Ladies’s area top sock with cushion, 6-p. C.

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  • eighty% cotton, 18% nylon, 1% spandex, 1% polyester
  • made in us
  • device wash
  • cushioned sole
  • zone top duration
  • ultra smooth production for ideal consolation
  • 6 pair percent
  • fits shoe sizes four-10
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  • how are these advertised as a hundred% cotton, but then beneath it says 83% cotton, sixteen% nylon, 1% lycra spandex?
  • amazing query. And see, amazon couldn’t parent it out either, in order that they asked me to reply! I’ve already complained due to the fact they were not what i ordered. Once i ordered them it did not have the 2nd component under giving the authentic breakdown of fiber content. Shame they can’t discern out the way to change the “100 % cotton” component. They may be no longer a hundred% cotton. See much less

  • are the hue socks well cushioned?
  • question: are the hue socks properly cushioned? Solution: i find they’re properly cushioned. I have arthritis in my feet, and that i discover these socks are perfect, now not too heavy and now not too mild by using izzie on might also nine, 2017 failed to get solutions. See extra solutions (4) crumble all answers

  • sure, they are made in america. But it sounds like a chinese language business enterprise. Absolutely everyone realize? China is well-known for buying up manufacurers from different countries.
  • question: sure, they may be made in usa. However it seems like a chinese language corporation. Every person understand? China is well-known for getting up manufacurers from different nations. Solution: it’s an american business enterprise that is currently italian owned according to wikipedia. Hue way coloration or color further to a town in vietnam. The socks have held up after many washings -top price by means of carol on april 15, 2020 did not get solutions. See greater answers (2) collapse all solutions

  • are these socks white or off white?
  • query: are these socks white or off white? Answer: our zone top socks are a true white. Via a producer producer on august 23, 2018 didn’t get answers. See extra solutions (three) disintegrate all solutions


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    Black/Multi, White

    8 reviews for Ladies’s area top sock with cushion, 6-p. C.

    1. Baldwinite

      I have been wearing Hue socks for the past 10 years. As I am prone to blisters, I try to wear thicker and cushioned socks when possible. These socks are very comfortable, breathe well, and withstand years of washing. The last 6-pack of Hue socks lasted me 5 years. I cannot recommend these enough! Edit (March 9, 2018): At first, I didn’t notice any quality difference between my new Hue socks and the ones I had previously. However, after about 3 months, the fabric at the heels wore out. I’m attaching a photo below. This is super disappointing because my last pack of Hue socks lasted for much longer 🙁 Read more

    2. KB

      I’ve purchased HUE socks on Amazon several times, cotton, comfortable, and lasted a long time. The socks that I received this time did not feel like cotton, description says “White” the socks were not white they were off white/cream. I put them on my dresser and didn’t notice the huge difference in color until I got out a pair that I bought before this. If I were to wear these socks with my white sneakers the socks would appear dirty. I already threw out the wrap around sticker. Very disappointment. Read more

    3. AJ

      These socks are of quality workmanship, comfortable, and fits great! They are made of 80% cotton, 18% polyester, 1% spandex, and 1% nylon according to the packaging. I was originally hoping that they are made of pure 100% cotton (hard to find socks nowadays) for comfort and moisture buildup concerns, but to my surprise, they’ve met all of my expectations. They are well-made, looks great, fits well, and very comfortable. These socks are definitely my favorite ones to this date ♡. Read more

    4. TurtleGirl

      I only gave these socks 4 stars because they are a bit confining in the toe area. I wear a women’s 7.5 ” shoe and don’t have an especially large foot, yet these were very tight around my toes. I wore one pair anyway all day, just to see if it would stretch out, and it did, but only after a full day’s use. A person is tempted to wear these socks two days in a row, just to have a more comfortable fit on the second day! Anyway, if you don’t mind the tight toe area, the construction is sturdy, and the bottom of the sock is nice and thick. Read more

    5. cb

      It’s so hard to find cotton socks these days for the price that I think is reasonable or doesn’t have a lot of polyester in them. My feet usually sweat if there’s even 1% poly in them, but these socks don’t do that (and they have 1% poly). The first batch of these have lasted quite a long time. I got a second batch, and I think those are starting to go after only a year, but not terrible. The fit is great around my foot and ankle. I find them cushy without being too bulky. They do have some thickness to them, though, which makes them comfortable. I will give 5 stars if these new pairs last longer than the last batch. Read more

    6. PG

      Perfect fit! I usually buy Hanes ankle socks, but they moved to a polyester blend making for a thin feel and tight fit. I tried the ribbed Hue ankle socks first due to the similarity to the Hanes socks, but it gripped my ankle tightly. The primarily cotton blend felt better on my feet though. I ran across these and decided to give them a try to reduce pressure around the ankle. It was a score! These are perfect so I’m now a Hue customer for both pajamas and socks. Thank you Hue for continuing to make quality cotton socks!!! Read more

    7. Lo F.

      These socks are the answer to my dream! They are not too thin yet not too padded. Plus, they don’t have a Nike logo or Ralph Lauren— no ads! (The logo is inside the sock near the toes– out of sight!). The ankle length means that they won’t be sliding down into my shoe like the shorter style athletic socks. They are not 100% cotton—and I am glad. The combination of materials used helps them wick away sweat, etc. I bought 24 pairs and am throwing out all of my socks and just wearing these. I suggest you do the same. Read more

    8. Mashie

      These socks have a nice cushioned sole which I need for outdoor distance walking. I do want to say that I wear a size 6M shoe and the socks fit my foot perfectly with not much extra room at the toe, so if you have a large foot, I wanted to let you know how they fit my size foot. Read more

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