t real thick, but I didn’t want that, anyway. As for the so-called FreshIQ X-Temp “technology” to prevent odor, only time will tell. Problem is, my feet are horrendously smelly after a day wearing shoes. I seriously doubt these socks can control odor that offensive, but I’ll update this review if they work a small miracle on my feet. Beyond all that, they do the job of being socks quite well. Read more

  6. [Redacted] c

    was going to order the no show style and accidentally ordered these. Didn’t want to mess with return due to it being my mistake so started wearing them. Again it’s is my fault for the wrong style but they do fit as described. I just don’t like the ankle socks. These do not seem as comfortable (cushioned) as the ones I am used to. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    These Hanes socks are comfortable, but they don’t last very long. The fabric is cheap and I usually start seeing holes in the socks within a year. That’s fine if you don’t mind throwing away and re-buying socks every six months. Otherwise, there are better options. Darn Tuff makes the best durable socks I’ve ever owned; they are expensive (about $20/pair), but they last forever and have a great replacement policy. Read more

  8. Natalya the Spy

    I bought these socks for my BF because he complained about his feet sweating and making his expensive boots smell. A friend recommended these, so I thought I would give them a try. I can tell you that there is a definite difference between the days he wears these and the days he doesn’t. The second he takes his boots off I can tell if he was wearing these socks or not. They make a big difference and I will be getting him more in the future for sure. Read more

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