Ladies’s comfortsoft cuff sock three %

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  • 97% polyester, 2% fiber, 1% spandex
  • machine wash
  • mid-knee socks hit right above the ankle for brought comfort
  • made with a hint of spandex for stretch and a notable fit
  • lightweight production for no delivered bulk
  • outstanding tender hanes women’s socks experience extremely good and are the ideal normal informal socks
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superb smooth cuff socks sense superb and are the best normal casual socks.


Shoe Size: 5-9, Shoe Size: 8-12


Black, White, Assorted, Khaki/Pink/Navy Free Feeder

8 reviews for Ladies’s comfortsoft cuff sock three %

  1. AR

    First indication things were not going to go well: I could see my skin through the sock fabric. After wearing a pair of the socks for a day, there were holes in the heels. Yes, the skin of my heels are winter-dry. On the plus side: After washing, they only shrank about 10%; however, they were tiny socks upon arrival. Now, more so after washing once. Read more

  2. katie bakken

    I’m disappointed, I ordered the larger size because I have long feet. Unfortunately, after washing these, they are now low profile footies. before I washed them and wore them, they were so soft and cozy looking. I was excited! After one wash: They shrank. They also collected every speck of anything floating around in the washer with them. So sad. I expected better. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I loved how soft, lightweight, and comfy these socks were. I wear them around the house instead of shoes. My feet get cold so even in the summer I just wanted some very light weight socks rather than going barefoot. The issue is that these socks pick up any dirt or small particles on the floor. I consider my house fairly clean but even after I sweep these socks are like magnets and can find and collect every possible speck of dirt. I wear many different types of socks around the house but have never had a pair that picked up anything left on the floor, even bits of paper or specks of hay from our pet rabbit. I won’t buy them again for this reason. Read more

  4. Sherri

    I purchased these socks with some others in different colors. The others ones did not work out well (they were from another company), as they felt to tight around the leg. These socks are wonderful on the leg. They are very thin, which keeps my feet from sweating, but I also know that will mean buying them again sooner than you want at the price they are….. They do NOT leave a band around the leg at the end of the day. My biggest caution would be that they will not be a long lasting sock due to they thinness of them. They are comfortable!! Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    Wow, the other reviewers weren’t exaggerating about these things being a lint magnet. They were covered with pet hair, and there hasn’t been a pet in my place in the 7 years I’ve lived there, so I have no idea how they managed it. I would recommend these socks as a means of helping keep your place clean, but as they’re black and attract lint so easily they don’t look very good. I bought these socks because I had a pair of Hanes black socks that I really liked, and these sounded like them but they aren’t the same. Read more

  6. M. Brame

    These socks look nice and are ‘technically’ very soft, but they feel SUPER synthetic (NOT like pure cotton AT ALL)! It’s that kind of material where if you have any dry skin on your hands and/or feet, these will stick to/snag on EVERY little flake of dead/dry skin that frays outward on your hands/feet. -Yuck! 🙁 I didn’t even try them on… Just sent them back and ordered Fruit of the Loom instead. Read more

  7. Emily Smith

    I like how soft these socks are, but I would prefer them a little bit thicker. I was trying to replace my favorite socks, which are apparently discontinued by the store where I bought them. These are close, but not the same. The thin black fabric picks up lint when washed. Read more

  8. Tamsen

    These socks were exactly what I was looking for – a soft pair of bright white socks, that doesn’t migrate down into my shoes as the day goes on. Also, they were thin enough to keep my feet somewhat cool, without feeling so flimsy that I would poke a hole in them with my fingernails! All in all, really terrific socks. If I can find them in other colors, I’m going to get some. Read more

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