Men’s 3 percent low cut work socks

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  • seventy one% cotton, 17% nylon, 11% polyester, 1% lycra spandex
  • made in us
  • pull on closure
  • system wash
  • prolonged reinforcement
  • arch support
  • fights odors
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  • are these truely low reduce or greater of a quarter cut sock? I’m searching out the low reduce fashion it’s only a little bit bigger than a no show sock.
  • question: are these without a doubt low reduce or greater of a quarter reduce sock? I am looking for the low cut fashion that is just a little bit larger than a no show sock. Answer: i’m 7. 5/8 length shoe. They healthy me greater like sector cut sock, a chunk higher truely. By way of jeffrey j. On june 25, 2016 failed to get solutions. See extra answers (7) collapse all answers

  • holes are an trouble with my fiance’s socks. How do those keep up?
  • query: holes are an issue with my fiance’s socks. How do those keep up? Answer: i’ve wore these for the past 2 + years an never had a hollow , for me a brilliant purchase .. By catmann on may 20, 2016 did not get answers. See more solutions (5) disintegrate all solutions

  • is this one pair? Photograph shows 3 toes?
  • question: is that this one pair? Photograph suggests 3 feet? Solution: it is three pairs by way of caitlin d… on december 18, 2015 didn’t get solutions. See more solutions (1) crumble all answers

  • are these socks white or grey?
  • question: are those socks white or gray? Answer: it’s gray. By means of henry l. On march 17, 2017 failed to get answers. See extra solutions (2) collapse all answers


    X-Large, Shoe Size: 6-12, Shoe Size: 11-15


    Grey, Black, White

    8 reviews for Men’s 3 percent low cut work socks

    1. Hal Turner

      I was sitting in my fat man chair watching Bobs Burgers and it hit me. Several years back I made the decision to switch to baggy comfy boxers instead of my standard Marine Corps “tighty whites”. Enough said. Great decision. Now to the socks. It just hit me like a stripper does when you try and snatch a dollar bill from the stage. (I use stolen stripper tips to pay for the $4 buffet on Tuesday nights) Well anyway. My life altering moment was this. I purchased 24 pair of grey carhartt socks. Now stay with me. All those dingy white socks? TRASH THEM. Empty the sock drawer and fill with grey socks only. NO MORE WHITES TO MESS WITH IN THE LAUNDRY. When laundry is done. Don’t even fold the socks. Just throw em in the drawer. They’re all exactly the same. They’ll ALWAYS match. They’ll never be dingy looking. You’re welcome homies. PEACE! Read more

    2. Pentwater Tom

      These are not the same as they were only 3 months ago. The reason I buy these is because they’re thick and heavy. These are thin and light. I’m guessing they changed third world suppliers or else these are fake knockoffs. Read more

    3. jag

      CARHARTT Corporation will be notified that you are selling counterfeit socks. One use and socks are already falling apart. These have to be China copies. I have been purchasing Carhartt sock, pants, shirts and overalls for over 30 years. These socks are garbage and I don’t advise anyone buying them. I would like my money back Read more

    4. SR

      I am a big Carhartt fan so I was somewhat excited to find out that they made socks. I was expecting the same quality and reliability that I find in their jackets, pants, and sweatshirts. Unfortunately, these socks fall short for two main reasons: 1 – The biggest flaw is that they do not stop linting. I am on wash #8 today and the bottom of my feet are still covered in lint. I cannot imagine these socks will last much longer. 2 – The ankle cuff, which was initially perfectly tight around my ankle has loosened up a bit and is now what I call a quitter. You know those socks that just wont stay up anymore? Yup these socks are quickly becoming those. I just do not understand how these socks can be this bad when their Carhartt Men’s 3 Pack Force Performance Work Crew, Charcoal Heather, Shoe: 6-12 are really some of the best socks I own. Read more

    5. Jacqueline Vazquez

      Our original purchase resulted in a delivery of socks that looked identical to the picture in the ad, and my husband was over the moon with them. I purchased additional pairs, using the “Buy Again” feature to ensure I was getting the same product, but the recent delivery was of socks of different construction. These new ones seem to be double-layered, which sound twice as good; however, they are not as well made, and one sock has already torn apart after just a couple of washings and wears. They’re also a different color, with a green / blue color instead of the charcoal gray; this isn’t as big of a deal, but they’re also less comfortable, which is. For the price these command, I was hoping to get the same excellent socks from our original purchase. I’m hesitant to take a chance on these going forward, and might seek out a different brand or seller. Read more

    6. I’ve got it

      Not genuine Carhartt??? I have a ton of this sock. They stopped making it on their website, so i came here to pick up what is left. However, the sock quality is really poor. Either these are knockoffs or they are made of completely different materials?? They are right, thin, and not comfortable compared to the original. I regret buying. Read more

    7. GSutuan

      Have been wearing these Carhartt Low Cut Work socks for a few years and continue to reorder when the inventory wears out. Great fit, slight instep compression aids in circulation and enhances the fit. My feet are sensitive to dye’s and synthetic yarns – the cotton content in these socks are sufficient and do not irritate. Well constructed and durable. Read more

    8. TWest

      For reference I wear a size 14WW shoe. I do really like the carhartt men’s socks. I previously ordered the long socks which work great with my boots. I ordered these ankle socks and also really like them. There are only 2 issues I have… 1. They are a bit taller than standard ankle socks, they do fit but sit higher on my ankle than ankle socks I’ve purchased in the past 2. They are very sturdy just like the carhartt long socks, but they are a much stiffer fabric and not soft and cushy like my other carhartt socks. They are fairly rough and feel almost as if someone sprayed a lot of hairspray on them. But that being said I haven’t yet washed them with fabric softener which I intend to do. That will probably help but I doubt they will be as soft as my carhartt long socks. Read more

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