Ladies’s 20 pairs colorful patterned low reduce/no display socks

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  • 95% polyester, five% spandex
  • sizing: suits shoe 6-12 (sock length 9/11)
  • fashion: 20 pairs value percent, colourful styles or basic solids as visible inside the picture
  • 20 a laugh hues to fit any uniform, ideal for a season stock up
  • relaxed, lightweight, modern and specific designs,
  • massive type of classic, stylish & funky amusing hues
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tipi toe ladies’s 20 pairs colorful patterned low reduce/no display socks


Assorted Space Dye, Assorted Stripes & Food Ns137-162, Asst Colored Space Dye, Asst Fruits/Ice Cream/Tropical, Asst Heathered Socks, Basics & Solid Colored, Black & Solid Colored, Black & White Animals, Black & White Zigzags, Black Grey & White, Black Lives Matter, Black/White/Grey Large Animal & Geometrics, Blue Turquoise & Pinks, Brights Geo & Hearts, Cats, Coffee, Tea & Sweets & Fast Food, Colored Heel & Toe, Colorful Bold Patterns, Colorful Funky Patterns, Denim & Grey Dots, Dog & Cat Characters, Dogs, Dots Stripes & Aniamls, Farm Animals, Fast Food & Drinks, Flower/Swirl/Damask & Tiedye, Funny Face Character, Love Peace Lips & Hearts, Multicoloured, Ns132-140, Ns80-157, Pandas & Penguins, Peace & Weed, Pink & Teal, Plain Solid Black, Smileys, Sneakers/Checkers/Space Dye, Solid Colors, Solid Nice Colors., Solid Pucker Styles, Space Dye & Argyle, Sweets & Beverages, Tea, Wine & Ice Cream, Tropical Beach, Tropical Flowers, Fruit & Bird

8 reviews for Ladies’s 20 pairs colorful patterned low reduce/no display socks

  1. Mandee Land

    I am so glad I found these socks while browsing on amazon. Not only do you get 20 pairs for an amazing deal, but it gets better! I received my purchase today and immediately opened them thinking they would be super small and extremely thin since I got so many pairs for so cheap. But that was not the case at all. I wear a size 9.5 in women’s and they fit me perfectly. I’m not having to stretch them out and they still cover the very lowest part of my ankle,but they are “no dhiws” when your wearing shoes,which I can come confirm that is true. They are not extremely think at all,like I was worried about! To me,they are the perfect level of thinnes/thickness.They are warm enough to keep my feet warm on a cold night but also comfortable enough to wear under any pair of tennis shoes,or even dress shoes. And did I mention they are very soft! And also very cute! I got the black set,I think they are called “designs” or something,but they are adorable. I will definitely be ordering another pack or two because that an awesome deal for 20 pairs or quality socks! *also I am not getting paid or compensated in any way for my review on the product.* which is probably why I never review products. Lol.But for some reason I was extremely excited to get my socks and to realize what a deal I scored, Iwas hoping that I could also help someone who is sick of overpaying for socks that just end up lost sooner or later anyways. Buy these and you too can share the same extreme excitement I had when I opened the socks today. Read more

  2. Ashlyn

    These are fun socks and fit as expected. They are very thin, cheap sock. I don’t expect them to last for years like an expensive sock might but so far, they are confortable and I am pleased with them. I’ve attached a few pictures. It’s 20 pairs of socks (40 individual socks). My shoe size is 8.5 – 9 and the socks stay on fine. I’ve worn them in ankle boots and snowboots and they’ve stayed put. I also included a picture of an inside out sock so you can see the seam at the toes. The seam is thin so it doesn’t bother me. Read more

  3. N. M. Turner

    Is this size range 6 to 12 for children shoes or something? Reviewers seemed to say it was adults and the title says women’s. I have size 10 ft and I can’t even get this on my foot. I’m not sure what pack of socks other reviewers got where they were like “these are super soft and stretchy” or “I wear size 10 and they fit perfectly” because it’s lies. The material is coarse and cheap feeling, and I can barely get the sock on my foot. I will be returning these and I am very disappointed. Read more

  4. EZamudio

    So disappointed at how thin and flimsy these socks are. I have ordered fun, bright colored ankle socks from the same seller for over five years. They have always been thick and stretchiness held up well through 2+ years of regular use. I recently went to reorder my last set that I’ve now had for two-and-a-half years, only to find those were discontinued. I was redirected to this set by the same seller and they are marketed to be the same socks, only a different design. I did not mind changing up designs; I like all the bright colors. These are so thin though, just slipping my finger inside the sock I can see it through the fabric. No stretching necessary to see through the weave. Bummer! Returning. Read more

  5. SWY

    These socks are NOT meant for smaller feet. The description is very inaccurate. I wear a womens size 6.5 and these socks were HUGE on me. They were so loose and had about 2 full inches in length of extra fabric at the toes. These are NOT socks that stretch out to a sz 9 –they’re just initially big so that they can fit bigger feet. I can’t believe I wasted my money on all these socks that I can’t wear. Read more

  6. Tawni

    Love these socks. Very cute. I wear a size 9 1/2 and they fit great. Not like those tiny ankle socks that “expand”. These so far haven’t lost their elasticity and don’t side under my foot. I never match my socks, so I’m glad these all have similar colors. *6 month update. They’re still great!! Read more

  7. Labrynth

    Loved all the colors and the no show, but these are very nylony and that means your foot slips a lot in your shoes. They are also a bit big and tend to stretch out pretty easy. They will be ok for around the house, but I won’t be able to really wear these at work. Read more

  8. Debbie Smith

    I love my socks! I don’t like heavy thick socks. I have to wear socks with my shoes can’t stand to go with out.These are great for me.There is nothing I can find wrong with these. I have had them for awhile I have worn and washed them several times. I have not had any problems.My feet get cold I have diabetes and wear a pair almost every day.Love the colors! They arrived on time in a secure pkg with no problems. Read more

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