Ladies’s clean reader dress enlargement band watch

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  • two-tone 12mm stainless-steel expansion band fits as much as 7. Five-inch wrist circumference
  • white easy-to-read dial with complete arabic numerals
  • silver-tone 25mm brass case with mineral glass crystal
  • indiglo mild-up watch dial
  • water resistant to 30m (100ft): in fashionable, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but now not appropriate for swimming or bathing
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undying layout

for 40 years and counting, the timex easy reader has been a fan favourite. The long-lasting simplicity of the collection is exactly what an eye ought to be: a nicely-crafted and practical timepiece.

timex smooth reader

true to its call, easy-to-read numbers are balanced with the clean dial layout.

on the subject of a well-made watch, each detail matters. The all-metal case and mineral glass lens provide strength and sturdiness.

our innovative indiglo backlight generation changed how the world advised time within the darkish.

brief-launch straps

refresh your preferred watch with our interchangeable short-release straps. Container set comes with a leather strap and stainless-steel expansion band.

product description

the direct descendant of our 1960s televised torture test survivors, latest clean reader is as durable as it is classically cool.


Silver-Tone, Gold-Tone, Two-Tone Expansion

8 reviews for Ladies’s clean reader dress enlargement band watch

  1. Flamingo

    Unlike many reviewers here, the small size of the band on this watch was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Usually when I buy a watch I have to have links removed from the band, or just buy a smaller band altogether. At 55 years of age, I am a far cry from being a child. I do have a small frame, however; my wrist measures just about six inches on the nose. This watch fits perfectly (see my photo).This is the fourth Timex Indiglo I have owned in the past 20 years. If it weren’t for me either getting them badly scratched up or lost, I might still have my first one. My first watch was a Timex, when I was seven years old, and I have been wearing them ever since. They are tough, and really last.I’m very happy with this purchase, and am seriously considering ordering a second one just to have on hand in case I manage to lose this one!Read more

  2. Paula C.

    Love this watch! The expansion band fits my very small wrist perfectly with no binding or pulling hairs or skin. Case size is just right also. The watch was *not* already running when it arrived! There was a bit of plastic around the stem which was quick to remove in order to set the watch. I am partial to Timex (have several of them) and this style is another welcome addition to my collection. It keeps perfect time, too. This is my first Indiglo and now I wonder why because it is such an important and useful feature that I will certainly never accept an unlighted watch face ever again. Highly recommend this style Timex!Read more

  3. Mary M. Horne

    I bought this watch because I needed a watch that was easy for me to read, so I picked this one out. It keeps good time and I have no problems with it. Another reason I I liked this watch was because the band gave it a nice, dressy look with the gold/silver trim. However, after about a month, I noticed the gold/silver clips were coming off and I don’t know where they fell, so I couldn’t reattach them. What a big disappointment this watchband has been. The outside areas, where the clips are missing, are scratchy to the touch. Now I have to figure out what watchband I want to replace it with.I went to the Timex website to tell them what happened and part of the reply I received was:”I apologize for the inconvenience. We have never heard of this happening. Are you sure you have not received a defective band?”Read more

  4. Venette Tagoc

    I LOVE THIS WATCH.PROS:1. The fact that it stretches allows for a few different wrist sizes to fit and be comfortable in.2. It lights up when the button is pressed! Definitely handy in dark places, such as – the movies or at night!3. Time is absolutely easy to tell and can be easily adjusted.4. It is waterproof to a certain extent; therefore, I do not have to worry about breaking it when I wash my hands (I’m quite the germophobe).5. It is easy to put on and off – no hassle at all!6. Simple and clean design, I use it for everyday use (surprised by how much durability it takes even though I can be quite careless at times).7. It comes with a nice stand for everyday admiration (haha).CONS:1. It does get scratched up pretty easily, so you have to be careful sliding it across a table or any surfaces.2. The gold design is just clipped on top; therefore, it can be easily taken off if you are absolutely careless with it – or an unfortunate accident occurs (like mine), one of them were accidentally peeled off, but I was able to clip it back on after awhile – so no worries!A must buy for those who needs a simple everyday watch!Read more

  5. Kindle Customer

    This watch replaced a 25 year old $20 Timex that finally died. Had new watch 6 weeks; it runs sometimes and sometimes it does not.. I’ve reset the time twice today and just noticed it’s running 45 minutes slow. It’s outside the Amazon return window, so may try a new battery or mail with $8 check to Timex for repair, or throw it in junk drawer with other dead watches! Very disappointed. . I read the reviews and knew others had quality issues. Took a chance and lucked out! Clearly the old Timex slogan (takes a licking and keeps on ticking) no longer applies.Read more

  6. M. Warner

    The band does not hold up. Bought two of the same watch for myself and my mother. Both did the same thing. Little cover plates fell off. Other wise liked watch but disappointed in bands durability.Read more

  7. Shepard.Kim07

    I bought this watch for my 87 year old mother because I liked the two-tone expandable band, larger numbers on the face and the indiglo backlight. When it arrived I loved the look of it and was excited to give it to my Mom for her birthday. That is where the positive feelings came to a screeching halt!! The watchband was so small it was pinching her wrist and looked like it was meant for a small child, not an adult. I ordered a longer watchband because I really liked the look of the watch and once it came in and I was about to change bands, THE WATCH STOPPED WORKING and is now past the return date. I now have invested in a watch and a replacement band and my Mom still doesn’t have a new watch to wear. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!Read more

  8. Judy L

    Beautiful watch – very classy. But the band is too small! I have a 6.5″ wrist, and this watch just barely fit. I probably could have lived with it, but decided to exchange it for another Timex – T2N068. Similar style – and this time, the band was too large! Had to have 3 links removed. But now I have a great looking watch that fits and is easy to read!So measure your wrist before buying this style. If you measure 6.5″ or more, this watch will be too small. Seems odd to me that Timex wouldn’t make this a consistent size – or at least describe these watches as small-medium-large. Oh well, at least I could return it for free.Read more

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