Ladies’s virtual chronograph resin strap watch, 45/7012

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  • matte crimson resin case with silver-tone top ring
  • liquid crystal display show with time, seconds, day and date
  • features consist of: chronograph, alarm, dual time and backlight
  • matte red resin strap with buckle closure
  • water immune to 330 toes (100m)
  • sport kind: health
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about armitron pro sport watches

more than fifty years ago, armitron pioneered some of the first low priced virtual watches. These days, armitron continues to encompass and nurture a spirit of individuality via making ambitious, long lasting recreation watches which might be built to transport. Providing style and performance, armitron pro recreation watches make sure that you are constantly at the top of your sport.

key functions of this timepiece

product description

quartz movement with digital multifuntional display.


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7 reviews for Ladies’s virtual chronograph resin strap watch, 45/7012

  1. Amy C

    I ordered the silver on silver watch and love how classy it looks for a digital watch! I also love all the extra functions included with the watch: stopwatch, timer, dual time zone times (great for traveling to different time zone), alarm (with chime/ring), date, day, 12/24hr (military time option), time light up, water resistance. For those asking about setting time or turning off hourly chime: Setting time & date 1. Press & hold RESET (top left), seconds will start to flash. 2. Press ST/STP (top right) to reset secs to 0. 3. Press MODE (bottom left) to move to hours. 4. Press ST/STP to advance the hour. 5. Press MODE to move to minutes and repeat step 4 & 5 until you’re done setting the time and date. 6. Press RESET to exit the time&date settings. 7. Voila! Your time & date are set! How to Disable Hourly Chime 1. Press MODE (bottom left) to get to the alarm menu. 2. If you see two symbols of a bell and wifi looking symbols at the bottom of the time, you have an alarm and hourly chime set. 3. Press ST/STP (top right) until the two symbols disappear. 4. Press MODE 3 times to return back to the normal watch time & date screen. Read more

  2. A. Mcginnis

    Purchased 9/20 and died 52 days later – now I’m seeing quite a few reviews with similar or quicker demises. Armitron customer service was completely unhelpful and very blasé about the short lifetime. Seems like maybe these watches are have some age on them, so the battery is on its last legs when you receive it. Husband is a champ at replacing batteries and has quite an inventory of them so it wouldn’t usually be a big deal, but this model requires removal of the entire band and a specialized a teeny tiny screwdriver… AND the battery is not a standard one. Overall would not purchase again and can’t recommend. UPDATE 12/1 – after replacing the battery, on 11/24, the watch DIED AGAIN TODAY. This is clearly a defective product. SECOND UPDATE, 12/22: After contacting Amazon, they (in typical stellar customer relations fashion) replaced the watch that died twice. So nice! I love Amazon. But? Yet? now THAT watch has died as well, just weeks after it arrived. (Truth: I swear on the soul of my father, Domingo Montoya…). I’m about to contact them again to request they replace the second one as well – perhaps I should just suggest they add a free one to my monthly subscription delivery… Read more

  3. Mc

    This watch is everything I was looking for. Affordable, chicness, simplicity, right size and just plain cute ! Lol I’m a nursing student and this goes into military time and has many other features. I’m happy with this purchase. Read more

  4. KJK

    I am writing this review in order to help out the Amazon customer community. Although there are many reviews of this watch, I couldn’t find any answer to what type of battery this takes. I ended up taking the watch apart, and I can now tell you that what was inside was a CR1616 3v battery. The brand was Maxell. I’ve been reasonably happy with this watch. Can’t beat the price for a water resistant watch. I ordered the silver, which looks nice enough to wear with business or any attire. I wear it swimming in the ocean several times a week, and it lasted almost exactly 1 year before the display went haywire. It happened while I was in the water, and I wasn’t sure if the watch going haywire was due to the battery dying or due to water. I’ve ordered a new battery and will try to change it and see if that works. Because this watch is so reasonably priced, I debated with myself quite a bit in deciding if it is worth it to try to change the battery. But I ultimately decided it wasn’t much of a risk to spend $3.55 on a 3-pack of the CR1616 3v battery and give the battery-change a try. . . .Whether I’ll be able to put it back together and have it remain waterproof is up in the air, and I’ll try to update this review once I receive the battery and try to put it in the watch. Read more

  5. cinnamon girl

    Cute, comfortable and I very much appreciated that it arrived set to the correct time and date. I have a very small wrist and the third setting fits perfectly. I bought this watch specifically to have something waterproof that I could wear while paddle boarding, but it is certainly attractive enough that I won’t limit its wear to just when I’m swimming. Read more

  6. Amazon addict

    This watch was great. Wore it while snorkeling, horseback riding and jet skiing. Still looks like new. Very comfortable band. I receive compliments when I wear it. It has a back light that is great when you are in the dark. Four buttons for various features including an alarm clock. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in a water proof watch. I had it in the water about 7 feet deep and no issues and no fogging. 🙂 Read more

  7. EvieT

    I’ve been searching a sports watch for a month because I need a watch that features dual time, alarm, stopwatch, backlight, as well as water resistance. I considered Ice watch BMW series and chronos. Having read through their reviews, they turned out to be impractical. I also looked into Timex watches, but comparing with this armitron watch, they are expensive and emphasize overly on their fancy look. Then I decided to buy this practical watch and it turned out to be good for such a price, about $15, and it has it all! I can set up an alarm with backlight on, and many other sports watches cannot do that. This made possible setting alarms in a dark room or at night. The only thing that I felt disappointed is that the backlight lasts only 2 to 3 seconds. I wish it lasts longer, but it is enough though! I haven’t try under water functions yet. I am looking forward to seeing its underwater performance. Anyway, this is a nice watch for a good price, if it is durable. Oh, btw, I got a wrong manual in the package. I ordered 45/7012 but I got a manual for 45/6975, which is wierd. Overall, it was a good transaction on a good product. Fast shipping! Read more

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