Ladies’s leather top slip-on jazz shoe

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  • a hundred% leather-based
  • synthetic sole
  • leather-based higher and neoprene stretch arch insert
  • split eva sole for flexibility
  • zero. 4” flat heel for traction and stability
  • fabric lining and neoprene stretch arch insert for both comfort and help
  • standard size, corresponding heel to toe duration is listed in product description
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product description

manufactured from gentle cow leather and texile lining material with neoprene stretch arch insert, the footwear are each relaxed and sturdy.

the heel is flat and light with break up sole layout, that can provide dancers a top notch aid and grip.

dynadans dance shoes are well designed and made with careful consideration and terrific material. They no longer handiest offer consolation, but additionally flexibility and sturdiness for users.

the shoe top is made of actual leather-based that is tender and durable, which makes it extra cozy for dancers.

split sole layout no longer simplest makes dynadans jazz shoes lightweight, but also offers flexibility while dancing.

neoprene stretch arch insert is a thoughtful layout for each better becoming and greater aid for arch.

the material lining makes dynadans shoes greater secure and easy to put on.

length and heel to toe information of dynadans jazz footwear

4 b(m) — heel to toe: 8 1/2”/21. 6cm ————————————- 8. 5 b(m) — heel to toe: 10”/25. 4cm

4. Five b(m) — heel to toe: 8 five/8”/21. 9cm ———————————– nine b(m) — heel to toe: 10 1/8”/25. 7cm

five b(m) — heel to toe: eight three/4”/22. 2cm ————————————- 9. 5 b(m) — heel to toe: 10 1/4”/26cm

five. Five b(m) — heel to toe: nine”/22. 86cm ————————————– 10 b(m) — heel to toe: 10 half of”/26. 67cm

6 b(m) — heel to toe: nine 1/8”/23. 2cm ————————————- 10. Five b(m) — heel to toe: 10 5/eight”/27cm

6. 5 b(m) — heel to toe: nine 1/four”/23. 5cm ———————————– eleven b(m) — heel to toe: 10 5/6”/27. 5cm

7 b(m) — heel to toe: 9 half of”/24. 13cm ———————————– 12 b(m) — heel to toe: eleven”/27. 94cm

7. 5 b(m) — heel to toe: nine 5/8”/24. 4cm ———————————– thirteen b(m) — heel to toe: 11 1/four”/28. 6cm

8 b(m) — heel to toe: 9 three/four”/24. 77cm ———————————— 14 b(m) — heel to toe: eleven 5/8”/29. 5cm

a way to find your size:

1. Placed naked foot on a sheet of paper;

2. Mark the positions of heel and toe;

three. Measure the duration between them;

4. Find your size in length chart therefore.


4 Women/3.5 Men, 4.5 Women/4 Men, 5 Women/4.5 Men, 5.5 Women/5 Men, 6 Women/5.5 Men, 6.5 Women/6 Men, 7 Women/6.5 Men, 7.5 Women/7 Men, 8 Women/7.5 Men, 8.5 Women/8 Men, 9 Women/8.5 Men, 9.5 Women/9 Men, 10 Women/9.5 Men, 10.5 Women/10 Men, 11 Women/10.5 Men, 12 Women/11.5 Men, 13 Women/12.5 Men, 14 Women/13.5 Men


Black, Brown

8 reviews for Ladies’s leather top slip-on jazz shoe

  1. austen_gal

    I chose these shoes for my daughter after weighing the cost of quality dance/jazz shoes and it being her first time in a theater production. I didn’t want to invest a lot of money in something she might have either dropped out of or not enjoyed and didn’t want to repeat again. After spending the time to trace her foot on piece of paper and then measure from her biggest toe to heel, we went with the size that was closest and rounded up slightly. She wears a woman’s size 11, but we bought the 8.5 M. They fit fine. Maybe a bit snug, but after a couple of uses, they stretched out some. She used them 2-3 x a week for two months and then for 6 performances. By the end, the soles had holes in them and she will need a new pair for the next production (she’s hooked!). However, we were told to expect most jazz shoes to only last for one semester, so we were expecting it. For the amount of use these shoes saw, I’m happy with the performance. She already has a pair in her Amazon Wishlist ready to purchase and we will definitely be doing so. Read more

  2. Kimberly B

    Our daughter is a freshman in high school and she came home on the 2nd day and said she needed “jazz shoes” for her dance class. I didn’t know what jazz shoes were so as always I looked on Amazing Amazon and there they were. They fit perfectly, they’re very comfortable and our girl loves them. I looked at other brands however alot of them said to order the shoes larger because of the European sizes. Dynadans said order your shoe size. I really appreciated that. I will always get her dance shoes from them, we are customers for life!! Thank you Dynadans, you are the best. Read more

  3. Brooke M.

    I am a jazz dance teacher and when I ordered these I was a bit nervous because 1. I get nervous about ordering shoes online and 2. These jazz shoes were a great price so I wasn’t sure how when quality would be. The show fits as expected and they are great quality and are quite comfortable. I have recommended these to my dancers. Read more

  4. mars

    These shoes run big, definitely. I usually solidly wear a size 10 in women’s no matter the brand or shoe type, but after reading the reviews saying to order down, I went down half a size, to 9.5, as I have a wider foot. It fits very well, and I don’t think I could go all the way to 9 without it being very tight, and up to 10 without it being very loose. These are my first jazz shoes so I’m not completely sure of how they should fit but I do feel the toe box is a bit loose, but I might have the wrong size since I don’t know how they should be. l went around locally to try and purchase but couldn’t find my size anywhere. The jazz shoes in store were a bit more pricey with a base of $50 and going up, but were very good quality. These seem to be about the same quality and are very nice, for a good deal Read more

  5. McKenna

    I actually ordered these for a cosplay that I’m competing in at a con in a few weeks. They’re fairly good quality but are a bit too big because I’ve got the wrong size. So usually when ordering shoes online I order them a half or full size bigger, an 8.5-9, depending on the reviews. I’m an 8 so I ordered the 8.5s in hopes that they’d fit correctly. They don’t. They’re still a bit loose even when I’m wearing thick socks. I’d get the correct size but I don’t want to pay the extra $10 for them. I’m not going to be dancing too hardcore in them so I’m not too worried about the exact fit. They seem comfortable but we’ll see after wearing them for like 12-15 hours at a convention. 😆 Read more

  6. Cloudy Doo

    I was worried about purchasing just because of the difficulty in understanding the sizing of all the jazz shoes… but I followed the directions and the shoes fir great. They held up in practice and her performance. My daughter reports that they fit perfect and are comfortable. She has a wide foot so that’s great! Read more

  7. J Olson

    Daughter needed a new pair of jazz dance shoes. Her first pair came from the dance company. I ordered these because they claim to be the same brand as the ones I got at dance company. I bought the same brand and same size. However thes shoes were NOTHING like they were advertised. Way too big and wide and looked poorly made. We returned these the day after receiving them. Read more

  8. Kraimont

    I bought these shoes for my daughter who needs them for theater rehearsal. She wears an 8 1/2 for all shoes, so I purchased her size after taking the size chart quiz, which recommended the 8.5M. It fits well on the width but it is loose on the toe box. Overall, the fits larger than it’s supposed to and she is going to have to wear something to give her the right fit. She is happy with the product, but now I know that perhaps an 8 or even a 7.5 would’ve fit better. You can’t have loose jazz shoes. Read more

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