Ladies’s easy reader growth band 30mm watch

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  • adjustable -tone 14mm stainless steel growth band suits as much as 7. Five-inch wrist circumference
  • white smooth-to-read dial with full arabic numerals
  • -tone 30mm brass case with mineral glass crystal
  • indiglo mild-up watch dial
  • water proof against 30m (100ft): in fashionable, withstands splashes or quick immersion in water, however now not suitable for swimming or bathing
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  • how many centimeters ought to my wrist be to wear this watch properly?
  • query: how many centimeters should my wrist be to put on this watch properly? Answer: the band could be very big. I do not know how lengthy the authentic band changed into but many customers along with myself had to get it reduced. A few suggested that it value them plenty to achieve this. Mine value $10 to shorten. By means of amazon client on may additionally 14, 2018 fall apart all solutions

  • how many inches is the band no longer accelerated?
  • i measured it from one side of the watch to the opposite, no which include the watch itself along the outside of the band, which, of route, is longer than the interior dimension would be. It turned into 6 1/2 inches. The watch itself, is about 1 inch. I’ve a reasonably slim wrist and it is loose on me, so it turns or needs to be worn up the forearm a bit or over a sleeve. It is very clean and smooth to study for me with macular degeneration, so i like it because it isn’t always and enormous watch that sends a message pronouncing “look at me, i cannot see properly!” see less

  • does watch have back light
  • query: does watch have returned mild answer: it does in case you push the button. It does not live lit even though. Via booklover on november sixteen, 2015 fall apart all answers

  • is that this a land up watch or battery operated?
  • question: is this a wind up watch or battery operated? Solution: hi there j. Davis, thanks in your inquiry! The watch you’re interested in is battery operated. Through timex customer service producer on february 12, 2020 failed to get answers. See extra answers (7) collapse all solutions


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    4 reviews for Ladies’s easy reader growth band 30mm watch

    1. greenpeepers

      I love this watch! The band I chose has two glittery, polished gold stripes near the edges of the brushed gold band making the band a pretty piece of jewelry. And I think the face of this watch is perfect. It’s a fashionable size, but not too big, and it is super easy to read. Note that my watch arrived with a little clear plastic thingy around the pulled-out stem. When I removed the plastic thingy and pushed the stem in, the watch immediately started to run and it has been keeping perfect time ever since. The little plastic thingy is to keep the watch from running and wearing the battery down while it sits on a shelf in a warehouse prior to someone buying it. I have noticed that some reviewers said that the watch did not work when they received it or the watch arrived with a dead battery and I am wondering if those persons didn’t notice and remove the plastic thingy and therefore assumed the watch or the battery was bad. I don’t know if this is true or not……I am just mentioning the plastic thingy on the stem that has to be removed before the watch will operate as general information for potential buyers. Read more

    2. LEHA

      Beautiful watch, picture doesn’t do it justice & I couldn’t be more pleased! Easy to read, keeps time accurately & runs quietly. Exactly what I was looking for. Don’t understand negative reviews … watch is 30 mm, exactly as stated in description. Band is long but links can be removed (I was able to remove 3 links so it fits perfectly). I’d think it was better to have too many than too few since there’s no way to add links if band is too small for you. Band width is 14 mm, not uncommon size & easily replaceable if you don’t like the look or texture. Timex offers 1 yr warranty if watch stops working or doesn’t keep correct time. Not fair to leave negative feedback because you didn’t bother to read description before ordering. Read more

    3. Amz.Customer

      This is the first review I have written, it’s just not my thing. I ordered this watch because the battery on my old Fossil watch was starting to go and it proved difficult to replace the last couple of times, I guess because it’s just so old. I didn’t feel like dealing with it this time and also wanted something easier to read. I was wary about the elastic band on this watch, afraid it would “bite” as it expanded and retracted but I really liked the size and overall look of it. It looks similar to my Fossil watch with the few differences I was looking for. Well, the minute it arrived and I put it on my wrist I was delighted. As others have said, it is roomy and it slides up and down my wrist as easily as a bangle bracelet would. My wrist measures 6.25 inches just above the bone. If I want it to stay put, I just slide it farther up my forearm. The elastic doesn’t really bite but I think if I had links removed to make it smaller, it might. My Fossil watch also fit a bit loosely – I prefer a watch not to be confining. The Fossil had a clasp and it would sometimes come undone on its own and the watch would fall off. The elastic on the new Timex has the advantage of fitting comfortably loose but never falling off. It’s not nearly so big as to sail over my hand. I think this watch would be comfortable on a great range of wrist sizes. As for being able to read it, it’s a pleasure. The big white face is clear as day and the light works easily by pressing the button in. So far it’s keeping time well, it’s only been a few days. Overall, the watch is not so big that it has a mannish or boyfriend look. It’s just right. It’s feminine enough to definitively look like a ladies watch but it’s sturdy/big enough to be versatile, comfortable and *cool* looking. At least to me. I love this thing and it’s the best thing I’ve bought in a long time. Saving money by buying something basic to replace something more expensive (I was debating buying a new Fossil) and then falling in love with the cheaper item rather than just being *able to deal with it* is great. When I ordered this thing I thought, “Eh, it’ll do I hope.” But now I prefer it. Don’t keep thinking about it. Just buy the watch. I love the two tone color, by the way. That was what my Fossil watch was too. Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      I’m lukewarm about this watch. Pros: Indiglo. It’s bright and easily accessible. I can check the time (or find my box of Milk Duds) in the theatre without disturbing others. Easy Reader: True to the name, it’s easy to read. Rather than moving in a smooth analog motion, the sweep hand sort of clicks forward and stops briefly on every second, which I like. Makes it easy to time things more accurately. And each second is clearly marked on the dial. The band: It’s an expansion band, and I like that. Cons: It’s big. It’s supposed to be a “women’s” watch, but I’m not sure it is. Both the bezel and the band are really too large for me, and I don’t have delicate bone structure. It looks really clunky on my arm. The case is thick, and the bezel is bigger than my old Timex women’s watch, yet smaller than the Timex men’s watch I purchased for my husband. The band: I measure as “large boned,” but I’m going to have to take 4 links out of this watch’s band. As it is, it falls down past my wrist and onto my hand, and the bezel falls to the side or to the bottom of my wrist. I have to pull it half way up my arm to get it to stretch far enough to stay put, and then it looks goofy and is uncomfortable. I don’t know how much it is to get the band adjusted, but the Law of Diminishing Returns is in effect and is enough to make me question my choice of this watch. The band: Because it’s a medium sized bezel, you can’t get bands to replace this one. The band: The ridges on the band are quite raised, and they’re a) unattractive in person and b) they sort of scrape against stuff. My other Timex’s expansion band is smooth, and I don’t notice it, but this one is rough, and I do. The band: It doesn’t feel smooth like my other Timex expansion band. The two sections near the bezel sort of stand out at an odd angle on the underside. It’s not much, but it’s noticeable to me. I don’t know; maybe I’m just picky, but I don’t like it. And, oh yeah, did I mention I don’t like the band? 🙂 The noise: It makes a ticking noise that keeps me awake at night. It’s louder than my old Timex, and I have to keep it in my closet at night. All in all…I wish there had been another choice. Unfortunately, my work required me to have a watch face that had a sweep hand, marks for each second, and which was “as wide as a quarter,” and this one was the only one out there that met the requirements. Meh. Read more

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