Ladies’s gentle pashmina headscarf winter scarf wrap scarves girl fashion in strong colors

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  • elegant & versatile – can be used as scarf, scarf, wrap, can be worn year-round for all occasions
  • consolation & tender – made with 70% pashmina and 30% silk
  • stylish – hold yourself sublime all year long with this today’s headscarf
  • size: approx. 6 ft x 2 feet
  • made from gearonic tm, trademark registered. Us trademark registration quantity 4485966 could be absolutely enforced.
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lovely & versatile pashmina shawl wrap – may be used as headband, shawl, wrap, can be worn year-round for all occasions

looking for a candy addition to your headscarf collection? Do you want a solid however soft and plus pashmina wrap? Check out our pashmina wraps!

comfy, smooth, and goes with almost the whole lot – made with 70% pashmina and 30% silk

  • fashionable & versatile – may be used as headscarf, shawl, wrap, can be worn 12 months-spherical for all events
  • consolation & smooth – made with 70% pashmina and 30% silk
  • elegant – maintain your self sublime all 12 months long with this ultra-modern headband
  • length: approx. 6 feet x 2 ft
  • elegant – keep your self sublime all 12 months long with this present day headband

    size: approx. 6 ft x 2 feet

  • a great compliment to those days that turn from heat to barely cool throughout the fall!
  • the cloth seems like a slice of heaven!
  • continues you warm even as searching classy without a stupid looking poncho!
  • available in a multitude of colours that experience tender to the touch.
  • get dressed up for formal activities or along with your denims and t-blouse on a lazy day within the park
  • our pashminas are the essential accent for lifestyles!
  • perfect for those cooler summer days and evenings.
  • smooth to travel with! Easy to healthy on your bag and produce out while it receives a little cold!
  • exact for formal activities or definitely wear on a daily basis.
  • can be worn yr round.
  • color_name

    Black, Beige, Blue, Gray, Hot Pink, Light Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Sky Blue, Teal Blue, Wine Red, Yellow

    7 reviews for Ladies’s gentle pashmina headscarf winter scarf wrap scarves girl fashion in strong colors

    1. Harper Rue Tivoli

      I ordered a few scarves from multiple companies; they were all packaged identically, with labeled attached with double-sided tape, inside of a wrapper that was folded inside of a second wrapper. However, I found this scarf to be much coarser and not at all silky, as well as being much lighter in weight and with much shorter and looser fringed ends. It was also not as tightly woven. I will use it as a summer accessory, but not when someone might feel it, or for an outfit I’d wear with an eye on quality. The packaging itself was fine, it was shipped quickly, I had no issues with ordering or receiving, and it was about 60% the price of the much higher quality scarves I ordered. If you’re looking for a quick throwaway or fad accessory, this is a good choice for the price, but for long-term I’d look for a heavier weight better-quality scarf. Read more

    2. Matthew

      I love this scarf, but it is nowhere near as long as it looks. I bought it for a cosplay, and it will work fine, but I thought I would have extra. I wanted to tie it around my neck like the listed image and it is so short that it only has the little end strands sticking out when done exactly as pictured. It’s a very light and flowy scarf, however. Feels like a more dense cheesecloth. Read more

    3. Melissa

      I ordered this scarf in black to replace one that looked nearly identical to this one that I lost in January. My order arrived on time. It was folded neatly & packaged in a clear plastic bag & then in a shipping bag to keep it dry & protected during shipment. The color was true black & upon inspection, I could not see any flaws in the workmanship. It was wide & long, like the one I lost. The material was somewhat soft (not in a thick & fluffy way) but thinner than what I would’ve hoped & definitely thinner than the one I had previously lost. This scarf is acceptable for early fall through very early winter & then again in very late winter to early spring. It will definitely not be thick or warm enough for the winter months (I’m in Virginia). I washed it in a lingerie bag in a normal load of laundry upon receiving, it washed fine. I dried it partially (to add a little fluff & softness) in a normal load, took it out after about 15 minutes & hang dried it the rest of the way. Pretty scarf that is worth the price. My only complaint is the thinness, but the description above clearly lists it as a thin scarf. Read more

    4. gswa

      Super sheer, light weight wrap/scarf. I don’t think this will do much to keep me war, but it is the right pop of orange to wear with my white coat. And if I double it up it will keep my neck warm. I also think it looks great as a wrap. Just enough to help cover your shoulders during a cool evening or in a Restaraunt. Read more

    5. Sarah T

      I was looking for a light weight orange scarf to wear this fall. In all honesty, I’m not a scarf person, but I’m also a “not having people stare at my healing surgery scar on my neck and feeling bad for me” person either, so scarf wearing has won out this year! This is a very light weight, pashmina style scarf. The weave is a bit loose, and the scarf is definitely see through when you hold it up to light. I have a feeling this scarf won’t keep you very warm, but for me the real goal is to cover my neck without adding too much weight, which it does a fine job. There is a label that says “100% pashmina” on the scarf, but on Amazon it says “70% pashmina and 30% silk”. Pashmina apparently is a specific type of wool from Cashmere goats, so it’s not clear to me if it’s 100% pashmina, a mix of pashmina and silk, or something else entirely. This does not matter to me, but I thought I’d point it out in case it matters to other buyers. Fabric feels fine, but I wouldn’t describe it as soft, smooth, or silky. At this price, I’m doubtful it is from goat wool, but I don’t really know that much about scarves. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase. A big selling point is how light weight this scarf is, and I really like the bright color I got. I probably wouldn’t buy this style again because I feel like I have found better quality scarves at a similar price, but this scarf is perfectly fine for me. Read more

    6. Roxie4

      I ordered this even after reading the negative reviews, and very glad I did. I ordered the color ‘beige’; which does not do it justice. This is a gorgeous satiny light gold. I am using this scarf in multiple ways with sweater layering. This is lightweight but heavy enough to add warmth around the neck in ‘cooler’ temperatures, or as a lightweight wrap. Multiple says to wrap, tie and shape it. Regarding the negative reviews: I believe that may be partly due to the product description including the word “winter”. This is not the kind of scarf you will wear with a winter coat and expect it to be warm, like cashmere etc. It may be helpful to take that word out of the phrasing. I measured my scarf against my height; this appears to be closer to 5 feet in length, plus the fringe. I mention it because some purchasers expressed disappointment with the length. It may be helpful for the copy on this product to be updated. Regarding the texture; this is an inexpensive scarf; for the price point, I find it to be very satin smooth textured and relatively soft; again, it isn’t cashmere folks I will be purchasing additional colors. Read more

    7. Racaire

      I ordered three scarves in different colors and had to return two of them. The first one was pretty and has a good vibrant color though the fabric is a little bit thin – however, reasonable quality for the price. Then I looked at the second and third one and at the first fast look I nearly overlooked the damages. The second scarf had a long thread pulled in the middle of the fabric which was far too visible to ignor and the third scarf had some really bad damages – several threads pulled at one border and at one side it looked like someone pulled the fringes into different directions with some force… I wish I could leave a better review but with 2 out of 3 scarves damaged/in bad condition they are unusable for me and I have to take the time and go through the process of sending them back instead of using them. I am quite disappointed. Read more

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