Ladies’s unfastened diabetic ankle socks, bamboo, extensive, skinny, seamless toe and non-binding pinnacle, four pairs

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  • shoe size: 10-12 eighty% bamboo 17% polyamide 3% elastane.
  • flat seam or hand connected seam are very faint and technically called seamless toe however not really seamless.
  • excellent: women gray ankle socks with micromesh, respiratory hole let the air in and gets rid of the sweat. Reinforced toe and heel cause them to extraordinarily comfortable and sturdy.
  • healthy: non-binding pinnacle and seamless toe growth your consolation by means of lowering the stress. Additionally reduces the hazard of contamination and removes the chance of blistering. Extensive ankle socks are advocated for pregnant ladies, aged humans, human beings with circulatory troubles, diabetes, edema, neuropathy, swollen ankle.
  • care commands: please, wash on mild cycle in warm water, max 30°c/86°f. Tumble dry on low placing (now not exceeding 30°c/86°f), however it’s miles better to line dry most effective. The socks can also seem to have gotten smaller after washing however they’ll regain their unique form while you wear them.
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6-9, 10-12


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8 reviews for Ladies’s unfastened diabetic ankle socks, bamboo, extensive, skinny, seamless toe and non-binding pinnacle, four pairs

  1. Dar S.

    These socks are for all you folks who have searched and searched and searched for socks that do not put your feet in a vice. When your feet are swollen and your ankles have blown up like a spare tire you don’t want tight socks. I finally at 71 years old found my last sock to search for. Got lots of the other kind to donate. Read more

  2. KJ

    I have been looking for comfortable socks that aren’t too tight or too loose. I am not a diabetic, but thought perhaps these socks would work. They are the most comfortable socks I own. Again, not too tight, not too loose, and come up just to the ankles. I walk 3-5 miles a day and these socks feel great all day. I would highly recommend them! Read more

  3. Hope to help

    Just received the socks and I’m confused. The bar code label on the plastic bag the socks come in says the size is US 6-10. The cardboard surrounding them says US: 8-13. Which to believe?. They are 100 per cent guaranteed satisfaction, no questions asked. These socks are designed in the USA and manufactured in the EU. I bought black already and came back to buy the blue. It’s a nice dark Navy. One has a long thread along the top of the heel. I’ll clip it and use some ‘ fray check ‘ to prevent a run or hole from forming. I’ll update if necessary. Personally, I really LIKE them. Their light weight, very soft and opaque. Considering their made with bamboo I expect them to be softer after washing just like the other products that contain bamboo in the material like my blankets. AND they ARE NOT made in China, but in the EU. (Europe). I wear a size 7 shoe. The seam that runs across the top of the toes is flat and non irritating even in my tight shoes. The heel fits well no excess material. Some time later;. They do get softer and they keep my sweaty feet dry. They don’t loose their stretch and don’t sag while worn. The fray check kept a run from developing and have been worn and washed several times. I bought a second pair but a different length so I own ankle and crew bamboo socks. AAAHHHHH! Read more

  4. Robin Jez

    These socks are amazing ! They are so lightweight and so much stretch and room around ankle and above! I am diabetic and these are a Godsend! Not having the seam on the toe is amazing and my feet love it ! I highly recommend this if you have issues with your feet … I got the larger size and so glad I did ! They don’t feel restrictive and I got to say that is the best part !! Thank you ! Will re order more when I need to for sure ! Read more

  5. Sue S.

    I can NOT tell you how many brands of socks that I have purchased trying to find what I’ve been looking for. I needed an ankle length sock that was thin but not binding at the cuff. My left foot & ankle tend to swell & I need to use all of the length of my sneaker shoe laces to have room to get my shoe on. There is no room for thick socks. Due to the slight swelling of my ankle, every brand that I’ve tried until this one dug into my skin. Reading the non binding words in the description left me skeptical but hopeful enough that I placed an order. I am ordering 5 more pair. I NEVER want to go through months of trying to find socks again. I recommend these socks 150%! If there was a “fit better than expected” & more than 5 stars option, I would’ve chosen them! Read more

  6. Cathy S.

    This is a nice lightweight sock for summer months for someone who has to wear a full shoe all of the time. It comes just above the ankle and does not bind the ankle. It is a stretchy sock, but doesn’t lose its shape. Read more

  7. C.V.

    I’ve been searching for these for years! My feet and ankles swell and un-swell–a lot. Usually socks dig a trench around the ankle while the swelling is going on. If the swelling is not present, the socks that dug the least painful trench tend to fall off (because I usually don’t wear shoes at home). These socks have none of those problems. Just a small point–the description calls them high ankle socks. Well they’re not low-cut ankle socks, but I’d say they’re just, plain, ankle socks. Read more

  8. Nadia

    I needed beige socks and these looked perfect, not too low so they would slide on the heel, and not too high on the ankle. Came out fast as promised, and what I love that that the socks are very soft, very comfortable and the exact color I needed. Read more

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