Ladies’s clean reader 25mm date watch

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  • imported
  • easy-to-examine white dial with full arabic numerals
  • brushed/polished -tone chrome steel enlargement band
  • polished gold-tone case
  • date window
  • indiglo mild-up watch dial
  • water resistant to 99 toes (30 m): withstands rain and splashes of water
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from the manufacturer

timeless design

for 40 years and counting, the timex smooth reader has been a fan favored. The enduring simplicity of the collection is precisely what an eye fixed need to be: a properly-crafted and sensible timepiece.

timex easy reader

actual to its call, clean-to-study numbers are balanced with the easy dial layout.

on the subject of a well-made watch, each detail matters. The all-steel case and mineral glass lens provide strength and durability.

our innovative indiglo backlight generation modified how the sector informed time inside the darkish.

quick-release straps

refresh your favored watch with our interchangeable short-launch straps. Container set comes with a leather strap and stainless-steel enlargement band.

product description

the direct descendant of our 1960s televised torture test survivors, cutting-edge easy reader is as durable as it’s far classically cool. To begin your watch take away the plastic protect from underneath the crown, then press the crown in towards the case. The second one hand will begin advancing in one-second periods.


Gold-Tone Taper/Brown, Gold-Tone/White, Silver-Tone Taper/Black, Silver-Tone/White, Two-Tone Taper, Two-Tone/White

8 reviews for Ladies’s clean reader 25mm date watch

  1. Never Too Old To Learn

    This is my favorite watch. I have been wearing this watch for about 17 years. When I wear one watch out, I buy another one exactly like it. I got my first one at Walmart, and I’ve gotten a couple here on Amazon. Each watch has lasted about 5 to 7 years, and I am very hard on watches. I am working out a lot now, and sweating a significant amount at work-outs. So I wash off my watch with soap and water every day, and I was worried that this waterproof watch might somehow stop working with all this wear and tear. So I needed to buy another one for my backup. I could not find this watch anywhere but here on Amazon. No one seems to be selling it anymore. The watch is pretty, the gold is a lovely color, and it’s very easy to read. The blueish light (Indiglo) comes on when you push in the setting knob, so it’s easy to read the watch in dark environments. I have smaller wrists, so all the other watch bands I’ve tried slide down to my hand. This watch band stays put and is comfortable. For those of you with larger wrists, you might get a different watch band that fits you better, and use it with this watch. This watch band fits me perfectly, and the watch itself keeps perfect time, is easy to read, is feminine and pretty, and can take a beating. I tried one of those fitness watches, but it was expensive, ugly, black, and not comfortable. I love this Timex watch.Read more

  2. J. Andreasen

    I got this watch as a Christmas gift for my partner. It’s a really nice-looking watch, and I’m sure she’ll like wearing it someday. Unfortunately, the band is really small. I had to recheck the item listing here on Amazon to be sure I didn’t accidentally purchase a child’s watch. Nope. Apparently Timex thinks all women have really dainty little wrists.As you can see in my photo, if you have wrists that are much bigger than a toilet paper tube, the band will be too tight. I mean, I know it’s a stretch band, but to fit, it will have to stretch to an uncomfortable, pinching size. So now I have to spend more money to buy a bigger watchband.Read more

  3. Amante dei Gatti

    Mom loves the watch, but the date is virtually unreadable. The rest of the watch is Easy Reader, but the date is so tiny, she has to use a magnifier to read it. And there are NO instructions as to how to set the date. I went online and found the manual (Googled the model number, “Timex Watch T2H3819J”), and the instructions for date set: “PULL crown to “middle” position and turn CLOCKWISE until correct day appears. If day does not change, pull crown to “out” position and turn CLOCKWISE or COUNTERCLOCKWISE through necessary number of 24 hour periods until correct day appears.” These are instructions, actually, for any Timex watch, and they do little to help you figure out how to set only the date. Despite repeated efforts, the date still doesn’t adjust correctly. It has to be manually adjusted each morning. Frustrating.Now, as of 5/1/2018 (less than 5 months from purchase), when Mom clicks the Indiglo button, the light remains on and won’t go off, so it is draining the battery. This is a MAJOR disapointment.Read more

  4. Heather

    This is a great basic watch. Plain face that is easy to read at a glance, even in a dim room. Has a second hand that I use every day for work. It is stylish without being gaudy and matches my other jewelry. Exactly what I was looking for : )Read more

  5. JRod

    I would have given this 5 stars but I ordered it and the battery didn’t work so I had to get an exchange.I don’t want to have to pull out my phone to check the time, so I wanted a watch that wasn’t flashy that I could wear in kinda rough neighborhoods. Description: It’s not a bright, shiny gold, more like antique gold, so not flashy. Small enough for my tiny tiny wrist. Simple, easy to read, lights up. The circumference of my wrist is 6 inches and it fits nicely, it doesn’t slide off which is the main thing for me. (it would fit someone with a larger wrist too but i rarely find bracelets or watches that won’t just slide off my wrist).Read more

  6. Wolf Shadow

    For nearly 50 years I have worn Timex watches and have been very happy. Until my last purchase that is. I bought an easy reader stretch band. And within 2 or three months the gold coloring began to come off. Now, one half the band and dial are either silver or black. I suspect most everyone has this problem, but they were so quick to give a good review, they didn’t wear it long enough to see if problems occurred. Shame on you Timex for now making such an inferior product. Come back to America where products are made with integrity.Read more

  7. redtop

    Nice looking watch. Easy to read. However, it fits being an expansion band but I have an average size wrist and do find it somewhat uncomfortable,fitting very snugly on the wrist. Frequently find myself taking it off when it pinches my skin. Would definitely not recommend this watch if you have alarger wrist and would not recommend if you have an average size wrist but prefer a watch that has a little more play in it.Read more

  8. M’s Mom

    I love my new Timex watch! It fits my wrist perfectly. But beware – I have a small rest and wear a size 7 bracelet.. Be sure you have a small wrist before you purchase this watch or it will be so tight it will be uncomfortable. I have difficulty finding watches that are small enough for me so I am delighted with this one. It is a very nice looking watch. It also appears to be keeping time very accurately.Read more

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