Ladies’s swarovski crystal accented bracelet watch

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  • imported
  • 11 swarovski crystal markers
  • mother-of-pearl dial with a day and date calendar characteristic at three o’clock
  • 2-tone chrome steel case and bracelet with a coin edge bezel and a fold over buckle
  • gold-tone luminous hands with a 2d hand sweep and an out of doors minute music
  • water-immune to a hundred sixty five ft (50 m): appropriate for swimming and showering. Pull the crown out to set the time on calendar watch.
  • do now not operate push buttons below the floor of the water. Have to water or condensation appear within the watch, straight away have the watch checked.
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about armitron watches

considering the fact that 1956, armitron has embodied and nurtured the spirit of individuality. These days, armitron seems to improve that mission by making fashionable, functional timepieces available to everyone. We provide a extensive variety of excessive nice, elegant timepieces to suit all styles and budgets.

true crystal accents upload a complicated sparkle to any outfit

a dial made from mom-of-pearl provides an iridescent touch of elegance

crafted from chrome steel, this bracelet is smooth and durable and closes securely with a convenient fold-over clasp

water immune to a hundred sixty five feet: in trendy, appropriate for quick intervals of recreational swimming, but now not diving or snorkeling

product description

scratch resistant mineral crystal lens and japanese quartz movement.


Gold/Black, Silver, Gold/Green, Silver/Pink, Two Tone/Blue, Two Tone/Green, Two-Tone

8 reviews for Ladies’s swarovski crystal accented bracelet watch

  1. S. Taipale

    I came across this Armitron watch while looking for something different today. Surprise! Amazon reminds me that I bought this one in 2010! I love this watch. I have worn it constantly for 8 years. It has been compared to a Rolex, which surprised me. It is quite beautiful. I don’t wear it in the water, but water does get splashed on it in the sink, etc. The two tones, gold & silver, make this a very versatile watch. In the 8 years I’ve had this watch, I have never had any problems with it. I’m sure I’ve had the battery replaced a time or two, and I do remember that I had some links removed for my very small wrist, about 5 1/2″. I am reviewing it today in case anyone wonders about the quality of this watch. It is super! I think it will last forever, still looking new and beautiful. And to top it off, the price is amazingly low for such a quality watch.Read more

  2. Matthew & Lydia Pilch

    Honestly, we just received this today, so everything looks good out of the package. Time will tell (see what I did there?) how it wears in the long run. I’m giving the product 5-stars because I don’t know any better. The adjustment sucked, but that probably shouldn’t take away from the rating. Read on!I’m really here to tell you about the watch band adjustment. My wife and done a lot of research on this prior to ordering it and found that that was the number one complaint. For this particular model, the instruction booklet is NO HELP whatsoever! I’m not joking. It’s a generic booklet that covers the majority of their products, as far as adjusting band length, but not this particular one. Incidentally, going to youtube and searching for how to adjust a ladies Armitron watch band won’t yield any useful results either – I’ll save you the work. After scouring said video site for all things related to wearable horology I was about to give up when I saw a link that didn’t really seem to have to do with my search, and that was what I needed.You need to search for “How to Remove T-Bar Watch Band Links” This video link is quite helpful. youtube. com/watch?v=Gp5qzewcak4That took about an hour of searching and video watching to find that, so you’re welcome on that front. (How was I supposed to know that it was called?! Thanks, Armitron, for leaving that one out of the instruction manual!)Now let me tell you that even though you have the right video and know that you are performing a T-bar watch band link, it is still a daunting task. You see, you actually need jewelers tools to do this. All the other YouTube tutorials tell you how to MacGyver stuff, which I’m all about, but you need a special tool just to get it started. Now, I’m also a piano technician so I have some pretty peculiar tools hanging around and was able to MacGyver it, if you will. One thing that you will absolutely need to do is to get yourself a pair of the cheapest, smallest needle-nose pliers you can and then prepare to sabotage them so you can make a hack version of the pro-tool you see on the video. Then, if you don’t have than fancy watch adjusting pad, well, may God be with you, because after you move that T-bar a little over a millimeter with your hacked tool, you’re going to need to find some way to push it out another millimeter so that it is high enough to grab on to with a good pair of needle-nose pliers that hasn’t been mutilated. I ended up using a pick tool and a jeweler’s hammer, but try and be careful not to damage the watch in the process.Once I figured out what I needed to do with the first one, the rest (and I had to remove 4 links) went relatively painlessly. All in all, the project of adjusting her watch took me about two hours. Honestly, you have been warned. I have given you all the information you need. You decide what your skill level is and what your time is worth. If you have a jeweler close by, it might be worth the $8 or whatever to just have them do it for you since they have all the right tools. Maybe that’s why Armitron doesn’t include a section on the T-Bar watch band?!Read more

  3. Margaret

    Beautiful, classic design! It has a mother of pearl face that is gorgeous and the cz on the dial makes it look like a high end watch. Very light and a perfect small size!Read more

  4. Tobe Halen

    The watch is very pretty. The face with the crystals around it give it a definite “dress up” factor. The band was easy to size down to fit my wrist, which is something I have to do with any link style band. The one problem I have with this watch is that it does NOT have a way to adjust the DAY and DATE separately……even though it said so in the instructions. The watch is supposed to have a 3 setting stem, but the one I received only has a 2 setting stem….one for the TIME and the other for the DAY/DATE. I spent 2 hours turning the stem to advance the DAY/DATE to finally get the DAY (Thurs) to match the DATE (30th). So, as much as I’d love to give this watch 5 stars, I just can’tRead more

  5. Q

    Purchased for myself and it is a really nice watch. Love the small size of the bracelet (unfortunately due to my small wrist will have to remove a couple links, but that’s no problem at all). The crystal accents that serve as the numbers make this watch so elegant. Totally satisfied with purchase.Read more

  6. Cheer

    I am a nurse and wanted a watch with a second hand, that was very water resistant (we wash our hands all the time), and that was pretty enough to wear on a date. However, the first time I wore it in the shower, it filled with condensation on the inside. It went away after a few hours, but I realized it was not very water resistant. Then just yesterday, only a few months after purchase, I was at work and I looked down and realized that the face of my watch had disappeared and had somehow broken off. Obviously, this was an expensive bargain, because it is ready for the garbage!Read more

  7. Andrea

    I have been looking for an affordable everyday water resistant day/date ladies watch (I hate getting batteries replaced) and usually buy a timex. Timex did not offer a day/date that I liked (in fact they primarilyonly had dates). I received it today and loved the presentation and how easy it was to set. I usually buy expansion bands for day but this has a clasp and while I could take a few links off, it still overs a comfortable fit. I have never owned this brand before so will update as to reliability. It does not have the Indiglo function, but does offer everything else I wanted. It is much more substantial than the pink face (which a friend swears by). This one is water resistant and easier to read compared to the pink face similar one. For the money and style, I am glad I bought this one. It looks much more expensive than $40 and is priced higher at Walmart (I bought mine through Amazon). It arrived in 2 days, well packaged, and with directions.Read more

  8. Linda Herner

    I absolutely loved the looks of this watch! Sadly, the band was huge (my wrist is 5.75″ ), and I’d need six links removed. Still, I would have done that, but I got one with a bad crown stem, and date/day could not be easily set, and when I finally got them to, they did not advance (and couldn’t be set over again). I so wish this would have worked out! Ended up buying a Timex, has indiglo but not nearly as pretty!Read more

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