Ladies’s expedition steel area mini watch

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  • adjustable beige 12mm nylon strap with brown true leather-based trim fits up to 7. 5-inch wrist circumference
  • cream dial with complete arabic numerals
  • silver-tone 26mm brass case with mineral glass crystal
  • indiglo mild-up watch dial; luminous hands
  • water proof against 50m (165 toes): in fashionable, suitable for short intervals of leisure swimming, but no longer diving or snorkeling
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timex expedition analog watches

get outside. Take the road less traveled or triumph over the highest mountain peaks – discover the freedom to explore with the watch constructed for the first-rate outdoors.

timex excursion analog

we’ve taken our timex excursion watches to new depths with water-proof materials so you’ll be prepared for any journey.

tested to face up to the factors, timex expedition watches are rugged equipment constructed as a depended on partner for exploration.

timex created revolutionary indiglo backlight era, changing how the sector informed time within the darkish.

product description

even as it looks like a informal watch, the mid-sized timex ladies’s t41181 excursion steel discipline mini nylon/leather strap watch adds a elegant but rugged complement to your everyday put on. It functions a round silver-tone brass watch case with a flattened, brushed bezel that frames an accurate dial history with arabic numerals, 24-hour notations, and luminous stick fingers with seconds hand. The girls’s excursion metallic field mini offers an eight-yr battery life, water resistance to one hundred sixty five toes (50 meters), and a long lasting strap that combines leather and nylon. The indiglo night-mild uniformly lighting the floor of the watch dial the usage of patented electroluminescent lighting fixtures generation. It uses much less battery energy than most different watch illumination structures, permitting your watch battery to final longer.


Brown/Natural, Brown/Black/Natural, Brown/Green

7 reviews for Ladies’s expedition steel area mini watch

  1. B. K.

    This is a perfect everyday watch. My wrist is pretty thin, about 5.5″ in circumference, and I can use the 3rd (for a tighter fit) and 4th (for a looser fit) notches on the band. I love this watch because the size of the face and thickness of band don’t overwhelm my small wrist and hand (about 6″ long from wrist to the tip of my middle finger). It is also lightweight, and the face is easy to read day or night (yay for indiglo!) The band also comes with not one, but two loops that help hold the rest of the band in place after you put on your watch, so there won’t be that extra bit sticking out and bothering you while you’re going about your day. I would really recommend this watch for someone who wants a really good functioning casual watch that still looks a bit feminine (small but readable face and reasonable band width).Read more

  2. Lydia Rising

    This is now my 3rd one. I wear each one until the battery dies in about 2 years and then buy another rather than replacing the battery as I then also get a new watchband. Obviously, I love this watch. My Seiko sits in a drawer and is only used for special dressy occasions. The watch is lightweight and waterproof so I wear it 24/7 never removing it. Great for work (medicine I need a second hand), showers, washing dishes, yard work, beach, everything. I love the Indiglo light as I am a natural early riser (am writing this review at 5:50 am) and can quickly check the time to make sure I have gotten my 7 hours of sleep without using any bright lights. Not the most stylish watch but passable for all but the fanciest of occasions. Perfect for me- Timex better keep making it!!Read more

  3. Max’s Mom

    I’ve only had this watch for a few days, so I can’t speak about longevity, but so far I really love this watch. I’m on Chemo, and have lost so much weight that my regular Timex with expansion band was twirling round my wrist, and sliding up and down my arm. This watch is just perfect for me, with it’s adjustable watchband (not overly long). Love the light up face, too. Sturdily built. I based this purchase on many years of owning Timex watches. I’ve always had very good luck with them. Definitely recommend!Read more

  4. Cherie

    So far, 5 stars. Been a few months and am still enamored.Other people have said everything that needs to be said about this watch so I’m going to just add that the tan version has no 24hours additional numbers behind the standard 12hours so it’s a cleaner, simpler face which I happen to prefer. No date either, which is great.I thought the dial itself would be 26mm in diameter but it turns out the whole case is 26mm and the dial itself is 20mm, which is again exactly what I would have liked better. So, lucky me! But it might be too tiny for some.The strap it comes with is not as good as the picture, the natural color is not as bright but a bit of a dirty off creme instead. But still quite alright. I personally am going to change the straps with something better. What matters is the dial itself to me.Indiglo works amazingly well.The numbers don’t glow but the hands do after they’ve been exposed to enough sunlight.All in all, ah I’m so happy with this purchaseAll around, the watch is great. But then I noticed that the indiglo has shifted up a bit that the bottom part of the dial is not illuminated. (See closeup picture). Then I also noticed that my partner’s Timex has the same issue and his is the upscale chronographed model so am not sure whether it’s just our watches or if this is a Timexesque issue.Also, the ticking is a bit loud. Not as loud as my old Swatch, but quite noticeable at times. I can hear the ticking when driving, waiting for the green light, hands on the steering wheel, playing no audio. Faint but once you hear it you can’t unhear it.Still happy though.Read more

  5. Cat26

    LOVE IT!!! My old old tan Expedition watch with a brown leather band and tan face is, sadly, almost dead 🙁 I said ALMOST!!! It will probably “keep on ticking”, but it’s losing time.I went online not expecting to find the same watch, and I was right! BUT, this one is GREEN!!! My FAVORITE shade of GREEN!! Both the face and the band! I had to wait 3 years for Subaru to build an Outback in my shade of green and now I have a matching watch!There is no little date thingy like on the other watch. It was never right anyway, so I don’t care. It wasn’t right because I never set it, nor could I see it. So that’s gone, but the Indiglo (the face lights up at night if you push the stem) is way brighter than the old one! I’ll be able to easily see the time at night while in my car or on an evening walk with my dogs. It’s water resistant, a requirement of mine, since I would never remember to remove it during a shower.Perfect color, lights up, and water resistant! Perfect price! Perfect watch!Thank you Timex, thank you Amazon!Read more

  6. Kashbee

    I like this watch .. I usually bought the easy reader style so I could see the dial without my reading glasses. I recently had cataract surgery and now I can read a smaller watch. This has a nice sporty look. The indiglo feature is nice and bright. There is no date number, if you care about that. There are 24 hour time markers, but they are too small for me to see. I have a small wrist but I can still wear this with a couple of holes to spare. I like the watch band a lot so I hope it lasts awhile.Read more

  7. C.L.

    While this version is a bit mild compared to its predecessor, it seems to be holding up well. I’m Respiratory Therapy student, so I have used for a whole semester of lab. As for the wear and tear of clinical, I’ll have to report back and see how well it sustains. I’ve only had the watch in for 2 months, and the battery died on me, so the description of 8 later battery life may be pushing it too far. Otherwise, the watch came undamaged and on time, indigo light works- everything looks to be in order (except battery life).Read more

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