Ladies’s plus length sheer thigh excessive socks, black, one length queen

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  • sheer thigh excessive stockings with live up silicone lace top
  • silicone lace top grips thigh so stockings live up
  • one size suits a-b-c-d wellknown pantyhose sizing.
  • one length queen suits e-f popular pantyhose sizing.

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  • i’m 5’10 and a length 14. What size have to i get?
  • query: i’m 5’10 and a size 14. What length need to i get? Solution: get the one size plus through amazon client on august 7, 2019 did not get answers. See greater answers (1) crumble all answers

  • i’m five’6 and one hundred fifty lbs. My hips are 40. They simplest have the queen length. Will that be too huge for me?
  • query: i’m five’6 and 150 lbs. My hips are 40. They most effective have the queen size. Will that be too large for me? Answer: ms j i word within the length choice there’s one length and one length queen. One length according to the dreamgirl ought to fit a determine 4′ 11″ to 5’10 ninety-160 pounds. All the satisfactory with this desire if you go in advance. I love mine but i am one length queen ! I hope this enables ! Michael through michael miller on february 7, 2020 failed to get answers. See greater solutions (four) collapse all answers

  • is the delivery bundle discrete because in a crossdresser and live with circle of relatives?
  • query: is the transport package discrete due to the fact in a crossdresser and stay with circle of relatives? Solution: the shipper sends it in a envelope but the package itself isn’t through savannah shy on august 20, 2017 failed to get answers. See extra answers (3) fall apart all answers

  • i am 5’6 and 150 lbs. My hips are 40. They best have the queen length. Will that be too big for me?
  • question: i’m 5’6 and one hundred fifty lbs. My hips are forty. They simplest have the queen size. Will that be too big for me? Answer: too large by amazon patron on february 7, 2020 disintegrate all solutions

    8 reviews for Ladies’s plus length sheer thigh excessive socks, black, one length queen

    1. @0LadyLuna0

      I’m a thick and curvy webcam model… and it is kinda hard to find products that fit me properly and still add to the sexy look I’m going for. These are the BEST stockings I’ve discovered for my thick thighs. I ordered close to 7 different pairs of stockings when I was searching for something that would fit. Dreamgirl Plus Size were the ONLY ones that fit me. ALL of the ones I ordered were “Plus Size” or “Queen”… and made it look like my legs were getting pinched off. Then I tried Dreamgirl, and I haven’t looked back! I love the silicone under the lace at the top… helps keep them up. Of course, after a few times of using them, they need to be hand washed in cold water to keep the silicone sticky. Obviously your skin particles and sweat are going to get the silicone dirty and they will start rolling/sliding down after just a few seconds of movement. Keep them clean and they stay up every time. The ONLY complaint I really have is that I wish the nylon material was a bit better quality. This is the second pair of these that I have purchased, and I only had the first pair for about 3 months before they got a run in them. So it would be nice if the material were thicker and of better quality… but for the price… I can’t complain to much. lol My roommate was kind enough to do my laundry for me one weekend while I was gone…. and she washes in HOT WATER. She also doesn’t separate her clothes into delicates, etc. So… these got washed in hot water and then put in the dryer. (Love her to death, but… NO!) So after that the silicone was cracked and didn’t stick as well. DO NOT WASH IN THE WASHING MACHINE UNLESS YOU USE COLD WATER. Or, just hand wash them. Super quick and easy. DO NOT DRY THEM IN THE DRYER… let them air dry! They look sexy and fit well on a tick woman. If you’re considering it…. consider no more… do it! Read more

    2. C. Torres

      I’m a size 14, and ordered a Queen (which is 16-20) so I’d have a more comfortable fit with a little extra room for movement. Big mistake. 1. They were tight, so small I thought I’d accidentally ordered the wrong size. My thighs, which are comparable (if not a little smaller) to the other Queen ladies in the reviews, looked like a pair of smuggled hams gasping for air. Not a good look, especially if you’re attempting to seduce. 2. Cheap quality, and girllll, I mean *CHEAP*. Flimsy one-time use material most likely crafted by the finest child labor pennies can buy. You’d find these in a dollar store or novelty shop. Know that you’re getting what you’re overpaying for in terms of quality. All in all, these were too cheap to bother opening up a ticket to get back my hard-earned coin. I’ll probably just use them to wipe away my tears. Thanks anyway, Killer-of-Dream girl. Read more

    3. Ashley Grant

      They fitted AMAZINGLY no complaints Read more

    4. Jennay

      I love it! for a long time I have struggled finding thigh highs that fit. I am 5’6 and 240 lbs, according to chart this puts me over the queen size and local sellers in all the store only seem to carry up to queen. I was nervous ordering these online, but it turned out great, the material is soft and even without a garter belt they stay up well. Great buy for anyone looking for thigh highs that fit. Read more

    5. Ana

      I bought a one size/plus and was a little nervous about the fit. My thighs are about 26 inches around and it fit really well. It wasn’t uncomfortable and the lining inside the lace holds them up nicely. They’re really stretchy and I’m sure they could fit around thighs bigger or smaller than mine and still be comfortable and they didn’t squeeze at all. I’m about 5’7″ and I was able to stretch them up almost my whole thigh if I tried. They are really easy to adjust and work with, I’m very pleased with this purchase. Read more

    6. Kirstin

      I wanted these stockings for a boudoir photo shoot, so the fit of the top was very important. I initially ordered both the white and black in “One Size”, and the elastic compressed my thighs so much that it was comical. My thighs are only about 19 inches around but fatty. I’m sure if I was more muscular it wouldn’t have squished so badly, and if I had gotten them to wear around under something it would have been reassurance that it wouldn’t have fallen down. Maybe they would have eventually stretched out, but I didn’t have time for that. I exchanged for the “Queen” sizes, and they worked much better. They didn’t compress my thighs, and the rubber lines in the lace were enough to keep them up during the photo shoot. Read more

    7. Alexandra

      Ok a few things. I purchased these for a night in with my s/o and also bought this gorgous red piece with stocking hinges. Neither my s/o and I are used to the way they attach. I’m not sure if it was the rubber that is designed to keep the stocking up or whatever but we had a hard time clipping it. I plan to click the stockings on securely prior to getting all dressed up next time. Now, I have massive thighs. At one point my sister called them ham hocks. It doesn’t help that I’ve lost over 100 pounds which results in loose skin. These barely kept up. They rolled and fell down. But the material is really nice, they did not fry. I highly recommend using a garment bag to wash them. Ultimately I would look for another pair without the elastic glue to keep it up. For a quick night these worked great. Read more

    8. Catherine Collingwood

      Perhaps I ordered the wrong size, as I wear a Queen in regular pantyhose but most of my thickness is around my hips. (My pants/skirt size is an 18W but I do not need extra-wide legs on my pants. I’m 5’5″ 225#.) Regardless, the product was too large and proved to be of poor quality when the right stocking tore and ran about the sixth time I pulled it back up. After that, it simply gave up — even though the tear was not on the upper band — and I couldn’t even take six steps before the stocking was falling down around my knees and ankles. And of course this happened while I was out on a date…fortunately my guy’s a good sport, so it was funny instead of embarrassing. Read more

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