Ladies’s hidden cotton liner socks, four pair p. C.

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  • sixty eight% cotton, 28% nylon, four% spandex
  • imported
  • device wash
  • no display liner
  • four pair p. C.
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product description

pamper your ft and your pedicure! This extremely low profile liner stretches conveniently over the feet and around the heel. Elastic topline and silicone at heel keeps this sock in region and out of sight.


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6 reviews for Ladies’s hidden cotton liner socks, four pair p. C.

  1. CKO

    I bought these Hue sock liners after buying one made by Sheec. They are both good choices, and I will wear both. The Hue socks have a thin elastic all around the top, and cover more of the foot. The Sheec socks are cut lower (toes show), with a very thin loose elastic around the top and some silicone dots at the bottom under the ball of the foot. Both brands have grippy silicone at the heels. Choose the Hue ones if you want more coverage or care most about the socks never slipping off your foot, and the Sheec ones if you care most about the sock not showing at all or find elastic irritating. The photo shows the difference (I have a 7M foot, bought the small size in both brands). With the shoes shown, either brand worked OK. Read more

  2. Laina

    These are comfy and the back of the sock stays put due to the adhesive, but the toe of the sock rides up so it is visible when wearing certain shoes. I was hoping they would hide under my Tory Burch flats but unfortunately not… Read more

  3. Constance

    First of all, I just want to say that discovering these socks existed changed my life. I have sweaty feet, and I always ruin my flats and heels by not wearing socks with them. These are awesome, for the most part don’t slide down, and have saved my shoes and that “slippery feeling.” However, I have two issues. First of all, I wish these came in more of a blush nude color, since the beige nude is very obvious and silly-looking when it peeks out from certain of my shoes against my pinkish feet. I can totally deal with that though, just a cosmetic thing. The second, bigger issues, is that these were expensive – and already falling apart! I paid sixteen bucks for these, which is more than they are priced at now, and I only got two pairs. I think I washed this pair (in photo) only twice, and already the elastic broke and they are unwearable. I tried to return/replace them, but I missed the return date by five days. I can’t even figure out how to contact the seller to make a complaint about it. I wouldn’t mind so much except they cost so much! Sad. Read more

  4. Heather

    I couldn’t decide which of these to order so got 3 different types of “hidden” socks to try with my ballet flats (wore with 2 different brands of shoes). Here are my reviews: Smartwool: 1* Pros: um, they are socks as promised. Cons: you can see a lot of the socks when wearing ballet flats and when I walked 10 feet, the socks slipped off my heels and bunched up under my feet. This made them completely unwearable so they went straight to the trash. HUE: 3* Pros: stay on, fabric feels nice, have grippy silicone at the heels. Cons: you can see the socks sticking out of ballet flat shoes on both brands of shoes that I have, feet got sweaty with this fabric, by the end of the day my toes felt scrunched. I am still keeping these but will only wear them with shoes that cover more of my feet. Sheec: 5* Pros: very “low cut” so you can’t see the socks while wearing ballet flats, they have silicone at both the heel (to avoid slipping off your heels) and on the balls of your feet (this is great as your feet don’t slide around in your shoes, and fabric is breathable so no sweaty feet w/the thin material. Cons: none for me. Neutral: some may prefer thicker material. I like this one. It feels like thick tights. Read more

  5. Pooky Bear

    I have NEVER used these types of shoe liners before but I recently got orthodics that I like to wear in my mary janes and synthetic insoles ALWAYS stink up FAST when I don’t wear socks so I decided to get these to see if it would delay this inevitable result. So far so good. I wear a 10.5-11 womens and I ordered the Size 2. They stay up because at the back of the heel it has this little rubber film, however where the seam of the elastic meets, it usually digs into my skin and starts to make it sore. These were just a hair to tight for me and that’s why I’m giving 4 stars. 4/9/14 Update: When I wrote the review above, I had only worn these brand new, never washed. I recently went to Target and saw some liners that looked promising. They were less expensive than these and came in a pack of 3 in pink, black and white. They were 100% synthetic material and also had a little rubber pad at the back of the heel. They felt better when wearing them at first, but they kept slipping off my heel. GRRRRRRRRR. Also, I could not get them to stay hidden when wearing my mary janes no matter what. ALSO my feet sweat a lot in them which I felt didn’t happen in these. I had worn a pair for about 2+ days without them getting stinky. (yeah, I know, gross and TMI) I did not take a chance with the Target ones. All in all, I felt I wasted my money on the target ones and here I am buying another set of these. One more thing, after I washed them and wore them, I did not have any problem with the seams and they didn’t feel as tight. Who knew? I wore them with the same shoes so I know it wasn’t a shoe issue. The rubber heel slip protector is about 3 times the size on these than they are on the Target ones. I changed my rating to 5 stars. Read more

  6. Les

    These were exactly what I was looking for: -they DON’T fall off your feet because of the adhesive portion in the heel -they DON’T show on even my most open flats -they’re comfortable and light enough that my feet can breathe (and don’t sweat) in them -my toes don’t feel cramped when I wear them I wear an 8 or 7.5 and got the M-L size which fits perfectly. Read more

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