Ladies’s sport cushion no display socks, 6 pairs

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  • 78% cotton, 19% polyester, 2% nylon, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • machine wash
  • cushioned to absord surprise
  • strengthened toe
  • best fit with spandex
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  • is the heel cushion?
  • question: is the heel cushion? Solution: thanks for your query. Sure, the lowest of the sock is cushioned. We are hoping you find this beneficial. Through simona d. Producer on april 15, 2019 collapse all solutions

  • which did you get, beneath, at, or above ankles socks? Critiques say all 3…
  • query: which did you get, underneath, at, or above ankles socks? Reviews say all 3… Answer: i got the ankle length socks. By means of viva on february 16, 2016 did not get solutions. See more answers (3) crumble all solutions

  • are these no display socks?
  • query: are these no display socks? Answer: yes . I like gold toe socks, quality socks via amazon patron on february 7, 2017 did not get answers. See greater solutions (6) fall apart all answers

  • i put on 7. 5 shoe size. Will it fit me?
  • question: i put on 7. Five shoe length. Will it healthy me? Solution: sure, they’re one length. By using beltoutlet seller on september 7, 2016 didn’t get answers. See more answers (1) collapse all answers


    One Size, Shoe Size: 6-9, 9-11


    Black, White, Aqua Assorted, Blue Green Mix, Blush, White, Angel Blue, Iris, Brighht Mix, Capri, White, Pink, Coral, Orchid, Coral, Orchid, Teal, Blue, White/Grey, Black/Grey, Peacoat, Blue, Yellow, Orchid, White/Grey, Black/Grey, White Assorted, White-orange Assorted, White/Blue/Lime/Purple, White/Pink/Yellow/Orange, Stripe Multi

    8 reviews for Ladies’s sport cushion no display socks, 6 pairs

    1. Pamela M-L

      I love my gold toe socks so much! They’re so comfortable; the ones I have, I wear every time I go out. So I just re-ordered two more packs of them and was SO disappointed to find out that they’ve changed the styling so that there is no longer a comfortable fit from the band to the toe; they’ve now added a much more defined and tight band. Being diabetic, I can’t wear anything on my feet that’s constricting—and these new socks left definite deep marks around both my feet, not to mention they’re uncomfortable. I’m returning them. Disappointed that I now have to look for another brand of sock after having been so pleased with these for years and annoyed that I have to hassle with returning what I thought was a sure bet purchase. Photo: top sock (washed many times) shows a subtler band around the top. The new sock on bottom shows a defined band that is less forgiving and too tight. Read more

    2. Jamie

      I will start off my saying my favorite brand socks are Gold Toe. As in, this is typically the only brand socks I ever buy for my whole family. I bought the black socks and the band on the ankle on it is way too tight. I will add that I am overweight (I am 5’6″ and weigh 195 pounds and wear a 7.5 size shoe) and don’t have the best blood flow circulation. I always wear socks to bed because my feet get cold but when I wore these I woke up to my feet starting to turn blue and going numb from having my circulation cut off. I was wondering if it was just because I’m overweight and gave them to my neighbor who is really tiny and wears a size 5 or 6 shoe and she said it was too tight for her too. Don’t buy these socks. Unfortunately, I waited too long to return them. Read more

    3. Kevin S

      I have ordered these socks twice. I placed the orders within 4 days of each other and received two very different products. The first set was very nice, and had a slightly larger elastic band at the top. The socks were mostly cotton, very breathable, and extremely comfortable. The second set of socks was some sort of polyester blend, they have a white stripe on the inside right under the elastic hole. These are terrible, they make your feet sweat nonstop, they pick up every spec of junk on the floor, and they do not wash well at all. You literally have to put your foot directly in a shoe after putting these on or they will forever have junk on them. The first pair deserves a 5-star rating, the second pair deserves less then 1. Read more

    4. Linda

      In the past, I have ordered the multi-colored socks (Gold Toe Women’s 6-pack Sport Cushion No Show Sock Brighht Mix Shoe Size: 6-9 ), and loved that they were 89% cotton and that the ridged opening was not too tight and sat just below the ankle. I wore them until they were threadbare. I had trouble finding these exact socks again to reorder, but I finally did. The page offered the same socks in additional color choices, so I also ordered a set in black. When they arrived, they both had the exact same packaging and naming convention, BUT, the black ones were made of 78% cotton, and the ankle opening was much, much tighter (too uncomfortable for me) and sat higher towards the ankle. I am returning the black set. It is very strange that the socks are advertised as the same, but they really aren’t. Read more

    5. Harmony

      I’ve purchased gold toe brand women’s socks in the past and they were thick, plush and comfy. These are thin, tight and just awful. Very disappointed. What happened to the Gold Toe quality that I was used to?? PS Had to pay the shipping to return these. Read more

    6. Rae

      These are the best socks!! They’re actually that comfortable that it is exciting when you can find them. I have found them at Kohl’s before. They’re such cute colors for the most part. I wear size 9.5 shoe, and these are up to size 9, so I knew they’d be a little tighter. I have some in the women’s larger size and they feel nicer on my ankles, but these fit fine. They are so soft and cushy, and I know from experience that they last for years and years. They are thicker, so I mostly wear them around the house instead of in shoes, but that’s just my preference. Read more

    7. Lisa Palmer

      These have been the only socks I will buy since the day I tried on my first pair. They aren’t thin, cheaply made socks. I buy them in white and black. They might be more money than other socks, but they last twice as long as other socks, so they’re actually a great value. These don’t get all stretched out after several times wearing them, like cheaper socks do. My 12 year old daughter wears them, as well. She is very particular with her clothing and can’t wear anything that feels weird on her body. These socks fit like a glove, they don’t twist around, making the toe seam crooked. They don’t slide down your heels and into your boots, like a lot of socks do. The specific gold toe socks that I purchase are the Gold Toe Women’s Sport Cushion No Show Sock, 6 Pairs. I’ve bought other Gold Toe socks, that were thinner by mistake, so it depends on your preference . Just make sure you read the description carefully and choose the correct thickness. A 12 year old wearing snow boots and doesn’t loose her socks when she takes them off, is a wonderful, well made pair of socks. Read more

    8. Collector

      I like Gold Toe products, but the previous low socks that I purchased were made of some flimsy synthetic that made my feet hot. The fabric is now mostly cotton and they are more comfortable. These socks do not slip down into my shoes and show slightly above the top of athletic walking shoes at ankle height. I think they run a bit small. I purchased size 6-9 since I wear a size 9 shoe, and they just fit. If your feet are larger, go with the larger size range. Typical of Gold Toe socks, there is no bulky seam across the toe of the sock that will rub your feet. Read more

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